This 10 – Point Conversion Kit is designed to upgrade an existing 8 – point roll bar to a 10- point cage. If you have
not installed a roll cage before and/or are not experienced at MIG welding, have a chassis shop perform this
installation for you. Make sure that your existing roll bar tubing meets your sanctioning body’s specs for wall
thickness and tube size. Failure to do so could result in your car not passing certification.
130 amp or larger MIG welder
Electric Angle Grinder
Assorted Files
Hand Hacksaw or Reciprocating Saw
2’ x 2’ pieces Scrap Aluminum
2 C-Clamps
Tape Measure
Marker Pen
Fire Extinguisher
1. Remove seats and any other interior parts that might hinder installation.
2. Trial fit top hoop by holding it in the desired position. (An extra helper may be required)
3. When you have the hoop in the desired position, (make sure the front of the hoop does not block your
vision) mark the areas that it contacts the main hoop with your marker.
4. Using the C-Clamps, position them on the main hoop so that they make a ledge to rest the ends of the top
hoop on.
5. Grind the areas marked previously to ensure a clean welding surface.
6. Check the fit of your top hoop against the main hoop. Minor filing and/or grinding of the tube ends may be
7. If the fit is satisfactory, tack weld the hoop in place. (It may be necessary to prop the front of the hoop up
with a piece of wood)
8. Position the downstruts in place. Trim them to fit as necessary. (Keep in mind your line of sight and ease
of entry/exit when fitting the tubes) Re-notch the ends of the tubes to make for a better weld.
The normal location for the bottom end of the tube is either on top of the diagonal door bar or on top of the
1/8” floor plate that was installed during the 8-point installation.
9. When you are satisfied with the fit of the tubes, grind all contact points and weld the tubes in place.
NOTE: Use the aluminum scraps to protect the headliner and glass from damage when welding.
10. With the welding completed, the roll cage can be de-greased, sanded and painted. Roll bar padding such
as Moroso Performance P/N’s: 80939 Black, 80940 Blue, 80941 Red or 80942 Orange should be used in
all areas of body contact. Also note that a window net is now mandatory.
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