Assembly, Operation
& Parts Manual
January 2005
Form: Quickhitch.PM7
To avoid accident or injury, do not allow anyone to operate this
equipment without proper instructions. Any person who operates
this equipment must be instructed in and be capable of the safe
operation of the unit, its attachments and all controls.
DO NOT allow children to operate machine, or adults to operate it
without proper instructions.
The major advantage of the Quick Hitch is to attach the implement without placing yourself between
the tractor and the implement.
If the implement has a PTO shaft, the tractor must be shut off and nobody should be on the
tractor when attaching the PTO shaft to the tractor.
Read this operator's manual, implement and tractor manual before operating.
Always wear relatively tight and belted clothing when operating implement. Loose clothing should not
be worn, as it could get caught in the moving parts or controls. Wear sturdy, rough-soled work shoes and
protective equipment for eyes, hands, hearing, and head. Never operate tractor or implements in bare
feet, sandals, or sneakers.
Never permit any person other than the operator to ride on board the tractor at any time. DO NOT
allow riders on implement at any time.
Clear area of stones, branches or other debris that might be thrown, causing injury or damage.
Operate only in daylight or good artificial light.
Ensure implements are properly mounted, adjusted and in good operating condition.
Ensure all PTO and other safety shielding is properly installed and in good condition.
Read and observe all safety decals on the tractor and implements.
Our Cat. I Quick Hitch was designed to make
changing implements easier, safer, and faster.
Thus eliminating lifting and moving heavy
implements into position for mounting to the
tractor. You can safely change implements in
Operator can engage and secure
implements from the tractor seat
Reduces chance of personal injury
as there is no need to put yourself
between the tractor and the implement,
except for attaching driveshafts
Automatic lock with quick release handles
Heavy all steel construction
Optional hydraulic top link cylinders
are available for easier hook-up
Ordering the optional hydraulic top link is strongly recommended, as it greatly aids aligning to
the implement 3-point hitch when not "parked" perpendicular to the ground.
SPECIAL NOTE: Some implement manufacturers do not build to ASAE
standards. Always check with your dealer to make sure the implements you
order will fit the ASAE quick hitch.
Cat. I Quick Hitch - Complete with 7/8" shouldered
bushings and swivel yoke
Quick Hitch
Top Link
To Tractor
Figure 1
Figure 2
The upper hook is bolted in the lowest position on the bracket. This gives a center
of top hook pin position to center of bottom pin position of 15 inches. The 15"
dimension is the Society of Agricultural Engineers standard (A.S.A.E.). In some
cases you may have to raise the upper hook for implements that are not A.S.A.E.
If you determine that your implement will not mount to the quick hitch, remove
the hook on the quick hitch by taking out the two 1/2" x 2 3/4" hex cap screws.
(See figure 1).
Slide the adapter bracket over the two plates on the top of the quick hitch and attach
the top link (See figure 2). For most implements, the front hole (closest to the
implement) is recommended for the best vertical alignment. A top link pin and lynch
pin are provided.
Attach the implement to the tab on the other end of the adapter with a top link pin
and lynch pin (not provided).
Check for vertical alignment of the implement and make sure that both the
implement and quick hitch are securely attached.
Fasten the Quick Hitch to your tractor's lift arms using the solid pins with a flat
bracket on one end (provided) and lynch pins (provided).
Fasten the tractor's center link to the top bracket of the Quick Hitch using a common
top link pin (not provided).
Install the hollow adapter bushings (provided) on the implement's lift pins using the
small steel roll pins (provided). NOTE: You will want to have each implement set up
with additional adapter bushing kits (available from dealer).
Install a common top link pin (not provided) on the implement's top framework for
the top hook to grab on to. NOTE: If the implement does not have approximately 4"
open space directly beneath this top pin, you will need to utilize our top adapter
bracket HF141145.
With latch handles lowered, back Quick Hitch points against implement
mounting pins.
Raise tractor 3-point hitch to engage implement draw pins.
Your implement is secured without smashed toes or strained back.
Raise latch handles and reverse this sequence to disconnect.
If light weight implement is being used, latch handles may have to be raised to
properly engage implement.
The Cat. I Quick Hitches come with 2 accessories.
Kit part number HF141144 shouldered bushings for
pinning to cantilever pins to secure quick hitch in place.
One part number HF141145 quick hitch adapter - for
implements not made to A.S.A.E. standards.
If some of your implements have clevis style lower hitch points, please order optional set of
3 straight bushings part number HF141200. Two of the bushings are for the lower clevis
hitch, one bushing is for the upper hitching point. Some implements only have the holes for
upper hitch point, so you may have to add a bolt to hold the bushing in place.
Since only one shouldered bushing kit is sent with each quick hitch, it will be necessary to
order additional bushings for your other implements.
Cantilever lower pin implements order - Kit # HF141144
Clevis lower pin implements order - Kit # HF141200
GEARMORE, INC., warrants each new Gearmore product to be free from defects in material and
workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from date of purchase to the original purchaser.
This warranty shall not apply to implements or parts that have been subject to misuse, negligence, accident, or that have been altered in any way.
Our obligation shall be limited to repairing or replacement of any part, provided that such part is
returned within thirty (30) days from date of failure to Gearmore through the dealer from whom
the purchase was made, transportation charges prepaid.
This warranty shall not be interpreted to render us liable for injury or damages of any kind or
nature, direct, consequential or contingent, to person or property. This warranty does not extend
to loss of crops, loss because of delay in harvesting or any other expenses, for any other reasons.
Gearmore in no way warranties engines, tires, or other trade accessories, since these items are
warranted separately by these respective manufacturers.
Gearmore reserves the right to make improvements in design or changes in specification at any
time, without incurring any obligations to owners or units previously sold.
13477 Benson Ave.
Chino, CA 91710
Always refer to and heed machine operating warning decals on machine.
The serial number of this product is stored in our computer database, thus
submitting a warranty registration card is not required.
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