INEOS Chlor Significantly Reduces Commissioning Time at Chlorine Plant Using Emerson's AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager

INEOS Chlor Significantly Reduces Commissioning Time at Chlorine Plant Using Emerson's AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager
INEOS Chlor Significantly Reduces Commissioning
Time at Chlorine Plant Using Emerson’s
AMS® Suite: Intelligent Device Manager
• Instrument commissioning completed two weeks earlier than
planned saving 20 man / weeks of commissioning resource
• Early start up enables additional production worth €130K
300 Million chlorine cell room and chlorine processing plant.
INEOS Chlor is one of the largest Chlor-Alkali producer in Europe and
a global leader in chlorine derivatives. The Runcorn site, in the UK, is
INEOS Chlor’s largest site.
INEOS Chlor has invested significant amounts of capital into the
replacement of one of its chlorine production plants. The new cell room is
required to ensure that INEOS Chlor can become one of the lowest cost
producers in terms of manpower requirements, operational efficiency
and reliability. The new plant also enabled the closure of a cell room using
the energy intensive mercury float process.
Quick and safe commissioning of this new asset was critical to
INEOS Chlor achieving the full potential of the new plant and reducing
production costs at a time when raw material costs were rising
dramatically on the back of oil prices.
The plant automation strategy had been designed and developed
around Emerson’s PlantWeb® digital plant architecture, with
Emerson’s DeltaV™ digital automation system at it's heart. The field
instruments were predominantly Emerson FOUNDATION™ fieldbus
devices for process control and Emerson HART® devices for the safety
systems. The HART® devices were multiplexed back to Emerson’s
AMS Suite of software applications to enable the predictive
diagnostics to be accessed.
For more information:
“The ease with which
potential instrument faults
could be diagnosed took two
weeks off the overall field
commissioning time.”
Paul Young,
Automation Manager
By adopting the PlantWeb architecture, virtually every instrument
on site could be configured and managed by AMS Device Manager.
This was the first fieldbus installation on site and the first installation
where AMS Suite was universally applied. The use of AMS Suite
enabled INEOS Chlor to move away from their traditional
methodology and approach to commissioning and maintaining the
field instrumentation. Most instruments were pre-configured by
Emerson and thanks to the capabilities of FOUNDATION fieldbus,
installation testing was reduced to little more than confirmation of
correct location as the instrument was powered up and allocated to
the right place in the control system and AMS Suite.
This approach not only reduced the number of faults found post
installation (due to how simple the process had become), but also
through the power of AMS Suite, the commissioning technicians
could get to the root of problems much faster.
Often, during the start-up of a new plant with a new and
inexperienced operating team, many faults are reported where in
fact, the instruments are working correctly but the technicians
understanding is insufficient to diagnose the true reason for what
seems to be an instrument fault. Emerson’s AMS Suite software is
invaluable in providing an immediate diagnosis tool which focuses
the investigation towards the correct area of the fault.
“The PlantWeb architecture
has proven unbeatable in
delivering a well commissioned
plant with a small
commissioning team.”
Paul Young,
Automation Manager
The new cell room was started up two weeks earlier than planned
which meant that the project teams could be disbanded earlier and
this highly specialised and trained resource used elsewhere on site.
In addition the earlier start up meant that the plant being replaced
could be shut down earlier, making savings in energy consumption
and also - due to the greater capacity of the new plant — more
product was made than expected. The additional production was
calculated to be worth €130K.
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AMS Suite: Intelligent Device
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