Manual 13275404

Manual 13275404
2013 - Current KIA Forte Qi Wireless Charging Kit
(Kit # FDMC-1280)
Please read thoroughly before starting installation and check that kit contents are complete.
Items Included in the Kit:
Qi Wireless Charging Module with
Camry Specific Mat
Power Harness with 3 amp Fuse
These Instructions with Template
Removable Consumer Product Label
Tools & Supplies Needed:
Plastic Trim Removal Tool
Phillips Screwdriver
Center Punch/Scribe Tool
Power Drill
1/2” Drill Bits
Wire Ties
Soldering Iron & Solder (Recommended)
Tape or Heat Shrink Electrical Tubing
*Note this product is designed to work with Qi compatible devices. Please confirm that
your device is Qi compatible before installation. Visit for phone
compatibility guide.
Safety Precautions:
• Work in well ventilated area that is clear of obstructions.
• Secure vehicle with tire chucks in both front and rear of tires.
• Turn vehicle accessories OFF and ensure ignition key is in OFF position.
• Wear safety goggles and snug fitting clothes.
• Use tools only for their intended purpose and which are in good repair.
• Only perform this task if confidence, skill, and physical ability permit.
NOTE: We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date installation instructions.
For additional assistance please call Brandmotion Technical Assistance at (734) 619-1250 then dial 2.
IMPORTANT: Do not place smart keys
within 15cm of charging mat. Vehicle
may not detect key to start vehicle. Do
not place metal objects in tray while
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Step 1: Use a Phillips Screwdriver to remove
screw on side of console to gain access to the
12V ignition power point.
Step 4: Drill 1/2” hole in previous marked
Step 2: Remove the rubber liner from bin
forward of shifter.
Step 5: Remove backing of adhesive pad.
Step 3: Use provided template to mark 1/2"
drill location.
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Step 6: Insert connector of FreedomCharge
module through the 1/2" drill hole and firmly
press down.
Step 11: Reassemble vehicle. Follow your
disassembly steps in reverse order, taking care not
to bind the harness wiring when reinstalling trim.
Step 12: Place removable consumer product
label on center of mat.
Step 8: Splice wire of Power Harness to the
12v Switched Ignition wire of the power
point plug and the Ground wire to Black wire
of Power Harness.
RECOMMENDED: Solder wires and cover with Heat
Shrink Tubing.
Step 9: Connect Power Harness to Charging
Step 10: Test system. LED light will
illuminate Blue once accessories are on.
Once Qi equipped device is placed on
Freedom Charge LED will illuminate Green
and charging begins. *Please note on some
devices syncing may take up to 15 seconds. Coil
locations vary on various devices; move device on
mat until LED illuminates green.
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