X5 Quick Start Guide
AirPlay works with iPhone,
iPad, and iPod touch with iOS
4.3.3 or later, Mac with OS X
Mountain Lion, and Mac and
PC with iTunes 10.2.2 or later.
X5 installation manual is available at www.russound.com.
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3. Remove the detachable speaker connector from the X5
Setting up XStream X5
1. Unpack the X5 and all of its contents
1 X5 Controller Streamer Amplifier
1 Power cord
2 Wi-Fi antennas
1 IR emitter
2. Screw the two antennas on the antennae posts as shown
Digital Audio In
Line Out
Speaker Out
USB 2.0
IR Out
Made in China
4 ohms min
50/60Hz 2.5A
4. Strip back 1/8” of the insulation on the
Trigger Out
12VDC 100mA
Digital Audio In
Line Out
Speaker Out
USB 2.0
IR Out
50/60Hz 2.5A
Made in China
speaker wire and twist the end of each
wire to tighten the bundle of copper
Place the stripped end of the wire into
the appropriate terminal and collapse
the latch. Check to make sure there are
no strands of copper showing and check the security of the
wire in the connector. Between each terminal, make sure
the wire is not frayed or touching another connection.
Connect the other end of the wire to each speaker. Be careful
to maintain polarity.
Re-connect the detachable speaker terminal.
Connecting XStream X5 to your home network
1. Plug in power cable. (All other cables, including Ethernet should be disconnected.) Locate and turn on power switch near AC
inlet on the back of the X5. The XStream X5 will turn on to Access Point Mode. Wait for yellow and green lights to be solid.
Like other Wi-Fi enabled devices, Access Point Mode will allow you to directly connect to the X5 via Wi-Fi.
Refer to the sticker on bottom of X5 to find host name.
Sticker example:
2. Find hostname in wireless access point list on mobile device and connect.
3. Open browser on mobile device or laptop. For iOS (Safari browser), browse to http://XStrmX5-XXXXXX. local.
Again reference sticker on bottom of unit to find host name.
Alternatively, for other browsers, browse to
Connecting to a wired network:
To connect to a wired network, de-select “Enable Wi-Fi” and press continue.
Attach Ethernet cable. The X5 will reboot in wired mode.
Connecting to a wireless network:
To connect to a wireless network, pick the desired network from the list of available Wi-Fi networks. If the Wi-Fi network does
not broadcast its SSID, you can also manually setup a wireless network by selecting “Add Wi-Fi” from the list.
Connecting to a wireless network (cont'd)
Enter security information and press connect. On confirmation screen, press continue. The X5 will now connect to the new network,
wait for green LED to turn on solid. If yellow LED begins to blink the X5 could not connect to the specified network.
See instructions on page 7 for the Re-initializing Access Point Mode.
Follow the steps shown in the dialog box below
Setting AirPlay name
Once connected to the home network, you can set the AirPlay name by changing the “Device Name” field on the
“Stream Settings” page. To view the Stream Settings page, select Administration then Stream Settings.
The XStream X5 can be fully configured using Russound SCS (SCS-C5) configuration software.
SCS software offers zone customization, local source set up, IR management and power management options.
SCS is available to registered dealers only via download on the Russound Dealer Portal.
XStream X5 LED diagnostic chart
IR Learning
IR Talkback
System On LED
System Status LEDs
Yellow Green Red
Solid yellow LED.
Firmware Update During Initialization
Solid yellow, blinking green LED.
Access Point
Solid green LED and solid yellow LED.
Yellow LED may initially blink for a
short period of time.
Network Error
Blinking yellow LED.
Solid green LED.
Zone On
Solid blue LED.
Firmware Update
Blinking green LED
Access Point - Error
Solid green LED with yellow LED blinking
continuously. May require reinitializing
access point mode.
Error Codes
All LEDs can be used to display various
error codes. Error codes are derived from
the number of times each LED blinks.
Reinitializing Access Point Mode
Depress the button on the bottom
panel for 2 seconds. Yellow and green
LEDs will blink 6 times then go solid.
If the Ethernet cable is connected,
the Red LED will blink as a warning
that the X5 will reboot in
wired-ethernet mode.
See page 5 “Connecting to a wireless network”
Depress the button on the bottom
panel for more than 10 seconds.
The red LED will go solid while the
X5 is initialized to factory defaults.
The device will then enter Access Point mode.
X5 Bottom Panel
Reset Butoon
use non conductive tool
to depress the button
AirPlay works with iPhone, iPad,
and iPod touch with iOS 4.3.3 or
later, Mac with OS X Mountain
Lion, and Mac and PC with
iTunes 10.2.2 or later.
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