General Manual 07/2014

General Manual 07/2014
E32D5 / P8M
E32D5 ON THE P8M Proofer/Holding Cabinet
Full Size Digital / Electric Convection Oven
8 Tray Manual / Electric Proofer/Holding Cabinet
Full size sheet pan capacity
5 tray Oven / 8 tray Proofer
Compact 287/8” / 735mm width
Low unit height 613/8” / 1560mm
Side hinged doors (standard LH hinge)
Optional RH hinge (field convertible)
Dual halogen lamps in Oven and Proofer
Proofer with dual function Proof and Holding modes
•31/3”/ 85mm tray spacing
Electronic digital display Time and Temperature Controls
Manual mode and Program mode
20 programs with 3 stage cooking and stage end alarms
Core Probe program cooking (optional Core Probe Kit)
Moisture injection mode (5 levels) and manual injection
2 speed bi-directional reversing fan system
Safe-Touch vented door
Porcelain enameled oven chamber
Plug-in continuous oven door seal
5 oven wire racks supplied
100% recyclable packaging
3”/ 76mm tray spacing
Auto water fill system with optional integrated water filter kit
Continuous door seal
Low velocity circulation fan system
Mechanical thermostat and Humidity level control
Cabinet temperature display thermometer
4 dia. 3” / 76mm castors with 2 front castors dual wheel and swivel lock, 2 rigid rear castors
100% recyclable packaging
Optional M236060 Core Temperature Probe Kit
Optional 3M Cuno water filter kit complete with
cartridge and connection fittings
Installs in pre-fitted rear housing of cabinet for
flush rear installation
E32D5 Unit shall be a Moffat electrically heated Turbofan convection oven E.T.L. listed and NSF-4 listed. The oven shall have a one piece porcelain enameled oven
chamber, stainless top and sides and safe touch vented easy clean side hinged door that offers field reversible hinging. Oven shall have capacity for five full size sheet pans.
The oven shall be controlled by an electronic control having separate digital displays and adjusting knobs for time and temperature functions. The oven control shall allow both
manual and programmed operating modes with programmable moisture injection, 2 speed oven fan, and 3 stage cooking. A core temperature probe M236060 is optional.
The unit shall include dual halogen oven lamps. Unit shall be supplied in 100% recyclable shipping packaging.
P8M Unit shall be a Moffat electrically heated Turbofan Proofer and Holding Cabinet ETL Listed and NSF-4 listed. The proofer and holding cabinet shall have double skin
construction with stainless steel interior and exterior sides, front and top. Door shall be side hinged and field reversible. Unit shall have capacity for up to 16 half size sheet
pans or 8 full size sheet pans. A single speed fan shall gently and evenly circulate air around the cabinet. Cabinet shall be controlled by a mechanical thermostat and humidity
via a control of the water tank. A thermometer shall indicate the cabinet temperature. Proofer and holding cabinet shall be mounted on castors, with two rigid castors at
rear and two swivel castors dual swivel and wheel lock and front. Proofer and Holding Cabinets shall be fitted with NEMA 5-15P cordsets. Unit shall be supplied in 100%
recyclable shipping packaging.
E32D5 / P8M
E32D5 Full Size Digital / Electric Convection Oven - 2 speed fan
P8M Full Size Manual / Electric Proofer/Holding Cabinet
Electrical Requirements
Oven (E32D5)
208V, 60Hz, 1-phase, 5.8kW, 28A
220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1-phase, 6.5W, 27A
No cordset supplied
Porcelain enameled fully welded oven chamber
Stainless steel front, sides and top exterior
Stainless steel frame side hinged door
0.2” / 5mm thick door inner and outer glass
Stainless steel control panel
Aluminized coated steel base and rear panels
304 stainless steel interior cabinet
Stainless steel front, sides and top exterior
Stainless steel interior side racks
Stainless steel frame side hinged door
0.2” / 5mm thick door glass
Stainless steel control panel
Aluminized coated steel base and rear panels
CONTROLS - Oven (E32D5)
Electronic controls with Digital Time and Temperature display,
Manual or Program modes
Large ¾” / 20mm high LED displays
Two individual time and temperature setting control knobs
ON/OFF and Oven Lights key
Fan LO speed key
Timer Start/Stop key
Moisture Injection key (5 levels)
Programs select key
Actual temperature display key
Adjustable buzzer/alarm volume
Thermostat range 150-500°F / 50-260°C
Timer range from 180 minute in countdown mode /
999 minute in count-up mode
Optional Core Probe temperature range 122-194°F / 50-90°C
Over-temperature safety cut-out
CONTROLS - Proofer (P8M)
Off / Proof / Holding mode selector switch
Mechanical thermostat 32-185°F / 20-85°C
Humidity level control
Cabinet temperature thermometer
Auto-fill water system standard
Moffat Inc
3765 Champion Boulevard
Proofer (P8M)
110-120V, 50/60Hz, 1-phase, 1.45kW, 11.6A
No cordset supplied
Water Requirements
Cold water connection ¾” GHT male
80psi maximum inlet pressure / 20psi minimum inlet pressure
Connection to oven optional
Ph 336-661 0257
North Carolina 27105
Ph Toll Free 1-800-551 8795
External Dimensions
Width 287/8” / 735mm
Height 61¾” / 1560mm
Depth317/8” / 810mm
Fax 336-661 9546
Email [email protected]
Nett Weight
Oven (E32D5)
196lbs / 89kg
Proofer (P8M)
171lbs / 77.5kg
Packing Data
Oven (E32D5)
231lbs / 105kg
20.1ft³ / 0.57m3
Width 297/8” / 760mm
32” / 815mm
Depth363/8” / 925mm
Proofer (P8M)
210lbs / 95.3kg
26.8 ft³ / 0.76m3
Width 30” / 760mm
42½” / 1080mm
Depth363/8” / 925mm
2” / 50mm
LH Side
2” / 50mm
RH Side* 3” / 75mm
* For fixed installations a minimum of 20” / 500mm is required
for service
Stainless steel top and side exterior panels
Porcelain enameled oven chamber
Fully removable stainless steel oven and proofer side racks
Removable stainless steel oven fan baffle
Easy clean door system with hinge out door inner glass (no
tools required)
Removable plug-in oven door seal (no tools required)
A minimum distance of 12” / 300mm from the appliance sides
is required
Manufactured by:
Moffat Limited
16 Osborne Street PO Box 10-001
735 mm / 287 8"
Christchurch 8081 New Zealand
810 mm / 317 8"
306 mm / 12"
381 mm / 15"
65 mm / 21 2"
25 mm / 1"
100 mm / 4"
Designed and manufactured by
120 mm / 4 3 4"
136 mm / 53 8"
575 mm / 225 8"
80 mm / 31 8"
1016 mm / 40"
920 mm / 361 4"
820 mm / 32 1 4"
283 mm / 11 1 8"
1560 mm / 613 8"
All Turbofan products are designed and
manufactured by Moffat using the
internationally recognised ISO9001
quality management system, covering
design, manufacture and final inspection,
ensuring consistent high quality at all times.
In line with policy to continually develop
and improve its products, Moffat Limited
reserves the right to change specifications
and design without notice.
© Copyright Moffat Ltd
Moffat 1419 / 7.14
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