KÖSTER KB-Flex 200 8.05

KÖSTER KB-Flex 200 8.05
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Technical guideline / Article number
KB-Flex® 200
January 15, 2010
- application-technological testing for sealing annular gaps KB-Flex 200; MFPA Leipzig
Permanently plastic, damp and waterproof sealing compound for
waterproofing against pressurised water
Permanently plastic sealing compound for sealing of pipe
penetrations, cavities
like against
moisture and
pressurised water. It does not dry out but remains permanently
moldable. It adheres very well to dry and moist substrates.
Technical data
Material basis
Specific gravity
1.60 g/cm³
Heat resistance
max. + 50 °C
pasty, non-sagging
Application temperature
+ 5 °C to + 35 °C
Substrate temperature
+ 5 °C to + 30 °C
Before applying KÖSTER KB-Flex® 200, a securing block is
installed in the penetration at a depth of 10 cm using a customary
Field of application
2C PU-foam. The KÖSTER KB-Flex® 200 cartridge is then placed
Sealing of pipe and cable penetrations in structures below ground.
in the gun and the material is pressed into the penetration from
Applicable for the sealing of leakages also in case of active
back to front utilizing the flexible nozzle so that the resulting layer
leakages of pressurized water.
thickness is at least 8 cm.
After sealing cable penetrations, jiggle the cables and press
Substrate preparation
KÖSTER KB-Flex® 200 into potential voids created by the jiggling.
The substrate can be dry, moist or wet. The substrate must be
Make sure that the cable is lying free of tension after finishing the
free of grease, tar and oil as well as free of loose particles.
sealing. Finally, the sealing compound, laying back approx. 1 cm
Suitable substrates are: concrete, masonry, mortar, plaster and all
from the inside wall surface, is pressed in well and smoothed with
other mineral construction materials. KÖSTER KB-Flex® 200 will
a metal spatula. As an additional safeguard, the mouth of the
also bond on ceramic, PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene.
penetration is closed with KÖSTER KB-Fix 5.
If a new cable is to be installed in this penetration later on, then
the KB-Fix 5 plug must be removed first. After that, the (new)
Prior to application, the cartridge containing KÖSTER KB-Flex
200 is put into warm water and thus heated to approx. 30 °C. This
cable is pushed through the (existing) KÖSTER KB-Flex® 200.
Finally, if necessary, the penetration is resealed by pressing in
additional KÖSTER KB-Flex® 200.
ensures that the material will have an optimal consistency for
application. The penetration must be thoroughly cleaned from the
inside so that it is free of dust, sand and other loose parts.
Cleaning of tools
The waterproofing made of KÖSTER KB-Flex® 200 must be
Clean tools immediately after use with KÖSTER Bitumen
dimensioned so that the ratio of the width (w) to the diameter (d)
of the installed material is not below 1.5 to 1. The maximum
diameter of the waterproofing is 300 mm.
Approx. 1.6 kg / l void
For more information go to www.barbourproductsearch.info
850 g cartridges; one box contains 20 cartridges.
Store the material at room temperature (approx. 20 °C); in
originally sealed packages, it can be stored for approx. 2 years.
Technical guidelines cited
Art. No.
KÖSTER Bitumen Remover
Art. No.
The information contained in this technical data sheet is based on the results of our research and on our practical experience in the field. All given test data are average values which have
been obtained under defined conditions. The proper and thereby effective and successful application of our products is not subject to our control. The installer is responsible for the correct
application under consideration of the specific conditions of the construction site and for the final results of the construction process. This may require adjustments to the recommendations
given here for standard cases. Specifications made by our employees or representatives which exceed the specifications contained in this technical guideline require written confirmation. The
valid standards for testing and installation, technical guidelines, and acknowledged rules of technology have to be adhered to at all times. The warranty can and is therefore only applied to the
quality of our products within the scope of our terms and conditions, not however, for their effective and successful application. This guideline has been technically revised; all previous
versions are invalid.
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