October Bill insert

October Bill insert
October 2010
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Business Savings Through Sure Bet
Don’t Get Caught in the Cold
The Sure Bet Program offers incentives to NV Energy’s
Commercial customers to assist them with retrofit and
equipment replacement projects that substantially improve
electric energy efficiency. Sure Bet incentives are available to
both existing and new construction commercial customers. Commercial customers will learn how to save money on
their utility bills, improve their facilities, and protect the
environment through reduced energy consumption.
In northern Nevada, it’s time to start
preparing for winter. If you turned off
your natural gas appliances or service last
spring, now is the time to have it turned
back on. Residential customers may
call 834-4444 then select 1, followed by
options 5 and then 4, for an appointment
to relight your gas furnace. Contact the Sure Bet Team at 800-342-6335, email
[email protected] or go online at
NVEnergy.com/SureBet for more details.
Don’t wait for that cold snap to hit while
our field personnel are already busy with
your neighbors. Our service personnel
are typically booked weeks in advance, so
don’t delay calling. To access your home,
an adult, age 18 or older, must be present.
For northern Nevada customers only.
There’s No Place like a
Safe Home
Our offices will be closed
November 11, 25, and 26 in
observance of Veterans Day and
the Thanksgiving holiday.
Just a few safety tips for an item we
use every day. Remember that cord
insulations won’t withstand direct heat,
repeated yanking, bending or wetness.
To be safe, pull on the plug head, never
on the cord. Never carry an appliance by
its cord. Don’t run a cord under a rug or
furniture. It may be damaged or overheat.
Time is Money – Start Saving Today!
Did you know the
incandescent bulbs you’re
using are made with
100-year-old, inefficient
technology? Don’t wait until
they burn out to upgrade
to more modern, efficient,
and money-saving compact
fluorescent lamps (CFLs).
NV Energy is proud to offer
discounts on CFLs, and we
can help you choose the right
CFL that will save you money
on energy costs. Discounted CFLs are
available for a wide variety
of applications—from the
popular “twist” bulbs to
recessed and dimmable
can lights, vanity lights,
and more. CFLs use 75
percent less energy and last
up to 10 times longer than
incandescent light bulbs.
Comfort Savings Program
NV Energy offers free home
weatherization services to our
customers with qualifying incomes.
Our trained professionals help
customers understand their energy
use and choose the most costeffective measures that result in the
greatest energy savings. For more
information or to confirm eligibility,
call toll free at 1-866-920-7822.
NV Energy is committed to
helping you save money by
saving energy. Since 2003,
the NV Energy Lighting
Program has placed more
than 10 million energyefficient bulbs into the hands
of its customers. Look for
utility-sponsored discounts
at a variety of retail stores
throughout Nevada, while
supplies last. For a list of
retailers and products, visit
Vanquish the Vampire
No one likes to pay for something that they don’t use. TVs, VCRs,
DVD players, computers/printers, and other gadgets still draw a
small amount of electricity as long as they’re plugged in. This is called
phantom load or vampire power. Up to 10 percent of your annual
electric bill could be consumed while the products are turned off.
Start unplugging those electronic appliances from the wall outlet
when not in use. You can make your job easier by plugging each
device into a power strip and switching it off when not in use.
Is Your Home Ready for the Heating Season?
More Questions?
For more information visit:
For Customer Service:
Northern Nevada
Call (775) 834-4444 or toll free (800) 962-0399
Para Español llame al
(775) 834-4700
Southern Nevada
Call (702) 402-5555
Para Español llame al
(702) 402-5554
Winter will be here before you know it. Save energy by replacing your
gas furnace this winter and you might be eligible for a cash rebate. Visit NVEnergy.com/heating/, email [email protected]
com or call (866) 588-6363. Certain restrictions apply.
For northern Nevada customers only.
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