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Get the perfect
annealing temperature
in a single run
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For the development of the new TGRADIENT two main
competencies of BIOMETRA are joined together
in an ideal way:
10 years of experience in the production of Peltierbased thermocyclers and the know how of generating
temperature gradients used in TGGE (Temperature
Gradient Gel Electrophoresis). The result is an instrument that allows the detection of the perfect annealing temperature in a single experiment. The TGRADIENT
also achieves unrivalled speed and the highest reliability for routine cycling.
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Our experience for your success
Interchangeable block modules
Four different block formats are available which
support virtually all kinds of plasticware from single
tubes to 384 well microplates. A module for in situ
applications is also available.
Maximum reproducibility
A thermopicture of the TGRADIENT shows perfect temperature uniformity within each row of the block. The
optimum annealing temperature achieved in the test
run can then be reliably used for routine cycling.
Control up to 8 TGRADIENT from a computer
The modular cycler control software "TControl iT" is
available as an accessory for TGRADIENT thermocyclers.
Editing Module: In this module programs can be
created, edited and archived on a PC in a userfriendly spreadsheet format.
Control module: In the control module programs can
be downloaded to up to 8 thermocyclers and
individual instruments are started and stopped.
Status information for connected instruments can be
Data acquisition module: In this module temperature
data can be recorded and archived according to GLP.
For further analysis the recorded temperature data
can be exported in ASCII format or directly visualized
as a graph.
Optimization of annealing temperatures
With the new TGRADIENT different annealing temperatures can be tested on a single run. Just enter the
estimated annealing temperature and define the
range of temperatures you want to test. Then,
through a temperature gradient during the annealing
step, each row of the block displays a specific temperature that is documented by the software.
With a maximum gradient of 40°C there are no limitations to the experimental design.
Easy to program
The large display of the TGRADIENT provides all relevant information in real time.
Intuitive programming is supported by navigation keys and detailed online help.
Using the latest Peltier technology, the highest ramping rates ever can now be
achieved. The TGRADIENT will save you time, not only in optimising protocols but
also in your daily routine work.
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Technical Specifications
Order Information
Sample capacity
Block type
Block exchangeable
Temperature gradient
Max. Heating
Max. Cooling
Temperature range
Temperature uniformity
Control accuracy
Program memory
Software options
Heated lid
Height adjustable
Selection of temperature
Temperature range
Pressure control
Power consumption
Noise emission
Dimensions (WxLxH)
Order information
TG RADIENT 48 for 48 tubes (0.5ml)
TG RADIENT 96 for 96 tubes (0.2ml), 96 well microplates or strips
See order information
Gold plated silver block
Max. 40 °C
4 °C/sec
-3 – 99.9°C
± 0.3°C within 15 s
± 0.1°C
Back-lit graphical LCD display
Total capacity: 1500 steps
10 directories with 100 programs each
maximum 99 steps per program.
maximum 99 cycles per step
Gradient calculator
Adjustable ramping rates (0.01-5°C/s)
Definition of temperature increments
Definition of time increments
Automatic and manual pause mode
Automatic restart after power failure
Online help
Language selectable: English/ German
High Precision Lid
Smart lid technology
Max. 310 Watt
Extremely low
Serial RS232, printer Centronics
25 x 34 x 16.5 cm
8.8 kg
Order number
TG RADIENT 48 module for 48 tubes (0.5ml)
TG RADIENT 96 module for 96 tubes (0.2ml), 96 well microplates or strips
TG RADIENT 384 module for 384 well microplates*
T1 in situ Module for 4 microscopic slide*
TControl iT software
For information about tubes, strips, microplates and other consumables please contact us/ your local distributor.
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phone + 49 - (0)551/50 68 6-0 · fax + 49 - (0)551/50 68 6-66
e-mail: [email protected] · Web site:
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