ESET Mobile Security Product Overview
enjoy safer technology
Keeping You Safely Connected
with Antivirus & Anti-Phishing Protection
Enjoy your time online wherever you connect, knowing that you are protected. Steer clear of malicious websites and foreign
interference. Rely on proven NOD32 technology to make sure that the apps you download are safe and to unmask potentially
unwanted applications. With Anti-Phishing, safely avoid fake websites designed to snatch your personal data.
Protect your mobile adventures as well
as your physical device. We make the
Android world a safer place by keeping you
protected as you stay connected for social
networking, shopping and beyond. Enlist
the powerful Antivirus, Anti-Phishing
and Anti-Theft protection, with loads of
security options. And, best of all - get most
of the app’s many features for free!
Real-time Scanning
Ensures that all apps and communication are screened for malware. You stay well-protected against
online and offline threats, even USSD code attacks (a protocol used by GSM phones to talk to the service
provider’s computers).
On-demand Scanning
Whenever you suspect foul play, run a scan on your phone. It takes place silently in the background,
without interrupting your ongoing activities. Access logs and detailed scan results to check for
detected threats.
ESET Live Grid
Ensures real-time protection against emerging threats by using in-the-cloud technology collecting
malware samples from ESET product users from all over the world.
Detection of Potentially
Unwanted Apps
Uncover apps that may do harm by exploiting your phone’s data or functions. Early detection shields
you from attempts to send SMS or make calls to premium numbers.
Premium Features
Protects against malicious websites attempting to acquire your sensitive information - usernames, passwords,
banking information or credit card details.
Apps Permissions
See the permission levels of all your installed apps - all organized into groups. Know which information
on your phone or tablet they can access.
Scheduled Scan
Schedule a regular scan for malware when it best suits you - during nighttime if you want.
All the threats that are detected are moved to quarantine where they cannot do any harm. You can
decide to keep them there, delete or remove them.
Anti-Theft: Locate and Control Your Missing Phone Via SMS
If your phone goes missing it’s not the end of the world. There are a number of ways you can protect the data it holds and increase
your chances of getting it back. If you suspect it’s near, activate a siren to help you find it. Still missing? Try locating it using GPS. You
can also lock it remotely to be on the safe side. As a last resort, you have the option to completely erase its contents from afar. In case
a foreign SIM card is inserted, on a predefined number collect the SIM card’s phone number, IMSI and IMEI codes.
GPS Localization
A remote SMS command allows you to remotely locate your missing phone by tracking its GPS
Remote Lock
Allows you to lock the phone remotely, preventing unauthorized access to all your stored information,
photos and emails.
Remote Siren
Helps you find your phone by activating a siren sound on your device, even if it’s set to mute.
Uninstall Protection
One password control it all, including the app’s security settings and uninstallation.
Anti-Theft Wizard
Easily set up all Anti-Theft settings step-by-step and explore all your security options.
Premium Features
SIM Matching
Remote Wipe
Lets you stay in control of your phone if it goes missing. Your device will be able to receive remote
commands even if an unauthorized SIM card is inserted. Your pre-defined contact(s) can receive the
inserted SIM’s phone number, IMSI and the device’s IMEI code.
Scan QR code with your
smartphone to download
ESET Mobile Security.
In case you lose your phone, you can safely delete all your contacts, messages and removable memory
cards with a simple SMS command. Advanced cleaning ensures that any wiped data cannot be
restored and abused.
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Your Calling and Messaging Made More Secure & Convenient
You don’t have to put up with calls and messages you don’t want. Now you have the tools and flexibility to block who you want, when
you want it, and not lose sleep over it
Premium Features
SMS & Call Filter
Only receive the calls and messages that you want. Define the sender and the time to receive SMS or
calls. You also have the option to block the last caller or sender altogether.
Time-based Blocking
Block calls and SMS only during specific times, while allowing exceptions for family and friends.
Call/SMS Blocking
Blocks calls or SMS from a specific user or user group. Use your Android contact groups - family,
friends, work - to apply rules for each group. Or you can block all calls from hidden numbers.
Block Last Caller
Block the last caller and prevent future calls from this number. It’s easy, quick and puts an end to
unwanted calls once and for all.
Usability and Tablet Support
The new tablet-friendly user experience gives you easy access to loads of security functions.
Tablet Support
The design is responsive to tablets, horizontally and vertically. Features that are only available for
smartphones remain hidden on tablets (e.g. Block Last Caller).
Small Updates
Small security updates ensure that you always have the latest protection, without getting in your way or
New Interface
Designed to complement your Android experience, it puts all the security functions right at your
fingertips. You stay informed about all important issues so you can stay safely connected.
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