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Increased productivity without sacrificing
your bottom line
Process Instrumentation Solutions for Shale Oil & Gas Production
How do you measure success? If you need to increase
productivity with low capital and operational cost, Siemens
is the solution provider to help you achieve success in any
of your upstream and midstream applications.
For all of your upstream and midstream applications,
Siemens has your measurement solutions for success.
For many in the Oil & Gas Industry “if it’s not broken, don’t
fix it” is a guiding statement. You can’t argue with an
existing system that is bringing you results – or can you?
What if you could get better results?
Progress in technology is the basis for proven solutions that
can help you increase your uptime and provide you greater
measurement accuracy with less maintenance. Ease and
speed of installation, set-up, maintenance (when required),
and replacement help you keep your process up and
running – and save you headaches and emergency calls.
Siemens offers a full portfolio of instruments to meet your
upstream and midstream needs. Working with one partner
saves you time and money, and provides peace of mind.
Answers for industry.
Our broad instrumentation portfolio delivers value to your upstream and midstream applications.
Level: know what’s in your storage tanks.
The most important requirement for level applications such as
tank batteries, separators, and dehydration units, is knowing
the correct level or interface within the tanks to avoid tank
overfill and safety issues.
Siemens offers you flexibility with a number of level solutions.
Radar instrumentation can be mounted on top for higher
accuracy, or you can choose differential pressure installed at
the bottom, preventing operators from exposure to H2S.
Our guided wave radar offers interface measurements. Our
non-contact radar (LR250) with 3mm accuracy, and, since it is
not in touch with the material you have fewer maintenance
issues, and both guided wave radar and non -contact radar are
SIL 2 suitable, offering operators additional safety.
Pressure: maximize uptime
Downtime is the enemy of the Shale Oil & Gas Producer. Since
pressure transmitters are widely used on the wellhead
monitoring casing, tubing, and flow pressures, as well as
separators, dehydrators, heater treaters, and various other
process applications critical in processing of Shale Oil and Gas,
you need to make sure they come up quickly and stay running
in order to keep your entire process optimized.
Siemens brings you online quickly with multiple configuration
capabilities, such as push button in combination with standard
graphics-enabled local display, ability to use Communicator
and/or laptop, and access through multiple protocols. We keep
you running with a 5 year Run Time Warranty.
Flow: every drop counts
Accurate and reliable flow measurement of product from
upstream through midstream to downstream is the key to the
highest system performance.
Siemens flow portfolio includes Coriolis, Magnetic, Mass,
Vortex and Ultrasonic Clamp-on flowmeters, in addition to
differential pressure transmitters, offering you the highest
quality flow measurement with no moving parts, which means
less maintenance.
Ultrasonic Clamp-on flowmeters offer precise interface
detection for multi-product identification in addition to
accurate flow rate. Our LDS Leak Detection System can detect
and locate leaks within hydrocarbon storage sites, tank farms
and pipelines, lessening lost product and keeping you within
EPA standards.
Service and Support: your partner for success
Siemens backs up every instrument with top-of-the-line
service and support, including:
n 24/7 technical support at no extra charge
n Field Service personnel with years of experience.
n A Quick Ship program for fast replacement of instruments
n State of the art training facilities and CEU credits
In addition we offer trusted local representation. Call our
partners to find out how we can help:
Valve Control: process quality
Siemens smart positioners provide thorough, accurate and
repeatable valve control with virtually no bleed, keeping your
process moving and saving you lost air cost.
Equipped with comprehensive functionalities, the valve
positioners deliver diagnostic data on themselves, the
environment, the valves and the actuator to offer highly
functional safety in emergency situations.
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