MS-HS High Speed MultiSpace Cake Donut Depositor
Is your bakery currently running a gem (mini-donut)
line using a Cake Donut Pressure Cutter?
Comparison with Standard MS Depositor
Are you tired of the expenses created because of time-consuming
product changeovers and machine clean-up? If yes, then Belshaw
has a solution for you. Belshaw has developed a High-Speed MultiSpaced version of the Belshaw MultiMatic, which has long been the
industry standard for cake donut production. It is a proven reliable
machine that can produce a wide variety of cake donut products
and sizes, offers quick product changeover and is easy to operate
and easy to clean. In addition to these features, Belshaw can now
offer you production rates of 100+ cuts-per-minute at 20 cuts
across the fryer!
The High-Speed MS Depositor uses continuous motion rather than a
single-revolution deposit cycle. The mechanical life of the depositor
is greatly improved with less stresses on drive gears, couplings,
cams, trip arms, and plungers.
The Belshaw High-Speed MS Depositor utilizes the latest technology
in the form of Closed Loop Servo Motor Controls and a Dual Axis
Motion Control System. Deposit cycles are synchronized precisely to
the fryer so that the placement of the donut remains in the center of
the pocket. Control is by Allen Bradley PLC
1 – Mechanical Life
2 – Cycle Rates
The continuous motion of the High-Speed MS Depositor allows
cycle rates of 100 cycles/min, substantially higher than the 62 cycles/
min of a standard MS Depositor.
While it is best to specify a High-Speed Depositor in conjunction
with a new fryer, existing fryers can be retrofitted with the electronics
required to signal a High-Speed Depositor.
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MS-HS High Speed MultiSpace Cake Donut Depositor
Principal Features
• Multi-Space – allows later reconfiguration of depositor for
10 /15 / 20 deposits per cycle (corresponding to large,
medium and mini donuts respectively).
• Real-time Electronic Advance/Retard – locates and
synchronizes deposits precisely with fryer pockets.
• Deposit counter with automatic stop when predetermined
count is reached.
• Mobile Lift Carrier with adjustable stops to locate depositor
in precise position relative to fryer.
• 100 deposits per minute.
• Fast, no-tools-required cleanup.
• Powerlift – motorized raise/lower of depositor head
• Batter chute • Bowl rest
• 208/240 Volt 50/60 HZ 30 Amps
• 440/480 Volt 50/60 HZ 15 Amps
MS depositors are sized to buyer specifications in order to
match your fryer.
Hopper capacity is approximately 250 lbs (113 kg).
Below (clockwise from top left): Belshaw MSHS-18 MSHS-20, MS20-HS, MS16
BELSHAW ADAMATIC BAKERY GROUP • 800.578.2547 / 206.322.5474 • • [email protected]
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