The Conversor Personal FM Assistive Listening The Perfect Hearing Aid

The Conversor Personal FM Assistive Listening The Perfect Hearing Aid
Personal FM Assistive Listening
The Perfect
Hearing Aid
• Reduces unwanted
background noise
• Amplifies desired
sounds near and far
• Versatile for
everyday use
The Conversor
Easy Listening
Anywhere – for active lifestyles
Introducing The Conversor ® – the first
affordable assistive listening device that offers
users the versatility to enjoy the most of
everyday life.
With unmatched comfort, ease of use, and
wireless portability, The Conversor is the perfect
companion for anyone with hearing difficulty.
It is designed for easy use with Telecoil-equipped
hearing aids and cochlear implants.
Unique technology greatly
enhances sound level and clarity
The Conversor focuses on desired sounds, near
or far away, filtering out unwanted background
noise and greatly enhancing sound level and
clarity. By removing background noise, the
desired sound is much clearer and more
intelligible, even in noisy environments. And
by increasing the available sound level, less
strain is placed on hearing aid amplifiers,
eliminating distortion and feedback.
With The Conversor, users can now take a more
active part in everyday listening situations,
without the frustration of not hearing properly.
It enables easy listening and relaxed conversation
anywhere users happen to be – whether in the
classroom or office, at social gatherings, driving
in the car, out shopping, or at home.
While The Conversor is able to meet the special
listening requirements of users in nearly all
environments, it greatly reduces the need for
other assistive listening devices, such as
expensive infrared or induction loop systems.
Available in one
of three colours:
Designed for discreet
and comfortable use
The Conversor consists of two lightweight
components – an FM Microphone/Transmitter and
a Pendant Receiver.
or in lecture and classroom situations. It can
also be connected directly to a TV, stereo,VCR/
DVD/CD player, or computer, for enhanced
hearing enjoyment.
The compact, wireless Microphone/Transmitter
provides enhanced sound level and clarity, near
or far away from the user. Users can focus on
the sounds they want to hear by selecting their
desired mode of hearing – whether the Zoom
setting for focused hearing and one-to-one
conversations or the Omni-Directional setting
for group discussions and social gatherings.
The Microphone/Transmitter can either be
held in the hand and pointed directly at the
desired sound source; placed on a suitable
surface in close proximity to the source; or
worn by a speaker moving about the house,
Wireless FM
The Receiver is worn by the user on a pendant
around the neck, either above or discreetly
beneath clothing, and sends the much improved
sound collected from the Microphone/Transmitter
to the hearing instrument.
Pendant Receiver
Hearing Instrument
How is The Conversor different?
The Conversor provides hearing impaired users
optimal sound quality and greater versatility
in a wide variety of listening situations. This
is made possible by a unique set of features:
Background Noise Reduction. Unique
patented technology reduces unwanted
background and peripheral sound by up to
30 db, emphasizing the selected sound and
allowing users to focus clearly on what they
want to hear.
Wireless Transmission. Allows flexibility
at greater distances. The microphone/transmitter can be placed near the sound source,
transmitting back to the user with enhanced
clarity up to 150 feet away.
Zoom Setting. Allows the user
to focus on a particular sound
amongst a number of sounds.
Other background or peripheral
sounds are greatly reduced.
Omni-Directional Setting. Picks
up nearby sounds clearly from all
around the user – ideal for family
dinners or meetings. For example,
placing the microphone/transmitter
on the table allows easy listening
amongst a conversing group.
Zoom Setting
Omni-Directional Setting
Improved hearing in a variety
of everyday situations...
Noisy environments. The Conversor
allows the user to focus on the desired
sound source. Its unique background
noise cancelling technology greatly
reduces unwanted sounds coming
from the sides and rear.
By setting the hearing aid to the
Telecoil setting, its internal microphone is switched off, and the
Conversor microphone takes over,
which can be set to different modes
to improve the sound being heard.
Quieter sounds. The Conversor automatically amplifies desired sounds, allowing
users to clearly hear even quieter sounds
without straining or having to turn up
their hearing aid.
In a Classroom or Lecture Hall
Relaxed conversations. The Conversor
provides greatly enhanced sound level
and clarity, allowing users to interact
with family, friends, or work colleagues
in a more relaxed manner.
In a Busy Restaurant or Café
Driving in the Car
Watching Television
Fold-out Stand
Place the Microphone/Transmitter
on a suitable surface in a raised
position using the fold-out stand.
Enhanced sound quality
no matter where you
happen to be...
In a restaurant or café
In classrooms, lectures & meetings
Watching television
Intimate conversations
At social gatherings
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