Jabra PRO™ 920
Simple. Professional. Affordable.
Jabra PRO™ 920 is a professional entry-level wireless headset
designed for use with deskphones. The robust Jabra PRO™
920 offers all the essential features of a wireless headset in
a simple design, at an attractive price point.
Easy to DEPLOY. Easy to use.
Jabra PRO™ 920 is compatible with all leading deskphone
systems. User-friendly voice prompts make set-up painless,
and the simple and intuitive call-control buttons make it
easy to control calls from the headset.
Greater productivity and comfort
Jabra PRO™ 920 frees users from their desk, enabling them
to find documents and multi-task with maximum efficiency
while on a call. Apart from being able to walk and talk up to
120 metres away from their desk, users will also benefit
from enhanced ergonomics as the headset prevents neckstrain caused by pressing a phone to their ear for long
True Jabra quality sound
Jabra PRO™ 920 offers crystal clear audio and quality
enhancing features such as Jabra SafeTone™ that protects
hearing by cutting off loud noises and securing safe average
sound levels. The noise-cancelling microphone blocks out
unwanted background noise from the office.
1. C
rystal clear sound and safe sound levels
2. Soft, comfortable ear cushions
3. Noise-cancelling microphone
4. D
edicated button to answer/end calls
5. Separate buttons to mute call or turn volume up or down
6. Adjustable headband for a perfect fit
7. LED display with Battery, Mute and Audio link indicators
GN Netcom is a world leader in innovative headset solutions. GN Netcom develops, manufactures and markets its products under the Jabra brand name.
Jabra® is a registered trademark of GN Netcom A/S
Jabra PRO™ 920
Deskphone connectivity
Enjoy hands-free communication and increase productivity
DECT wireless technology*
Voice dedicated transmission prevents interference from e.g. WIFI
Up to 120m** office range
Increases productivity and comfort. Multitask with maximum efficiency and control your call
from anywhere in the office
Talk-time up to 8 hours
Talk all day. No need to charge headset during working hours
Call-control buttons on headset:
– Answer/end call
– Volume
– Mute
Separate call-control button ensures intuitive call handling
Selectable auto sleep-mode function
Saves power when the headset is inactive for a longer period of time
Noise-canceling microphone
Enhances call clarity by eliminating background noise from the office
Digital Signal Processing technology
Hear and be heard more clearly with digitally enhanced speech
Headset weight: 27g
Lightweight headset for all-day-comfort
Selectable range settings
Adjustable range settings to accomodate for any density issues
Minimal energy consumption with Jabra
IntelliPower system
Headset adjusts power consumption automatically and base unit is optimized for low power
consumption. This saves energy and reduces CO 2 emissions
Standby time 36 hours
Reduces need to charge headset
Fast charge battery
The headset is fully charged in less than 3 hours. 50% charged in 50 minutes. 20% charged in
20 minutes
Voice prompt guide
Setting up your headset has never been easier. Users are guided through every step by voice
Conference mode
Up to four Jabra PRO 920 headsets can be paired with one base to form a conference call
Battery status indicator
The battery icon lets users know if the battery is charging and when battery power is low
Mono headset with 3 wearing styles:
– Headband
– Earhook (accessory)
– Neckband (accessory)
Users can choose the wearing style that suits them the best
Upgradeable software
Simply connect the service cable to the computer and update the unit via www.jabra.com/
pcsuite. The service cable is available as an accessory
Security: encryption between headset and base
Secure conversation. No one can listen in
Jabra SafeTone™ technologies
Compliant with Noise-at-Work legislation***: Protects your hearing by cutting off sound spikes
and sudden loud noises (PeakStop™ protection) and securing safe average sound levels
throughout the day (IntelliTone™)
Remote call-control
Jabra’s Electronic Hook Switch adapters (EHS) enable users to answer, end or mute a call from
the headset while away from the desk. EHS adaptors are available as accessories
Jabra PRO™ 920 is compatible with all leading phone systems
North America: one-year limited warranty
With GN Netcom’s 1-year warranty, users will enjoy worry-free ownership
Europe/APAC : two-year limited warranty
With GN Netcom’s 2-year warranty, users will enjoy worry-free ownership
*Wireless DECT standards vary depending on local
legislation. Jabra DECT wireless headsets cover
the most recognized DECT standards including
European standard DECT and US DECT 6.0. If in
doubt, check with your Jabra contact if you are
using the correct standard
The Jabra PRO™ 920 meets the requirements of the international standard IEC 60950-1.
It also meets EN 60950, AS /NZS 60950 and UL 60950 IT equipment safety standards.
**Range varies according to the environment in
which the headset is used
***“Upper exposure action value” in EU directive
What’s in the box
Headset, base unit, headband, power supply, quick-start guide,
CD with setup manual, phone cable, warranty leaflet
Extra headband, earhook, neckband, extra earpads, additional headset,
headset charger, power supply, Jabra EHS adapters, phone cable, service
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