B Factory location
Always consider consulting a professional audio installer
before installing new speakers. Many car manufacturers
locate speakers behind interior panels that require special
tools to remove those panels to access the speakers. Some
panels will be screwed in, some will use plastic fasteners,
many will have both. Be careful and take your time.
If you are using the speaker wire supplied with your new
speakers make sure that you run the speaker wires through
the factory boot. Do not let speaker wire make contact with
metal edges of doors or other access holes.
Vehicles that have premium
sound systems will often
have separate tweeters in
a dash or door location.
Try to use this location for
mounting the component
tweeter if possible.
A Mounting style
Angle Mount
There are three primary
ways the tweeter can be
mounted. Surface, Flush and
Angled mounting. Make sure
to check for any obstructions
before cutting into any panel.
Flush Mount
C Custom location
Surface Mount
A 1-5/8” (47mm) hole is
required for flush mounting
If there is not a suitable
factory location for the
tweeter to be mounted,
custom mounting may be
necessary. Before making
any permanent changes to
your vehicle make sure there
is adequate mounting depth.
Quick Start
Installation Guide
The information contained within this document is intended to offer
some basic guidelines for a few of the most common installations.
More complex audio systems should be installed by a competent
professional. Additional installation information available at
Maxxsonics USA Inc. warrants this product, to the original
consumer purchaser, to be free from defects in material and
workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.
Maxxsonics USA Inc. will, at it’s discretion, repair or replace defective
products during the warranty period. Components that prove to be
defective in materials and workmanship under proper installation and
use must be returned to the original authorized Maxxsonics USA Inc.
retailer from where it was purchased. A photocopy of the original receipt
must accompany the product being returned. The costs associated
with removal, re-installation and freight are not the responsibility
of Maxxsonics USA Inc. This warranty is limited to defective parts
and specifically excludes any incidental or consequential damages
connected therewith. To view the full warranty, please visit the website.
MBQuart products are designed and engineered in the USA by
MBQ XT1 2015 01 - rev2
Congratulations on your choice of an MBQuart
speaker. This “Quick Start Installation” guide is
meant to help you “hook up” and play music.
For more detailed information on system setting,
speaker and subwoofer configuration, and full
specifications by model, visit the website at
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