Silver Schmidt Brochure
SilverSchmidt ST and PC – Rebound Hammer
Low power consumption, high capacity lithium-ion
The Mushroom Head attachment has a larger surface
area and is used for early age strength or softer materials
Suitable for testing a wide variety of concrete, mortar,
rock, paper and plastics
Ideally suited for on-site testing
Handy for difficult to access or confined test areas (i.e.
working overhead)
Especially convenient for testing on tunnel linings as
measurements are independent of impact direction
Traditional Hammers vs SilverSchmidt
The classical hammers suffer from the following insufficiencies:
1. The rebound value is dependent on the impact direction.
2. The rebound value is affected by internal friction.
3. Limited tightness of sealing causes premature loss of
The unique design and high quality construction of the
SilverSchmidt address all of these issues and makes rebound
hammer testing quicker and more accurate than ever before.
Conversion curves are provided for a wide range of compressive
concrete strength, including low and high strength concrete fc
<10 MPa (5MPa using Mushroom Head with the Type L) and up
to 100MPa. Conversion curves for different types of modern
concrete are preset in the Silver Schmidt, based on tests
performed by an independent institution
Simple operation with the "one button" user interface
Language independent through the use of graphic user
Automatic conversion to the required measurement unit
(MPa, kg/cm2, psi),
Various statistics to comply with standards or user
specified procedures
Custom presets of test parameters for various testing
scenarios can be stored and later recalled
Quick review of previous measurements
Dependable Measuring Results
High accuracy due to differential optical absolute velocity
 Measurement inherently independent of impact
To obtain a reading in units of compressive strength select:
direction, meaning no corrections necessary
 Desired unit
 Built-in correction for carbonation and form factor gives
 Length of series and averaging mode
increased test accuracy and dependability of test results
 Carbonation depth (if applicable)
 Registration of true rebound coefficient yields extended
 Conversion curve for concrete mixture
resolution across a wider range
 Form factor
 Silver Schmidt can also display the classic R value
Perform a test series of specified length. Manual cancellation of
Controlled and Extended Functionality
obvious outliers is possible. At the end of the series, the
 Automatic control of functionality by monitoring impact instrument will display the average converted to the desired unit.
Papworths Construction Testing Equipment- Australia’s leading Concrete NDT Equipment Supplier
Measuring True Rebound Coefficient ("Q"-value)
The classic "R"-value is the mechanical travel of the mallet on
rebound. It is affected by its friction on the guide rod, the friction
of the gauge, gravity, the relative velocity between unit and
mechanical parts. This is true for all concrete test hammers
currently on the market.
The Silver Schmidt acquires the "Q"-value by measuring the
velocity (V) of impact and of rebound immediately before and
after the impact. The "Q"-value need not be corrected for impact
direction. There is a clear relationship between the "Q" and the
 Carbonation correction
The "Q"-value [=rebound V divided by inbound V] represents the
 Export to third party software
physical rebound coefficient. It is virtually free of all the above
error sources. It is thus the indicator of choice to be used as a Compliance with Industry Standards
basis to convert to compressive strength.
Data collection and processing of test results comply with major
industry standards: EN 12504-2, ENV 206 ASTM C805, ASTM
New Improved Plunger
D5873 (Rock), BS 1881, part 202
The lightweight hybrid design of the impact plunger is made from
aerospace alloy, matched to the elastic properties of the concrete Technical Information
and equipped with a hardened steel cap.
Mechanical data
Type N
Type L
Impact energy
Hammer mass
Spring constant
Spring extension
Housing dimensions
Dimensions (plunger)
Electrical data Display
Power consumption
Accumulator duty
Charger connection
Range Comp strength
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
2.207 Nm
0.735 Nm
0.79 N/mm
0.26 N/mm
75 mm
75 mm
55 x 55 x 255 mm (340 mm inc plunger)
105 x ø15 mm
570 g
17 x 71 pixels; graphic
~13mA measuring, ~4 mA setup and
review, ~0.02 mA idle
>5000 impacts (before recharging)
USB type B (5V, 100 mA)
5 MPa to 170 MPa (with Mushroom Head)
0 to 50 °C
-10 to 70 °C
Independent validation testing by BAM in Berlin has shown the
SilverSchmidt to have less dispersion than the classical hammer About PCTE
over the entire range.
PCTE have over 30years experience in the measurement and
testing of concrete. With experience in research, consulting and
construction they are able to assist you in reviewing the issues
The ST Model Silver Schmidt only has the capacity to display the
and developing solutions. PCTE can provide more than just the
last 20 results. The PC Model Silver Schmidt on the other hand is
equipment. They can provide leading technical support for your
the extended data logging model, it can log 1300 single impacts or
over 465 measurement series, each with 10 readings. The data is
then downloaded to PC using the Hammerlink application and a Other Equipment
USB cable.
The full Proceq range of equipment is available for insitu non
 Extended memory usage
destructive concrete measurement, including Schmidt Hammers,
 Rapid uniformity assessment with the summary view
Covermeters, Half Potentials, Resistivity, Ultrasonics and
 Sorting of data
Permeability. The Olson Instrument range also includes the CTG,
 User-defined conversion curves
Freedom Data PC and DAS as well as the resonance tester. We
 User-defined statistical methods
also supply Intelli-Rock maturity, temp and humidity logging
 Highlighting of mean, median and outliers
systems, corrosion rate monitoring equipment, GPR.
Papworths Construction Testing Equipment- Australia’s leading Concrete NDT Equipment Supplier
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