Product Brief - miniDSP 4x10 HD
minIDSP 4 x 10 HD
 172MHz - 28/56bit DSP path
 24bit ADC / DAC
 Balanced/Unbalanced analog
Inputs and Outputs
 SPDIF/AES-EBU/Toslink Input with
Sample Rate Converter (ASRC)
 SPDIF + AES-EBU + Toslink output
miniDSP 4x10 HD is a versatile multi-channel Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
for analog and digital audio sources. Combining high quality audio algorithms along with a flexible graphical user interface, the 4x10 HD can be
used for multi-way speaker processing or multi-channel equalization. With its
balanced & un-balanced audio I/O, the platform easily fits the needs of most
audio systems. The sturdy powder coated steel enclosure, brushed aluminum
front panel and removable rack ears is a perfect match for both consumer
(Home AV) or commercial (ProAV) applications.
External control
 Front panel volume control
through rotary encoder
 I.R. remote control for Master
volume control and preset recall
On the processing side, the platform ranks high on versatility thanks to our
unique product concept of audio plug-ins. The unit is easily configured on
Mac/PC machines from a responsive and intuitive Graphic User Interface.
Once the unit is programmed, control of presets, master volume and digital
source selection can be done via the front panel encoder or Infrared (I.R) receiver without the use of a computer.
Software Control
 USB 2.0 interface
 Plug&Play - No driver required
 WinXP/Vista/7 & Mac compatible
 Firmware upgradeable for future
Single external universal 12VDC
power supply
 Multi-way speaker processing
 Audio processor
 Mobile Audio
Finally, the miniDSP experience isn’t just another audio product. It’s about
joining the ranks of a large audio community with fully integrated tools and
extensive application notes. At miniDSP, we value partnerships and the complete integration of our products with well known platforms such as Room EQ
Wizard (REW) software is yet another step to provide fully integrated solutions
to our customers.
minIDSP 4 x 10 HD
Digital Signal Processor
172MHz, 28/56bit Digital Signal Processor
Driverless USB 2.0 control interface for Windows/Mac OS x environments
Audio inputs
2 x Balanced (Phoenix Terminal Block) or 2 x Unbalanced (RCA) inputs
114dB ADC IC / Measured SNR 105dB
Audio outputs
8 x Balanced (Terminal Block) and 8 Unbalanced (RCA) outputs
114dB DAC IC / Measured SNR 105dB
ADC/DAC Resolution
24bits - Available in 48kHz or 96kHz version depending on plug-in
Maximum Input signal
Unbalanced Input ( RCA): 2Vrms (+8 dBu) or 0.9Vrms (see input jumpers)
Balanced Input (Terminal block): 4Vrms (+14 dBu)
Maximum Output signal
Dip switch on motherboard attenuates outputs by 6dB (RCA & Terminal blocks)
Unbalanced outputs (RCA): 2Vrms (+8 dBu) or 0.9Vrms
Balanced outputs (Terminal block): 4Vrms (+14 dBu) or 8Vrms (20dBu)
Digital Audio inputs
1 x SPDIF on RCA connector, transformer isolated
1 x Optical input on Toslink connector
1 x AES-EBU on balanced XLR Neutrik connector, transformer isolated
Digital Audio outputs (all active)
1 x SPDIF on RCA connector, transformer isolated
1x Optical outputs on Toslink connector
1x AES-EBU on balanced XLR Neutrik connector, transformer isolated
Sample rate converter
Up/Down sample digital audio input signal to the correct plug-in sample rate
(48/96kHz) based on the loaded plug-in. Up to 216kHz sample rate.
Rotary Encoder
Front Panel rotary encoder for Master volume control (all output channels)
Infrared Red (I.R) receiver
Front panel I.R. receiver controls volume, mute, source selection and preset recall
USB Control
USB type B connector
Rack mounting
Removable rack mount ears pre-installed
Power supply
External 12VDC universal power supply (25W)
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm
41.5 x 429 x 252 mm - 1RU height
Power Input
2 x Un-balanced
RCA inputs
2 x Balanced
8 x Un-Balanced
8 x Balanced
-EBU Inputs
Toslink + SPDIF +
AES-EBU outputs
USB 2.0
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