Par36 LED Tractor Light Modules

Par36 LED Tractor Light Modules
REV. A 206
Printed in U.S.A.
People’s lives depend on your safe installation of our products. It is important to
read, understand and follow all instructions shipped with the products. In addition, listed below are some other important
safety instructions and precautions you
should follow:
To properly install this warning light:
you must have a good understanding of
automotive electrical procedures and
systems, along with proficiency in the
installation and use of safety warning
When drilling into a vehicle structure,
be sure that both sides of the surface
are clear of anything that could be
DO NOT install equipment or route
wiring or cord in the deployment path
of an air bag.
You should frequently inspect the light
to ensure that it is operating properly
and securely attached.
This product contains high intensity
LED devices. To prevent eye damage,
DO NOT stare into the light beam at
close range.
Locate light control so the vehicle and
light can be safely operated in all
driving conditions.
Do not attempt to activate the light
while driving in a hazardous situation.
Place all warning labels provided, in a
visible location on the equipment.
File this instruction sheet in a safe
place and refer to it when maintaining
and/or reinstalling the product.
Failure to follow all safety precautions and
instructions may result in property damage,
serious injury or death to you or others.
The Federal Signal PAR36 modules are sealed, low
current devices designed for warning purposes. Federal
Signal Corporation LED warning light modules are selfflashing units for auxiliary emergency warning. These
warning lights can be used either with their own
internal flasher, or with an external flasher to synchronize with several other lights. They can be powered by
12-24 VDC.
After unpacking the part, inspect it for damage that
may have occurred in transit. If it has been damaged,
file a claim immediately with the carrier, stating the
extent of damage. Carefully check all envelopes, shipping labels, and tags before removing or destroying
Read all instructions and plan all wiring and
cable routing before performing any installation.
Use grommets, wire ties, looms, and cable
mounts (installer supplied) as needed to secure
the wiring and to prevent chafing of the wiring.
Before drilling or cutting holes in ANY part of a
vehicle,be sure that both sides of the mounting
surface are clear of parts that could be damaged;
such as brake lines, electrical wiring or other
vital parts.
A. Determine the mounting location for the light
and user-supplied control switch.
B. Drill a 5/16" hole at the desired mounting
location for the mounting stud. Use the supplied
lockwasher and nut to secure the lamp housing to the
C. Route an 18 GA wire from the power source to
the switch location. Install an user-supplied fuse and
fuseholder as close to the power source as possible. Each
pair of lights should have a 2-ampere fuse. Two pairs
should have a 4-ampere fuse.
D. Route an 18 GA wire from the switch to the
location of the light.
E. Route an 18 GA wire from light installation
area to the nearest convenient chassis ground. The
battery is recommended.
wire is connected to positive (+) 12-24 VDC via an
installer-supplied switch rated for 1-ampere for each
light on that circuit. The green wire is left disconnected.
The warning light’s wires function as follows:
Ground (-)
External flasher override
Power for internal flasher (+)
Using installer-supplied weather resistant
terminals, connect the black wire to ground. The white
and green wires are connected together to an installersupplied external flasher. Federal Signal Corporation
flasher Model numbers 601202, 601203, 660142, 210844,
660132, and 660122 are recommended.
G. Wire the warning lights using one of the two
methods as follows:
External Flasher.
Internal Flasher.
H. Check the wiring and test for proper operation
Copyright 2006 Federal Signal Corporation
Using installer-supplied weather resistant
terminals, connect the black wire to ground. The white
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