Victron Global Remote 2 and Victron Ethernet Remote

Victron Global Remote 2 and Victron Ethernet Remote
Victron Global Remote 2 and Victron Ethernet Remote
Obtaining system information wherever and whenever
Victron Global Remote 2: A GSM/GPRS modem
The Global Remote is a modem which sends alarms, warnings and system status reports to cellular phones via
text messages (SMS). It can also log data from Victron Battery Monitors, Multis, Quattros and Inverters to a
website through a GPRS connection. The use of this website is free of charge.
Victron Ethernet Remote: A GSM/GPRS modem with Ethernet connection
The Ethernet Remote has the same functions as the Global Remote. An extra function of the Ethernet Remote is
that it can connect with LAN, due to a special cable. In this way, the Ethernet Remote can be connected to the
internet without a SIM-card.
Simple and easy to use
The idea is simple: you can use it to get SMS alarms from a Multi, a Battery System, or both. When monitoring
the usage of batteries, it can be extremely helpful to receive under- and overvoltage alarms; whenever they
occur. For this purpose, the Global Remote is perfect. A prepaid SIM-card (for example) in combination with the
Global Remote is adequate for remotely monitoring your system.
Connections Global Remote
The Global Remote has two serial connections. They can be used to connect to a VE.Bus Multi/Quattro/Inverter
unit or system. This connection needs a MK2 which is supplied with the VGR. The other connection is to connect
a BMV-600S or BMV-602S Battery Monitor. To connect it to a BMV you will also need the connection kit
accessory which needs to be purchased separately. The Global Remote also has a connection for an optional
accessory, the VGR IO Extender.
Victron Global Remote 2
Connections Ethernet Remote
The Ethernet Remote has one serial connection. This can be used to connect to a VE.Bus Multi/Quattro/Inverter
unit or system, or a BMV Battery Monitor. To connect it to a BMV you will also need the connection kit accessory
which needs to be purchased separately.
Advanced use: Monitoring historic data
Taking it one step further, an internet browser and -connection is all you need to view all of the data online. You
can simply create an account on the website and add your modem(s). Subsequently you can configure the GPRS
connection, which will enable you to monitor the historic data of several basic properties such as system
voltages, power levels and status information. All of this data is graphed. These graphs are available in daily,
weekly and monthly timeframes.
Victron Ethernet Remote
VRM Online Portal
The information from the VGR and VER is forwarded to our free remote monitoring website: the VRM Online
Portal. To get an impression of the VRM Online Portal, visit, and try our demo.
The portal is free of charge.
Victron Ethernet Remote
Victron Global Remote
Battery Monitor
Battery Monitor
Victron Global Remote 2
Victron Ethernet Remote
Connect VE.Bus Multi/Quattro/Inverter unit/system
Connect BMV-602 Battery Monitor
5.5 to 32 VDC
0.48 A at 5.5 VDC
90mA at 12 VDC and 50 mA at 24 VDC
-30°C to 75°C / -22° to 167°F
73 x 54.5 x 25.5 mm / 2.9 x 2.1 x 1 inch
89 grams / 3.1 ounces
Two aluminium mounting bridles
Depends on usage
50 Ohm SMA
With inline fuse
Not compatible
Serial connection (Mk2.2a – included)
Serial connection (BMV-602 Datalink – not included)
Power supply voltage range
Current draw (max.)
Current draw (connected to GSM network)
Operating temperature range
Dimensions VGR Modem (hxwxd)
Weight VGR Modem
GPRS data usage
Antenna connection
GSM antenna
Ethernet attachment
Battery cable
Y-cable for serial and IO Extender connection
Male DB15 to female DB9 cable
MK2 interface
Global Remote to BMV-60xS conn. kit
VGR IO Extender
Global Remote Antenna
BMV-600S and 602S
The BMV-600S and 602S are
our newest high precision
battery monitors. The
essential function of a battery
monitor is to calculate
ampere-hours consumed as
well as the state of charge of a
battery. Ampere-hours
consumed are calculated by
integrating the current flowing
in or out of the battery.
Victron Global Remote to
BMV-60xS conn. kit
Cable kit required to connect
the BMV-60xS and the Victron
Global Remote. BMV 60xS
Data Link included.
The MultiPlus is a powerful
true sine wave inverter, a
sophisticated battery charger
that features adaptive charge
technology, and a high-speed
AC transfer switch in a single
compact enclosure.
Phoenix Inverter
Quattro Inverter/Charger
Pure sine wave output, high
peak power and high
efficiency. Combined high
frequency and line frequency
technologies ensure the best
of both worlds.
The Quattro can be connected
to two independent AC
sources, for example shoreside power and a generator, or
two generators. The Quattro
will automatically connect to
the active source.
Example of graph available on
Global Remote Antenna
The Global Remote Antenna is an optional
accessory to improve the reception of the
Victron Global Remote. The Global Remote
Antenna replaces the standard antenna
that is included with the Global Remote.
The antenna is an outdoor 4dBi Gain
antenna for stationary usage. A standard
5m low loss coax cable and wall-mount is
Vertically polarized
Antenna length:
Antenna diameter:
900 (2dBi) / 1800 &
1900-1990 and
1990-2200 and
2400 MHz
24 cm
1,8 cm
50 Ω
SMA-M connector
Note that it is not possible to combine the Global Remote or Ethernet Remote with one of the following
products in a VE.Bus system:
VE.Net to VE.Bus Converter
Blue Power Panel 2
Blue Power Panel GX
VE.Bus to NMEA2000 interface
Combining with the Digital Multi Control, VE.Bus Multi Control or Phoenix Inverter Control is possible.
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