BluScan BluScan™
Ultra Long Range Wireless CCD Scanner
Ultra Long Scan Range
With the demand of wireless scanners raising widely over the last year, ID
TECH is pleased to present the BluScan, an ultra long range wireless CCD
scanner. The BluScan not only provides superior performance with a rapid
scan rate of 450 scans second, but also allows an exceptional scan range of
up to 40 inches.
Superior Radio Range
Utilizing unique wireless-communication technology, the BluScan operates
with a 100-meter data transmission range that tops most competitors in its
class. Accompanied by a long-lasting Li-ion battery pack and IP42 sealing
level design, BluScan offers the freedom of mobility of barcode scanning
and outstanding durability in a wide range of applications including
business offices for shipping/receiving, supermarkets, warehouses and
Readability of Global 1D Symbologies
In addition to the freedom provided by the superior transmission range, the
BluScan has the ability to read all global 1D barcode symbologies as well
as PDF417. With such flexibility, ID TECH’s BluScan is an excellent scanner
for multiple applications.
Features and Benefits:
• Lightweight, ergonomic design
• Excellent scanning performance with 450 scans per second
• Scans up to 40 inches away depending on barcode size and density
• Operates with a 100-meter data transmission range from the base
• Readable under sun light
• Supports GS1databar (RSS), CS (Composite Symbology), and PDF417
• Seals to resist airborne particulate contaminants (IP 42)
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BluScan™ Specifications IDBA-42X3LRB
Power Requirements:
Interfaces: Light Source:
Sensor: Battery Life:
Battery Charging Time:
Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
Humidity: Drop Test: Mechanical
Field Width:
Scan Rate: Range: 2D Symbologies:
5.0 VDC ± 10%
PS/2, RS232, USB Keyboard
630 nm visible red LED
2048 pixel CCD
15,000 reads
3.5 hours
0˚C to 50˚C (32˚F to 122˚F)
-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
10% - 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
4.92 feet (1.5 m) Scanner, 2.95 feet (90 cm) Cradle
6.46 inches (164 mm) x 3.07 inches (78 mm) x 2.20 inches (56 mm)
8.82 oz. (with battery)
Green & Red LED, beep tones
Black with gray detail
6.30 inches (160 mm)
0.1 mm (4 mils) Code39, PCS=90%
25% or more
450 scans per second
0 inches (0 cm) to 40 inches (101.6 cm)
Auto discriminates all standard barcodes and some 2D symbologies including
PDF-417 and GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional code;
Other symbologies can be ordered optionally.
CE: EN300328-2-C1 (Radio)
CE: EN301489-2-C1 (EMC)
Corporate Headquarters:
10721 Walker Street, Cypress, California 90630
(714) 761-6368 [email protected]
International Sales Office
Canada & South America:
+450 465 5261 (Canada) [email protected]
European Sales Offices:
+49(0) 8851 6159900 (Germany)
[email protected]
ISO 9001 Certified
©2010 International Technologies & Systems Corporation. ID TECH is a registered trademark of International Technologies & Systems Corporation.
BluScan and Value through Innovation are trademarks of International Technologies & Systems Corporation. All specifications subject to change without notice.
80106504-001 R05/10
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