ETRX3 Series Product Overview

ETRX3 Series Product Overview
ZigBee® Module
The Telegesis ETRX351 and ETRX357 modules are low power
2.4GHz ZigBee modules, based on the latest Ember EM351
and EM357 single chip ZigBee® solution.
They have been designed to be integrated into any device
without the need for RF experience and expertise. Utilizing the
EmberZNet ZigBee stack, the ETRX35x enables you to add
powerful wireless networking capability to your products and
quickly bring them to market.
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The module’s unique AT-style command line interface allows
designers to quickly integrate ZigBee technology without
complex software engineering. For custom application
development the ETRX35x series integrates with ease into
Ember’s InSight development environment.
Module Features
Small form factor, SMT module 25mm x 19mm
Side Castellations for easy soldering
2 antenna options: Integrated chip antenna or U.FL
coaxial connector
Industry’s first ARM® Cortex-M3 based family of ZigBee
Industry standard JTAG Programming and real time
network level debugging via the Ember InSight Port
192kB (ETRX357) and 128kB (ETRX351) flash and
12kB of RAM
Lowest Deep Sleep Current of sub 1µA and multiple
sleep modes
Wide supply voltage range (2.1 to 3.6V)
Module ships with standard Telegesis AT-style
command interface based on the ZigBee PRO feature
Can act as an End Device, Router or Coordinator
24 general-purpose I/O lines including analogue inputs
(all GPIOs of the EM35x are accessible)
Firmware upgrades via serial port or over the air
(password protected)
Hardware supported encryption (AES-128)
CE and FCC compliance, FCC modular approval
Approvals for Canada, S Africa, Australia & NZ
Operating temperature range: -40 C to +85 C
Long Range version with a link budget of up to 124dB
available in the same form factor
Suggested Applications
AMR – ZigBee Smart Energy applications
Wireless Alarms and Security
Home/Building Automation
Wireless Sensor Networks
M2M Industrial Controls
Lighting and ventilation control
Remote monitoring
Environmental monitoring and control
Development Kit
New Development kit containing everything required to
set up a mesh network quickly and evaluate range and
performance of the ETRX35x and its long range
AT-style software interface command dictionary can be
modified for high volume customers.
Custom software development available upon request.
Example AT-Style Commands
Sends a Broadcast
Sends a Unicast
Establish PAN network
Join PAN
At power-up the last configuration is loaded from nonvolatile S-Registers, which can eliminate the need for an
additional host controller.
Radio Features
Based on the Ember EM351 and EM357 single chip
ZigBee solutions
2.4GHz ISM Band
16 channels (802.15.4 Channel 11 to 26)
+3dBm output power ( +8dBm in boost mode)
High sensitivity of -99dBm (-101dBm in boost mode) typ.
@ 1% packet error rate
RX Current: 25mA, TX Current: 31mA at 3dBm
Robust Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence
Over-the-air compatible with the ETRX2
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