Textphone feature comparison
9 Telephones at Home
Textphones (often called Minicoms) are a way of sending an interactive sequence of typed messages
over a telephone line. Textphones have been around for a long time and many businesses, utility
companies and public offices have dedicated Textphone contact numbers.
How does a textphone work?
All Textphones have a screen and a standard keyboard. You type in turn,
using the keypad, and your message appears both on your screen and the
screen of the textphone of the person you are calling.
Each side types their message in
turn and reads the reply.
Text Relay operator translates
message into text and reads reply
What happens if I want to contact someone without a textphone?
Textphones can only communicate directly with other textphones,
however a Text Relay service is available where you can use an
interpreter as an intermediary between your textphone and people
using a telephone. The Text Relay Operator will read out the words
you type to the person on the telephone. They then speak their
response to the Operator who types the message for your textphone.
Visit www.ngts.org.uk for more information.
Textphone user types
message and
reads response
Caller speaks
& listens
Uniphone 1150
Minicom 6000
The Uniphone is a popular model because it is a combined
textphone and telephone with an inductive coupler.
It has mid range facilities and is the most compact.
Features include:
l 2 line LCD display with backlight and letter height of 4.5mm
l Reduced size, membrane style
l Built-in answerphone
l Hearing aid compatible
amplified voice
telephone with
integrated handset and
handsfree speakerphone
l Visual ring indicator light
and 2 volume ringer
The Minicom 6000 is an excellent value, full featured
It is designed for both
direct connection and
acoustic use with a
telephone handset.
It also has a handy
Features include:
l Single line bright LCD display
with large letter height of 6mm
l Full size QWERTY keyboard
l Optional acoustic coupler connection to allow
Voice Carry-over (with use of separate phone)
l Large internal memory for conversations
l Visual ring indicator light
Requires mains power and 9v
battery back up (not supplied).
Size: 218 x 180 x 64mm. Weight with battery: 0.8Kg.
In the opinion of the evaluation panel, the Uniphone 1150 is a
well liked product. The integrated voice telephone is
particularly useful. Some people might find the text size a bit
small. Unlike the Minicom
6000, it does not have a
‘proper’ keyboard, but it’s
inc VAT
ex VAT
compact size is a strength
£ 306.00
£ 255.00
when used at home.
10+ £ 275.40
£ 229.50
Business Textphone/Minicom service
A textphone service requires a dedicated contact telephone
number, either as a separate exchange line or a dedicated number
via the existing office telephone system. A minicom may be
connected to any phone socket where a conventional telephone
may be used. Whilst textphones are analogue devices, digital
telephone systems can usually have an extension configured to
use analogue devices such as fax machines ‒ please consult your
telephone system maintainer to check analogue compatibility.
Please note that passing textphone calls via a switchboard is not a
realistic option.
Home &
Issue 52
Telephone 01737 247571
Email [email protected]
Mains power or 6 x AA rechargeable batteries (not
Size: 254 x 241 x 76mm. Weight with battery: 1.7Kg.
inc VAT
ex VAT
£ 334.80
£ 301.32
£ 279.00
£ 251.10
Our evaluation panel
found the display clear
and easy to read and the
standard size keyboard
easy to use.
Textphone Accessories & Spares
Replacement power supply
for Minicom 5, 6 &
7000 Series and
Uniphone 1150
Thermal paper ‒
pack of 6
for Minicom
6000P & 7000P
inc VAT
ex VAT
£ 23.40
£ 19.50
Pack of 6
inc VAT
ex VAT
£ 4.74
£ 3.95
Prices exclude P&P
Information www.connevans.info Shop online www.DeafEquipment.co.uk
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