ProLine Universal  Calibration  Beads
ProLine™ Universal Calibration Beads
Catalog #
ProLine Universal Calibration Beads, 3 x 5 ml bottles
For research purposes only.
Intended Use
ProLine Universal Calibration Beads are optimized to verify the
alignment and determine the drop delay on the 488, 488/561,
and 488/640 nm system configurations of the S3™ and
S3e™ Cell Sorters. With this ready-to-use solution, simply
add ten drops into a 5 ml tube to start the quality control (QC)
procedure. In less than 7 minutes, a pass/fail report will be
generated for tracking purposes.
3 x 5 ml bottles.
1 x 106 beads/ml.
Bead Size
6 µm.
Fig. 1. Setup and Maintenance toolbar with Run QC selected.
4. S
elect your Bead Lot in the Quality Control Process window
and click the checkmark (Figure 2). The software will
perform both event-based alignment and drop delay setting.
Note: If your bead lot is not available in the dropdown menu,
please see the New Bead Lot File section.
Storage Buffer Composition
Deionized water with 0.02% sodium azide and 0.01% NP-40.
Store at 2–8°C.
Important: Do not freeze. Protect from light.
Bead Lot Specifications
Go to for the specifications for
each bead lot and to download the associated bead lot file.
Directions for Use
Important: Do not dilute beads.
Note: If ProSort™ Software is not open, double
click the ProSort icon, log in, and select Start-Up
in the Setup and Maintenance toolbar.
Fig. 2. Quality Control Process window with example bead lot file in the
dropdown menu.
5. After the drop delay setting is completed, click the checkmark in the Quality Control Process status
window (Figure 3).
Preparation of Beads
1. V
ortex the 5 ml bottle containing the ProLine
Beads vigorously.
2. U
sing the bottle dropper, release ten drops of solution (approximately 0.5 ml) into a 5 ml tube.
Quality Control Procedure
1. P
lace the 5 ml tube containing the ProLine Beads
on the loading stage.
2. Move the loading stage to the run position.
3. Click Run QC in the Setup and Maintenance
toolbar (Figure 1).
Fig. 3. Quality Control Process status window with checkmark selected.
ProLine Universal Calibration Beads
6. T
he Daily QC Report will appear with a passed/failed
QC Status (Figure 4).
To upload a new bead lot file:
Passed QC Status: The S3 or S3e Cell Sorter is ready
to use. Close the Daily QC Report and start your run.
2. Select Administrator > Edit QC Criteria (Figure 5).
Failed QC Status: Rerun the quality control procedure
up to two more times. Contact your local technical support
team at if a failure continues.
1. Open ProSort Software and log in as an administrator user.
3. Click the Bead Lot add (+) button (Figure 6).
4. S
elect your bead lot file and click the Save button.
The new bead lot file is now saved and stored for future
use in ProSort Software.
Fig. 5. ProSort Software window with Administrator > Edit QC
Criteria selected.
Fig. 4. Daily QC Report with passing QC Status.
Caution: This reagent is for research use only.
New Bead Lot File
Each lot of ProLine Universal Calibration Beads has an
associated bead lot file. To upload a new bead lot file into
ProSort Software follow the steps below.
To download a new bead lot file:
1. Go to for instructions.
2. In the Description tab, double click the new bead lot file.
3. Save the file to the S3 or S3e Cell Sorter desktop or on
a thumb drive.
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
2000 Alfred Nobel Drive, Hercules, CA 94547
Fig. 6. QC Criteria window with Bead Lot add (+) button selected.
Visit for more information.
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