Centrifugal Extractors

Centrifugal Extractors
Extract even the most delicate and difficult-to-handle fabrics
automatically in a CBW®/PBW™ batch washing system
Milnor’s centrifugal extractor – teamed with a CBW®/PBW™ batch washer – brings full automation to
processing all types of linen, even the most delicate and difficult-to-handle fabrics.
The extractor teamed with any size Milnor tunnel washer, broadens a laundry's processing opportunities. With cycle
times as low as 2 ½ minutes, Milnor’s centrifugal extractor can produce over 24 loads per hour (depending upon
goods and programming). The single motor and inverter produce a full range of speeds.
Efficient loading and unloading
The hydraulic system of Milnor’s centrifugal extractor is
designed to tilt quickly for fast turnaround between loads.
Extracts polycottons and barrier
cloth with ease
Milnor’s centrifugal extractor works especially well with
polycotton goods such as uniforms. Reducing moisture
retention without setting wrinkles allows these uniforms
to go directly to a steam finishing tunnel. The result
is faster output higher production, and a superior
finish. The machine’s ability to remove water gently
and efficiently also allows extraction of multifilament
for operating rooms, as well as 100% polyester napery.
Maximum moisture removal reduces drying times and
saves fuel.
A variety of configurations
This versatile centrifugal extractor is designed for a variety
of configurations:
•One centrifugal extractor can receive discharged goods
immediately from a tunnel washer and discharge them directly into carts or onto a shuttle that loads automatic
• Multiple centrifugal extractors can be used with a single
CBW®/PBW™ batch washer in higher-production plants
• A combination of centrifugal and membrane press
extractors can be configured for mixed-goods plants
• 4 programmable extract speeds
Improves mat processing
The centrifugal extractor is ideal for mat-processing
laundries because it allows for continuous production
and reduces post-processing. The extractor achieves low
moisture retention with either cotton or synthetic mats
– even up to 4' x 10'. This minimizes post-processing
requirements, saving you time, labor, and fuel. During
extraction, the machine automatically distributes mats
evenly inside the cylinder. The optional phased extract
cycle helps minimize hydrobursting, since sudden
pressure is not applied to pockets of water common with
some types of goods.
Centrifugal Extractor
With cylinder speeds up to 1000 RPMs and 600
G-forces, Milnor’s centrifugal extractor produces
excellent moisture removal. Pre-extract load
distribution speed minimizes out-of-balance
conditions. The single-motor drive system with
an inverter produces a full range of speeds.
Other features
•Microprocessor control links to washer and dryer controls for completely automated system
•Suspension system isolates vibration for high speed operation
•Bearing housing supported 360° by massive
ring-of-steel design
•Dynamic braking uses the inverter, not discs or pads,
to shorten turnaround time
•Links to Mildata® computer system for total plant
management. Ask us for a brochure
Paired with a Milnor tunnel washer, the centrifugal
extractor combines versatility with automation.
•Flat back design simplifies service access
Maximum extract speed - RPM (G force)
Dry weight capacity - lb. (kg)
Cylinder diameter - in. (mm)
Cylinder depth - in. (mm)
Gross cylinder volume - cu. ft. (L)
Drive Motor - HP (kW)
Hydraulic Motor - HP (kW)
Overall Width - in. (mm) +
Overall Depth - in. (mm)
Stationary Overall Height - in. (mm)
Unloading Overall Height - in. (mm)
Approximate gross weight - lb. (kg)
up to 150
840 (480)
up to 260 48 (1219)
40 (1186)
41.9 60 (45)
122.43 166.4 (4227)
113.87 (4055)
159.68 19,110 (8668)
+ Add 36 in. (914 mm) for freestanding controls.
Specifications are approximate.
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
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