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Magazine-fed metal inserts
Avdel's Avinut® threadless collapsible insert is a
metal insert for high speed, single sided assembly,
used with thread forming screws (Taptite 2000®).
Avinut® is ideal when:
- a plastic nut and tapping screw combination is
not robust enough
- there is no access on the blind side for use of
weld or clinch nuts
- nut welding is not possible or undesirable
- moulded-in inserts are not feasible or tapping
screws risk de-lamination in composite structures
- installation of blind threaded inserts is just too
slow or cross-threading is a particular concern
Typical Placing Sequence
Features and Benefits
•Square body and large blindside bulb for high
Component assembly with Taptite 2000®
joint strength
thread forming screws.
•Supplied as a stacked assembly of up to 60 interlocking inserts that is preloaded on a mandrel
•Very rapid installation using Avdel Speed Fastening®
tooling - no setting of stroke or torque required
•Thread is formed by a thread forming screw (Taptite 2000®) so cross threading is eliminated
•Thread forming screw allows Avinut® to be placed
before painting and assembly - key in "body-inwhite" applications
•Placing of Avinut® prior to assembly limits the
number of hand tools on the final assembly line
•Quality check and repair are conducted more cost
effectively off line before assembly
•Unique Avdel patent protected design
Installation Tools
Aluminium optional
Placed with a new
M5 and M6
Speed Fastening®
Typical performace in sheet steel, 0.8 mm thick:
placing tool that enables
the placement of up to
Screw thread forming torque
5 Nm
40 inserts per minute.
Torque-to-turn insert in sheet1) > 9 Nm
> 16 Nm
Max. torque to strip2)
Ideal Applications
•Thin sheet car body panels
•Aluminium tubes or extrusions
•Composite structures
sheet fails first
in assembled joint
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