⁄ DIN Temperature/Process Limit Controllers 1
⁄16 DIN Temperature/Process
Limit Controllers
CN2516 Series
 Dual Display
 Universal Input
 High/Low Limit
 Limit Relay Output
 Additional Modular
Outputs (Optional)
 RS485 (Optional)
 Digital Input Remote
Reset (Optional)
The CN2516 Series is part of
a range of new generation of
limit controllers that incorporate
numerous product specification,
communication, display interface
and software improvements that
surpass competitive limit device
offerings in ease of use and
programming. By adding more
versatile features and user-friendly
functionality like digital inputs, an
easy-to-use HMI, jumperless and
auto-hardware configuration,
24 Vdc transmitter power
supply and MODBUS®
communicationacross the
range, the CN2516 limit
controllertransform the
complicated into the simple
while saving you time (as much
as 50% on product set-up),
reducing inventory stock and
virtually eliminating the likelihood
of operator errors. The CN2516
limit controllers are affordable,
well-featured, easy to use and
adaptable with performance
features that work for you to make
limit control simple. The CN2516
is a fail-safe protection device to
prevent damage toequipment or
products. It will shut down process
when a preset temperature is
reached and cannot be reset by
the operator until the process has
returned to a safe condition.
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature: 0° to 55°C
(32° to 131°F)
Storage Temperature: -20° to 80°C
(-4° to 176°F)
Humidity: 20 to 95% non-condensing RH
Supply Voltage: 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz,
optional 20 to 48 Vac 50/60 Hz or
22 to 65 Vdc
Power Consumption: 5 W/7.5 VA
Thermocouples: J, T, K, L, N, B, R, S, C;
Pt Rh 20% vs. Pt 40% Rh
RTD: 3-wire, PT100 DC linear (scalable
-1999 to +9999)
Volts: 0 to 5V, 1 to 5V, 0 to 10V, 2 to 10V
DC Milliamps: 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA
DC Millivolts: 0 to 50mV, 10 to 50mV
Output 1: (Limit relay) fixed; outputs
Output 2 and 3: (Alarm relay) are
user-selectable and customized based
on desired application; choose from the
following output types
Maximum # of Outputs: 3 for alarm,
24 Vdc transmitter power supply or
retransmit of process value/limit trip
Limit Relay: SPDT; 240 Vac 5 A
resistive; lifetime >100,000 operations
at rated voltage/current
Alarm Relay: Optional SPDT;
240 Vac 2 A resistive; lifetime
>500,000 operations at rated
SSR Drive:
Optional Drive Capability:
>10 Vdc nominal into 500 Ω minimum
DC Linear: Optional 0 to 20 mA,
4 to 20 mA into 500 Ω max; 0 to 10V,
1 to 5V, 2 to 10V, 0 to 5V into 500
Ω min; outputs have 2% over/under
drive applied; accuracy ±0.25% (mA
into 250 Ω load, V into 2k Ω load);
degrading linearity to ±0.5% for
increasing burden to specified limits
Triac: Optional 0.01 to 1 A AC,
20 to 280 Vrms, 47 to 63 Hz (limit 2)
Transmitter Power Supply: Optional
24 Vdc (limit 1)
Output Functions
Process Alarm: (Reverse or direct)
modes (alarm 1 and 2): high/low,
band, deviation, logical OR/AND
Retransmit: Process value or
limit setpoint
Electrical Performance
Accuracy: ± 0.1% of input range
±1 LSD (thermocouple CJC better
than 1°C)
Input Sample Rate: 4 per second,
14-bit resolution
Impedance: >10M Ω for the
thermocouple and mV ranges,
47 kΩ for V ranges and 5 Ω for
mA ranges
Sensor Break Detection: <2 seconds
(except zero based DC ranges), limit
output opens, low alarms activate for
RTD, mA or V ranges
Communications Interface
User-Selectable: 2-wire, RS485 serial
communications option with choice
of MODBUS RTU or ASCII protocol;
1200 to 19200 baud
PC Configuration: Offline
configuration from serial port to
dedicated configuration socket
(comms option not required)
Input Type
Pt 100 RTD (0.00385)
0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA
0 to 10 Vdc, 0 to 5 Vdc, 0 to 50 mVdc
IEC IP66 (NEMA 4X) front panel IEC
IP20 (behind the panel protection)
Panel Cutout: 45 x 45 mm
(1.77 x 1.77")
Height: 48 mm (1.89")
Width: 48 mm (1.89")
Depth: 110 mm (4.33")
Weight: 0.21 kg (0.46 lb)
Mounting: Plug in panel with
fixing strap
-328 to 1399°F (-200 to 1373°C)
32 to 1401°F (0 to 761°C)
-328 to 503°F (-200 to 262°C)
32 to 2550°F (0 to 1399°C)
32 to 3002°F (0 to 1650°C)
32 to 3000°F (0 to 1649°C)
211 to 3315°F (100 to 1824°C)
32 to 1403°F (0 to 762°C)
32 to 4208°F (0 to 2320°C)
-328 to 1472°F (-199 to 800°C)
-1999 to 9999
-1999 to 9999
To Order Visit omega.com/cn2516 for Pricing and Details
Model No.
Single output, relay
Single output, relay, low voltage
Output and Communications Options (Field Installable modules)
Output 2 and 3 Slot
2500X-R Relay module
2500X-DC DC pulse module
2300X-F2 Linear DC module
Triac module (output 2 only)
2300X-TPS Transmitter power supply (output 3 only)
Option A Slot
RS485 communications
Digital input (remote reset)
Extended Warranty
OMEGACARESM extended warranty program
is available for models shown on this page.
Ask your sales representative for full details
when placing an order. OMEGACARESM
covers parts, labor and equivalent loaners.
Model No.
Configuration software
Noise suppression kit, 110 to 230 Vac
Comes complete with mounting bracket and operator's manual.
Ordering Example: CN2516-R1, single output controller and operator’s manual.
OCW-2, OMEGACARESM extends standard 3-year warranty to a total of 5 years.
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