TB: MC100 Interface Control Module

TB: MC100 Interface Control Module
No. TB1108-03
November 26, 2008
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MC100 Interface Control Module
Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) Executive Orders VR-201 & VR-202 includes the VP1000 Vacuum
Assist Pump. As outlined in Exhibit 1 of these Executive Orders, the VP1000 is sold in many forms to suit
the dispenser being upgraded. In all forms, the ARB approved Installation, Operation and Maintenance
Manuals for the VP1000 details connection to the MC100 Interface Control Module. The MC100 Interface
Module has been supplied in two versions; illustrations of both are shown below:
Currently Supplied MC100
Previously Supplied MC100
The above two versions of the MC100 Interface Module are the only two controllers that can be used
within Executive Order VR-201 & VR-202 EVR systems. Prior to the MC100, other controllers were
certified for use with the VP1000, such as noted within Executive Order G-70-191. When sites currently
installed per Executive Order G-70-191 are upgraded to EVR Executive Orders VR-201 & VR-202, the
VP1000 must be controlled by one of the MC100 Interface Module shown above. Use of an Interface
Module other than those shown above will result in a Notice of Violation (NOV) and penalties for use of
non-CARB approved equipment.
Please contact FFS Technical Service if you have any questions regarding this bulletin.
Thank You,
Matt Johnson
Applications Engineer
Dispensing Systems
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