Read, print or a leaflet on the Fostex UR-1

Read, print or a leaflet on the Fostex UR-1
The UR-2 is a 1 U rack size stereo audio recorder using SD card and USB storage
device that is flexibly adapting to the wide variety of playback requirements.
The UR-2 is a new generation stereo memory
recorder from Fostex that uses 2 SD cards (SDHC
compatible) and USB storage device as the recording
media. The recording/ playback file format is BWF
(WAV). Its ample playback functions will adapt to the
wide variety of playback requirements. It offers high
quality recording of up to 24bit/96kHz (in BWF
format). Employing FAT 32 disc format, it is easy to
process the file transfer to a PC based DAW. The
analog input and output are balanced XLR/+4dBu and
un-balanced RCA/-10dBV, the digital input and output
complies to AES/EBU and S/P DIF digital signal. It is
flexible to be used in the available audio system.
The playback function includes Chain Play and Timer
Play, it is suitable for live stage performance and
sound installation. In addition to the external control
via parallel remote with D-Sub 25pin and RS-232C
serial remote, a USB keyboard and 10-key keyboard
can trigger the instant playback start, which is very
useful at a live event, theater and broadcast
environments. Mic input located on the front panel
offers 48V phantom power, it can be used not only for
recording but also for speech to be mixed with
playback source. Last but not least, its newly
employed organic EL display gives an extremely clear
visibility. This combined with DC power operation, it
serves for outdoor use very well.
ýýMain Features
ýýMain Specifications
● 2 sets SD card slots and a USB host connector for alternate
recording/playback among the different media.
● Stereo or Mono WAV (BWF) recording to SD card (also SDHC)
and USB storage device
● Fs: 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz, Quantization: 16/24bit
● High speed file transfer with PC via USB 2.0 (bi-directional)
● Employing FAT32 format, it allows to directly mount the recorded
files to PC.
● It adapts to a wide variety of use environment by offering Chain
Play and Memory Play.
● Timer Play and Power ON Play enable automatic playback start
for such as chime and repetitive announcement, which are
convenient in the installation audio industry.
● The play mode list employs CSV file format so that it is easy to
edit by a text editor or spread sheet program software on PC.
● 99 Cue points with locate function. Waveform display under Scrub
mode offers easy and visual Cue point setting
● Microphone input with P48V available on the front panel. Not
only for recording but for speech to be mixed with playback
● Analog I/O with balanced XLR and un-balanced RCA pin jacks,
Digital I/O with XLR connectors
● An organic EL display offers high visibility.
● Remote transport control via Foot SW, Parallel remote pot (Dsub 25pin) and RS-232C (D-sub 9pin)
● External USB keyboard can be used not only for file name
editing but for transport control such as REC and PLAY.
Recording Times
*Approximate times in minutes
Recording media:
SD card (2 slots, SDHC, 128MB~32GB)
USB port for USB storage device (USB 2.0, Hi-speed)
44.1/48/88.2/96kHz (24bit), 44.1/48kHz (16bit)
BWF (WAV), MP3 *with future software update
24bit Delta-Sigma modulation
Approx. 94minutes (1GB SD card/16bit/44.1kHz/stereo)
Stereo or Mono
20Hz~20kHz ±2dB (44.1/48kHz)
20Hz~40kHz ±3dB (88.2/96kHz)
S/N (between ADC and DAC, 24bit, 48kHz):
Line 103dB or more (typical)
Mic (with Max gain) 85dB or more (typical)
Dynamic range:
103dB or more (typical)
Line 0.006% or less (1kHz, -1dBFS)
Mic (with Max gain) 0.01% or less (1kHz, -1dBFS)
Reference level:
-12dBFS/-20dBFS (switchable)
Sampling frequency:
Record format:
Recording time:
Recording track:
Frequency response:
Input and Output
0dBu = 0.775Vrms, 0dBV = 1.0Vrms
Analog input (INPUT L, R)
XLR 3-31, balanced (pin #2 hot)
RCA pin jack, un-balanced
Nominal input level:
+4dBu (XLR/ balanced)
-10dBV (RCA/ un-balanced)
Maximum input level:
+24dBu (-20dBFS, XLR/ balanced)
+10dBV (-20dBFS, RCA/ un-balanced)
Input impedance:
more than 10kΩ
Microphone input (MIC IN)
XLR3-31, balanced (pin #2 hot))
Nominal input level:
-56 ~ -12dBu
Maximum input level:
+7dBu (with Max gain)
Input impedance:
more than 1.5kΩ
Phantom Power:
Analog output (OUTPUT L, R)
XLR 3-32, balanced (pin #2 hot)
RCA pin jack, un-balanced
Nominal output level:
+4dBu (XLR/ balanced)
-10dBV (RCA/ un-balanced)
Maximum output level:
+24dBu (-20dBFS, XLR/ balanced)
+10dBV (-20dBFS, RCA/ un-balanced)
Load impedance:
more than 10kΩ
Digital input
XLR 3-31 (pin #2 hot)
IEC60958 (AES/EBU) or IEC60958 (S/P DIF) *Auto select
Digital output
XLR 3-32 (pin #2 hot)
IEC60958 (AES/EBU) or IEC60958 (S/P DIF)
Headphones output
φ6.3mm stereo phone jack
Maximum output:
100mW (with 32Ω load)
D-sub 9pin (RS-232C), D-sub 25pin (Parallel)
Foot SW
φ6.3mm phone jack
USB port
A type (Host, Keyboard)
B type (for PC, USB 2.0 Hi-speed)
SD card Slots:
Standard SD card slot x 2
Power requirement:
Power consumption:
482 (W) x 52 (H) x 197 (D) mm
Approx. 2.3kg (except AC adaptor)
DC12~24V, Standard AC adaptor included
XLR 4-32
Approx. 5W
In accordance with our policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.
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