Binding Systems Bindomatic Bindomatic 1000 145

Binding Systems Bindomatic Bindomatic 1000 145
Binding Systems
Bindomatic 1000
£ 145
excl. VAT
art. nr. 16150
Binder for personal use
The BINDOMATIC 1000 is a small and manually operated binder designed mainly for personal use, yet
producing the same professionally bound documents as the more advance
documents can be bound at the same time, and the practical built-in cover spine width indicator will make
sure you always use the correct size cover. Bind documents up to 120 sheets without hazzle. Binding time
is less than a minute per binding cycle in continuous binding mode.
If you need to remove, replace or add sheets, simply re-heat the binding. With the wide range of
BINDOMATIC Soft and Hard covers, your business presentations, reports, proposals, statements,
manuals etc will always look and feel as professional as the content and message of your document.
The binder includes a practical spine width indicator.
Spine width From 1,5mm to 12mm (up to 120 sheets of 80 gr/m
System Capacity Load up to 5 documents per binding cycle (~60 sec) depending on the width of the spine
Format A4 as well as any document with spine maximum length of 297mm (A5, A6, A3
Landscape etc)
Dimensions L 372 x W 104 x H 158 mm
Weight 0,9 kg
Energy Consumption 230V, 50/60Hz (max 300W at warm-up, stand-by 0W)
Pricelist valid from 01/05/2013
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