Manual 13289336

Manual 13289336
The following information has been prepared in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations in the UK and in
accordance with English law. Users should always consult the current legislation of the country concerned prior to any intended use.
DO NOT ALLOW any person under 18 years of age to handle or use these pyrotechnics.
DO NOT ALLOW open flames or sparking equipment near these devices at any time.
DO NOT SMOKE or allow smoking at any time when handling or near these pyrotechnic
DO NOT ATTEMPT to dismantle or modify these pyrotechnics in any way or use them in
any manner other than that for which they have been designed.
IT IS ESSENTIAL that a risk assessment be carried out prior to the use of these pyrotechnic
effects, taking into consideration the surrounding environment and the location of the
audience, crew and performers with respect to the effect produced by these devices at the time
of firing.
ALWAYS USE the manufacturer’s holders with these pyrotechnics. The manufacturer will
entertain no liability of any sort where their pyrotechnics are used without the correct device
Inhalation of smoke produced from the effect should be avoided. Excessive smoke inhalation may cause
respiratory irritation, difficulty in breathing, headaches, nausea and may result in vomiting. In normal use
with adequate ventilation the smoke produced should not be a problem. However any person found to be
suffering from smoke inhalation should be removed to fresh air and medical assistance sought.
DO NOT ignite these devices while holding them in the hand or inserted into any bodily
MAKE SURE all electrical circuits are isolated BEFORE connecting pyrotechnics devices to
the firing system.
In the Event of a Mis-Fire
If the device fails to fire, isolate the effect from the firing system. Check that the circuit has been
connected correctly and repeat the firing sequence. If unsuccessful disconnect the firing circuit again,
remove the device from its firing position and return to its original packaging to await disposal.
ENSURE all personnel are clear of all pyrotechnic effects BEFORE applying a test circuit.
ALWAYS ENSURE that all pyrotechnic devices can be observed from the firing position at
the point of firing to make certain that nothing has changed with regard to the location and
environment of the devices, which may cause harm or damage when fired e.g. persons too
close, scenery moved etc. In such an instance DO NOT FIRE.
PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that tests be carried out in the desired location in a safe
environment clear of personnel, to ensure that the effect produced is that required. If the
operator is unsure as to the nature of the effect produced by these devices then we recommend
that the device be tested out of doors from a distance of 8 metres, employing all relevant
safety equipment including ear defenders and safety glasses.
IF IN DOUBT about the effects produced by these products or their proper use, further
information can be sought from Le Maitre Ltd on +44 208 646 2222 (UK) or Le Maitre
Special Effects Inc. on 1-866-534-4448 (N. America) during office hours. Further Information
can also be found from the following places:-
Disney = 0.1g, Small = 0.4g, Med = 0.8 and Large = 1.2g
Device NEQ:
XI/5015/9/5 and XI/5015/9/29
HSE Reference:
Proper Shipping Name: ARTICLES PYROTECHNIC for technical purposes.
Description of Effect Produced
(Distances shown are approximate and for guidance only, they are not safety distances)
Effect Produced
Max. Height:
Max. Width:
Noise level / dB(A):
Hot Fallout:
Angle of Firing:
Additional Notes:
A semi-directional burst of small silver stars c.f. electrical fault
5ft (1.5)when fired directly upwards
10ft (3m)
Max. 69, measured at 5m indoors.
Possible, depends on positioning and orientation when fired
Disposal Instructions
Submerge in a large bucket of water and gently pierce the paper membrane to allow the water to enter the
device. Leave soaking outside in a secure area for a minimum of 48 hours then dispose of in accordance
with local regulations.
Wear gloves and a dust mask to avoid skin contact and inhalation of dust. Sweep up any loose powder
and packaging and dispose of by soaking in a large bucket of water outside in a secure area for a
minimum of 48 hours then dispose of in accordance with local regulations.
First Aid for contact with the Pyrotechnic Compositions
In case of contact with skin wash area immediately with copious amounts of water, if inhaled remove to
fresh air and if swallowed give water to drink provided person is conscious.
Storage Conditions
Store in a cool dry place, humidity should preferably be less than 70%. Avoid extreme temperatures. In
particular sub-zero temperatures where freezing and re-thaw can alter the performance of the article. A
Local Authority permit may be required for storage in bulk. The local Trading Standards Department
should be consulted for further details.
United Kingdom: - 1875 Explosives Act and all orders of council, HSG 36, Local Authorities and
the Health and Safety Executive.
North America: - NFPA 1126, ATF, and DOT.
Product Manufactured by: Le Maitre Ltd, Fourth Drove, Peterborough, England
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