Home Standby Generators with NEXUS Controller ver 2 Wiring Diagram

Home Standby Generators with NEXUS Controller ver 2 Wiring Diagram
ME-AGS-N wiring diagram – For Generac Home Standby Generators
(Nexus Controller Ver. 2 / 5-Pin Connector)
Input DC Voltage
jumper - set to
Monitored battery
bank voltage
(on 48V setting)
1 2 3 4
Gen Run Signal
(input to pin 2 must
be 10 to 40 DC volts
only while generator
is running).
It can be a generator
hour-meter, an
alternative source
shown in the manual,
or it can be
connected to wire
#14 which runs to the
fuel regulator.
(2-Wire Maintain)
Version 2 – Controller part numbers
0H6680D, 0H6680E
Harness end
of connector
Generac Remote Start Instructions
1. Open the generator lid. Set the main switch on the
generator to the OFF position.
5 amp
2. Remove the 7.5-amp fuse from the Nexus control panel.
3. Remove the front panel from the generator cabinet.
4. Disconnect the negative lead from the generator battery.
5. Look at the bottom of the Nexus control panel. Unplug the 5-pin connector from
the Nexus Control Panel by carefully releasing the latch on the side of the connector
7. Insert the lugged ends of the two white wires (Generac P/N 0J0973A see note 1)
into locations 4 and 5 of the 5-pin connector. The other ends of the wires must be
connected to pins 5 and 6 on the AGS.
12/24/48 volt
8. Plug the 5-pin connector back into the Nexus Control Panel.
9. Reconnect the negative lead to the battery.
10. Replace the front panel on the generator cabinet.
(monitored for
11. Replace the 7.5-amp control panel fuse.
gen turn on)
12. Ensure the main switch on the generator is in the OFF position.
13. Perform the following steps to enter the password and enable the two-wire start.
a) Press the escape key to display the menu screen.
b) Press the following key sequence (the password) (See Note 2):
c) Press the escape key until the menu is displayed. Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys
to navigate to the "Edit" field and then press "Enter" to display the edit menu.
d) Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to scroll through the parameters until "Remote
Start Enable" is displayed. Press "Enter" to select this parameter as the one to be
e) Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to change the display to read "Yes."
f) Press "Enter" to store the data. Remote start is now enabled.
Note 1:
3. Set the main switch on the generator to the AUTO position.
Generac P/N 0J0973A is
14. Close the generator lid. Process is now complete.
available from your local
dealer or contact Generac
[email protected]
Pin location
4 and 5
5 Pin
Gen Battery
Bottom of
Nexus Panel
Run sense will
connect to wire #14
located in pin 7 of the
18 pin connector=J8
Note 2:
Once the password has been entered and you go to the "Edit
Screen," the password will be cancelled when you exit that
screen (it can be re-entered again if necessary). The password
is not intended for distribution to everyone - please respect this.
Relay Timing for Two-Wire Mode
Relay 1
(pins 5 & 6)
Relay 3
(pins 1 & 8)
Relay 2
(pins 6 & 7)
Time to sense ‘Gen
Run’ signal
2 Min.
R2 Time
10 Sec.
Delay Time
2 Sec.
Time Between Start
2 min.
Total Start Attempts
Magnum Energy, Inc. provides this diagram to assist in the installation of the Auto-Generator Start controller. Since the use of
this diagram and the conditions or methods of installation, operation and use are beyond the control of Magnum Energy, Inc.,
we do not assume responsibility and expressly disclaim liability for loss, damage or expense arising out of the installation,
operation and use of this unit.
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