SN10 Transfer with PocketDOS
Using a Pocket PC for SN-10 Waypoint Database and Fight Log Transfers
Paul Remde
Cumulus Soaring, Inc.
It is possible to send waypoint files to the SN-10 from a Pocket PC. You can also download flight logs
from the SN-10 to the Pocket PC. That way you don't need to bring a PC to the airport. A utility called
PocketDOS can be used to run the ILEC SN-10 utility on the Pocket PC. For a description of the cables
required, please see Data Cables - For Data Transfer Only below.
Note: The procedure below has been tested a few times using an iPAQ 3970. It worked perfectly with a
medium sized flight log. At least one person has mentioned difficulty getting the procedure to work with
his older Pocket PC. Please let me know if you have any problems getting this to work. Please also let
me know if it works well for you. You can expect long delays of several minutes at certain points in the
flight log download process.
Install the PocketDOS software on your Pocket PC. It is available at
Create a directory called "SN10" on the Pocket PC. The directory can be in the Pocket PC's
internal memory or on a memory card such as an SD card or CF card. I recommend that you put
the SN10 directory in the root directory of the storage card but it would also work to put it in the
root of the My Documents directory. The procedure below assumes the SN10 directory is on the
Storage Card.
Copy your waypoint database file and the ILEC transfer utility "HL.exe" into the SN10 directory on
the Storage Card or the Pocket PC. The easiest way to copy files to the Pocket PC is to use
Microsoft ActiveSync to connect the PC to the Pocket PC and then use Windows Explorer on the
PC to copy the files to the Pocket PC. The Pocket PC is found under "My Computer/Mobile
Device/My Pocket PC/Storage Card".
Run PocketDOS
Comm port 1 must be mapped to the serial port on the bottom of the Pocket PC. To do that:
Select "Tools.Settings.Communications.COM 1:" from the PocketDOS menu on the
bottom of the screen.
Press the Next button.
Select "COM1: Serial Cable on COM1:" from the drop down list box.
Press the Next button again.
Press the Finish button. The COM port is now mapped to the connector on the bottom of
the Pocket PC.
PocketDOS sets the "C:" directory as the "Storage Card" by default.
If you created the SN10 directory in the My Documents directory on the Pocket PC you
will need to change the path for the C: drive in PocketDOS to point to the My Documents
directory. To do that select Tools.Drives.C:" from the PocketDOS menu on the bottom of
the screen and follow prompts.
To change the current directory to the SN10 directory type: "cd sn10".
Turn off the SN-10.
Connect the required cables between the SN10 and Pocket PC.
Run the transfer program on the Pocket PC by typing "HL" (lower case is OK).
Turn on the SN-10.
Follow the directions in the SN-10 manual for uploading waypoint files or downloading flight logs. You
can expect long delays of several minutes at certain points in the flight log download process.
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