LST - Instructions with RDC 700 Controller

LST - Instructions with RDC 700 Controller
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CONTROL MODULE type R80 RDC-E designed for use with NOBO Panel heaters using Series 8 controls.
RDC-E 700
Radio control module.
661 A
A Control module with a multi-zone programme control capability, switching between adjustable comfort and
economy modes of operation, with fixed frost protection and stop override capability.
KEY to Fig. 1.
1 – Comfort temperature adjustment control.
2 – Economy temperature adjustment control.
4 – Status - mode indicator light.(Red/Green)
6 – Amber operating indicator light.
8 – On / Off switch. l = On, 0 = Off.
9 – Control mode override button.
Switch the heater on with switch (8).
Set comfort temperature with control (1).
Set economy temperature with control (2).
Set the Orion Unit (EC700) into operation.
When indicator (4) is red the heater will operate in comfort mode to maintain the set temperature (1).
When indicator (4) is green the heater will operate in economy mode and maintain the set economy temp'. (2)
When indicator (4) is green but flashing the heater will only provide frost protection.
When indicator (4) is green but flashing intermittantly the heater will be in stopped mode and will give no heat.
Appropriate instructions from the Orion control unit are required to switch between above modes of operation.
When the mode of operation is either ‘Frost Protection’ or ‘Stopped’ the heater economy and comfort controls
have no effect. Override switch (9) when fitted, may be used to toggle between economy and comfort modes,
but will have no effect when the mode of operation is either ‘Frost Protection’ or ‘Stopped’.
The action of the heater’s electronic thermostat provides proportional regulation of temperature. The Amber
operating indicator light (6) will be seen to go on and off at frequent intervals as the thermostat adjusts the
amount of heat supplied to maintain room temperature. When room temperature is more than 1°C below
the thermostat set point the heater will operate continuously but during the last one degree the operation
will be proportionally reduced until the required temperature is achieved.
Switching between the operating modes is achieved by radio signals transmitted by the Orion master
control unit. Switching does not always occur immediately and a short response time should be allowed.
See separate instructions for operation of the Orion EC 700 control unit.
The heater should not be covered or things be placed on or over the heater.
Minimum clearance of 50mm from all surfaces must be maintained at all times.
The heater is fitted with an over-temperature cut-out which will switch off the heating element in the event of
the heater becoming too hot. The element will not be switched back on again until the heater has cooled.
The heater may be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
The heater may be tilted forwards on its mounting bracket for cleaning and decorating behind the heater.
Pressing the clips downward at the back of the heater will release the heater from the mounting bracket.
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Series 8 - RDC-E-700. txt - 661 A
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