SCP-240 Manual

SCP-240 Manual
SCP-240 Control Panel 804240
User’s Manual
User’s Manual
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Version 7.00
Publication Date: November 2012
The information contained in this manual is subject to change by Sierra Video
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Table of
1 Before You Begin
Warnings & Safety Regulations
Cautions (continued)
Power Supply
EMC Regulatory Notices
Delivery Damage Inspection
Factors Affecting Quality of Results
SCP Control Panel Family
1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 Installation
7 Introduction
Rack Mounting
DIP switch settings
The RS-485 Network
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Before You Begin
There are several terms and acronyms that you should become familiar with before reading
this manual. They are shown below.
The electronic switch that assigns one of the inputs on the
matrix crosspoint modules to an output.
The output of a routing switcher connected to a device that
receives signals from the output of the switcher.
Connects the signal to the destination device.
The signal that is connected to the input of the routing
Connected to the source that provides the signal to the
The command structure used on a serial bus to affect a
switch or multiple switches on the routing switcher.
Routing Switcher
Consists of one or more crosspoint modules that switch
together, or sometimes independently, to connect the
desired signals through the switcher.
Serial Port
The 9-pin RS232 connector that allow you to control the
switcher using a standard personal computer or other
external device. Sends control protocol commands in
The crosspoint array of the switcher module that selects
which input is selected to an output.
Warnings & Safety Regulations
The information in the following section provides important warnings and safety guidelines for
both the operator and service personnel. Specific warnings and cautions may be found
throughout this manual. Please read and follow the important safety precautions noting
especially those instructions relating to risk of fire, electrical shock and injury to persons.
Any instructions in this manual that require opening the equipment cover or enclosure are
intended for use by qualified service personnel only. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do
not perform any servicing other than what is contained in the operating instructions unless
you are qualified.
Heed all warnings on the unit and in the operating instructions.
Disconnect AC power before installing any options.
Do not use this product in or near water.
This product is grounded through the grounding conductor of the power cord. To avoid
electrical shock, plug the power cord into a properly wired receptacle before connecting
inputs and outputs.
Route power cords and other cables so that they are not likely to be damaged, or create a
Dangerous voltages exist at several points in this product. To avoid personal injury, do not
touch unsafe connections and components when the power is on.
To avoid fire hazard, use only the specified type, correct voltage, and current rating of fuse.
Always refer fuse replacement to qualified service personnel.
Have qualified personnel perform safety checks after any completed service
This is an FCC class A product. In a domestic environment, this product may cause radio
interference, in which case the user may be required to take necessary measures.
Use the proper AC voltage to supply power to the switcher. When installing equipment, do
not attach the power cord to building surfaces.
To prevent damage to equipment when replacing fuses, locate and correct trouble that caused
the fuse to blow before applying power.
Use only the recommended interconnect cables to connect the switcher to other frames.
Follow static precautions at all times when handling the equipment.
Cautions (continued)
Leave the side, top, and bottom of the frame clear for air convection cooling and to allow
room for cabling. Slot and openings in the frame are provided for ventilation and should not
be blocked.
Only an authorized Sierra Video technician should service the switchers. Any user who makes
changes or modifications to the unit without the expressed approval of the Sierra Video will
void the warranty.
Power Supply
The Sierra Video SCP series of control panel use a “wall mount” AC to DC adapter,
converting 120VAC to 9VDC @1A. The adapter is supplied with your control panel.
EMC Regulatory Notices
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Part 15 Information: This device complies with
Part 15 of the FCC standard rules. Operation is subject to the following conditions:
This device may not cause harmful interference
This device must accept any interference received including interference that may cause
undesirable operations.
Delivery Damage Inspection
Carefully inspect the frame and exterior components to be sure that there has been no
shipping damage. Make sure all modules are seated correctly and have not detached during
Factors Affecting Quality of Results
There are many factors affecting the quality of results when signals are transmitted from a
source to a destination.
Signal cables — Use only the best quality cables to avoid interference and degraded signal
quality and elevated noise levels.
Sockets and connectors of the sources and destinations — Use only the highest quality, since
"zero ohm" connection resistance is the target. Connectors should also match the required
impedance (75 ohm in video) to minimize return loss.
Amplifying circuitry — Must have quality performance when the desired end result is high
linearity, low distortion, and low noise.
Distance between sources and destinations — Plays a major role in the final result. For long
distances (over 15 meters) between sources and destinations, special measures should be
taken to avoid high frequency cable losses. These measures include using higher quality
cables and/or adding line cable equalizing amplifiers.
Interference from neighboring electrical appliances — these can have an adverse affect on
signal quality. Balanced audio lines are less prone to interference, but unbalanced audio
should be installed away from any main power lines, electric motors, transmitters, etc. even
when the cables are shielded.
Only an authorized Sierra Video technician can service the control panels. Any user who
makes changes or modifications to the unit without the expressed approval of the
manufacturer will void the warranty
Use the proper AC to DC adapter to supply power to the unit.
Use only the recommended interconnect cables to connect the control panel to other
SCP Control Panel Family
The SCP line of control panels requires switcher software version or newer for
programming compatibility.
The SCP series are programmable control panels using a powerful on board microprocessor
capable of handling a large database. This design manages serial communications with the
router and up to 64 SVS control panels (up to 99 in some router models). All buttons in the
SCP line are soft key. That is, every key can be programmed
The SCP panel is programmed using our free version of our Graphical Router Interface
Program TyLinx Pro or MediaNav software. The software lets you choose your panel, select
your functions and assign them to the buttons, store these settings in memory and/or copy
the configurations to multiple SCP panels.
These panels were designed to allow for maximum flexibility in the categorization of buttons. The
Shift Push is similar to the Ctrl key on the PC, which allows different functions to be performed on
the panel, such as toggling between “Alpha” and “Sort” on numerical values during a scroll
© Sierra Video
The following steps should be completed before applying power to the control panel. It is very
important that the router the control panel is connected to, be correctly configured with
names, size, etc.
It is recommended that the router names and configuration be applied the before
programming the SCP control panel; see the TyLinx Pro or Mediator manual for details.
The TyLinx Pro software can be downloaded, at no charge, from the Sierra Video web site,
Rack Mounting
Carefully inspect the control panel to ensure that there has been no shipping damage. Make
sure all shipping material is removed from the router frame.
The control panels described in this manual can be rack mounted in a standard 19" (RU) EIA
rack assembly and includes rack "ears" at the ends of the front of the frames. None of the
control panel models require spacing above or below the unit for ventilation.
To rack mount any of the control panels, simply place the unit's rack ears against the rack
rails of the rack, and insert proper rack screws through each of the holes in the rack ears.
Always rack mount the control panel prior to plugging the unit into a power receptacle or
attaching any cables.
The SCP-240 control panels are 2 rack units high, 19” wide, and 2.75” deep.
DIP switch settings
Your control panel has been configured at the factory for the settings you are most likely to need.
However, if you want to configure the control panel differently, you can do so by setting the
switches located on the processor board.
The SCP panels have 2 DIP switches that set the panel’s ID number, type, baud rate, and
memory settings. The panel is shipped with the factory defaults as indicated in the table below. ID
numbers are randomly set at the factory. If you need to change any values, follow the table
Disconnect the panel’s power and remove the rear cover to access the DIP
switches. The table below shows the settings available:
Control Panel
Dip Switch Settings Label (LB04152-00)
804112/804224 Select (S1-2):
804112 panel: S1-2 off
804224 panel: S1-2 on
804020 panel: S1-2 off
804132 panel S1-2 off
804240 panel S1-2 off*
Port speed (S1-6):
9,600 bps S1-6 off
31,250 bps S1-6 on *
Firmware Download (S1-7):
Normal Operation:
S1-7 off *
Force Wait for Download: S1-7 on
Flash Memory Erase (S1-8):
Normal Operation:
S1-8 off *
Erase Flash Memory:
S1-8 on
Panel Id (S2-1 to S2-7):
Id 0
7 off 6 off 5 off 4 off
Id 1
7 off 6 off 5 off 4 off
Id 2
7 off 6 off 5 off 4 off
Id 3
7 off 6 off 5 off 4 off
Id 4
7 off 6 off 5 off 4 off
Id 5
7 off 6 off 5 off 4 off
Id 62
7 off 6 on 5 on 4 on
Id 63
7 off 6 on 5 on 4 on
Id 99
7 on 6 on 5 off 4 off
3 off
3 off
3 off
3 off
3 on
3 on
2 off
2 off
2 on
2 on
2 off
2 off
1 off
1 on
1 off
1 on
1 off
1 on
3 on 2 on 1 off
3 on 2 on 1 on
3 off 2 on 1 on
* Factory Settings
Changing any Dip Switch causes an automatic reset after a few seconds.
Each panel in a system MUST have its own unique ID number.
The RS-485 Network
Once the panels DIP switch settings are compatible with the system (i.e. each panel has its
own unique ID number), the panel can be connected to the RS-485 network.
The panel has two mini XLR connectors. The mating connectors used are Switchcraft TA3F.
If these are not available locally, they can be purchased from Sierra Video.
The cable entry hole into these connectors is quite small and we have found that Belden
8451 cable fits quite well through the strain relief.
The pinout of the connector is as follows:
Pin 1………RS-485 +
Pin 2………Ground
Pin 3………RS-485 –
The two connectors on the back of the control panel are connected in parallel. This allows the
panels to be looped (“daisy chained”) together. If it is more convenient, you can build a fanout
panel or box so that only one cable needs to run to each panel. In either case, the total cable
length cannot exceed 5,000 feet at 31,250 baud or 10,000 feet at 9,600 baud.
9 vdc
Once the DIP switch settings have been set to your system requirements, connect the
panel’s control cable (RS-485) to the router and apply power to the panel.
Upon power up the panel will display a series messages. The first message displayed will
read “Power On Tests Successful” followed by “Starting Application Please Wait…”.
The next message displayed will read “Contacting Router, Please Wait…” on the top row.
The bottom row reads “804240” (the panel’s part number) “ID:xx” (the panel’s ID number)
“Speed:xxxxx” (panel port speed) “Sftwr: Vx.xx” (current software version).
* If the display stays on the “Contacting Router…” message, it is an indication that there is
no communication with the router. Check the RS-485 cable for correct connection.
If communication with the router is correct the panel will display the following message,
“Sorting Router I/O Names… Please Wait…” at this point the panel is retrieving the input
and output names from the router’s processor.
If the router name, number of inputs or outputs is different than what is stored in the panel’s
flash memory, the message “Router Name or Size changed Erasing Flash, Resetting
Panel…” is displayed.
After these initial functions are complete, the panel will display its main control screen. The
panel is now ready for programming.
Each panel in a system MUST have its own unique ID number.
The Sierra Video TyLinx Pro or MediaNav software programs are used to setup the output(s)
and level of the control panel. Refer to the TYLINX PRO or MediaNav manual for detail on
panel programming.
A. General
Buyer assumes all responsibility for ascertaining the suitability of Sierra Video (hereinafter
"SVS") products for Buyer's intended use. No product sold by SVS is designed or
manufactured for use in any manner or under any conditions other than those described in
SVS's instruction manuals and other printed material for each particular product. If any
product is used or applied in a manner or under conditions not specifically authorized by such
written materials or if any product is used by unqualified or improperly trained personnel,
Buyer agrees that SVS shall have no liability of any kind arising from such use, and Buyer
agrees to indemnify and hold SVS harmless from any claims of third parties arising from such
use, and Buyer shall provide SVS with counsel of SVS's choice to defend against such
B. Limited Warranty
1. This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. This
limited warranty begins on the date of purchase and will be in effect for seven (7) years for
new equipment and for three (3) years for "Factory Refurbished" equipment. Power Supplies
and fans are warranted for three (3) years from the date of purchase for new equipment and
two (2) years for “Factory Refurbished” units, from the date of purchase.
Buyer must obtain a Return Material Authorization ("RMA") number from SVS prior to
returning a product for repair. If, in SVS' sole discretion, the product is found to be defective
during the term of this warranty, SVS will at its option: (a) provide free replacement parts,
and/or (b) repair the unit at an SVS facility. During the warranty period, SVS will make every
reasonable effort to support critical emergencies by supplying no-cost loan equipment while
the defective unit is being repaired. SVS will provide replacement parts and/or factory
service at no charge. Buyer bears the cost of shipping products returned to SVS under this
warranty. SVS will bear the cost of shipping repaired products or replacement parts to the
This limited warranty shall not apply to any of SVS's goods which have been altered or which
have been subjected to misuse, mishandling, improper storage or negligence. The
aforementioned provisions do not extend the original warranty period of any goods which
have been replaced by SVS. This limited warranty shall not apply to any goods not of SVS's
manufacture, Buyer to be entitled only to the warranty set forth in the original manufacturer's
limited warranty.
SVS neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for SVS any other liabilities
in connection with the sale of products of its own manufacture.
2. SVS's liability hereunder on any claim of any kind, except as set forth herein for any loss,
injury to person or property or damage, shall in no case exceed the price allocable to the
goods which give rise to such claim.
3. In no event shall SVS be liable for any damages or injuries to person or property if any
goods do not meet the above limited warranty, including, without limitation, incidental
expenses or consequential or special damages, except as set forth in such limited warranty.
The foregoing states the exclusive remedy of Buyer and the exclusive liability of SVS for any
breach of the foregoing limited warranty.
C. Cancellation
Except as provided in paragraph B immediately above, all sales are final, and Buyer may
cancel this order or return products only upon written consent of SVS.
D. General
In the event of a breach of any of the terms hereof, the non-breaching party shall be entitled
to recover all of its costs, fees, and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable
attorney's fees, from the breach party incurred as a result of such breach, regardless of
whether or not a suit is actually filed to enforce the terms hereof.
The provision hereof shall be governed by the laws of the State of California (excluding its
choice of law provisions).
The headings are for convenience only and do not limit or amplify the terms and provisions
In case any one or more of the provisions set forth herein shall be held to be invalid, illegal, or
unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining
provisions contained herein shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.
No waiver, alteration, or modification of any of the provisions hereof shall be binding unless in
writing and signed by an authorized Officer of SVS.
All products returned to SVS for service must have prior approval. Return authorization requests
may be obtained from your SVS dealer.
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