BP-8U (8 Amp-hour battery pack)
System Engineering International
BP-8U Battery Pack
The BP-8U is an external battery pack,
designed for use with the SEI DP and
SEI PoweRack series of compact 48
Vdc telecom power supplies. The BP8U may also be used with legacy
Lucent/AT&T 1145 systems.
The BP-8U’s microprocessor-based
controller monitors charge status and
automatically performs a periodic
battery test to guarantee the holdover
capability of the pack. Additional features include a Manual Battery Test Switch and LED indicators for
Battery Charge Status and the Battery Test Status.
The BP-8U contains four 12 volt, 8 Amp-hour sealed lead acid batteries connected in series to provide a
nominal 48 V dc. The internal battery pack is replaceable. A panel-mounted fuse protects the output.
The BP-8U can be used to add additional backup time or replace dead batteries. Up to three BP-8Us can
be connected in parallel for a total capacity of 24 amp hours.
The BP-8U is mountable either on a wall or on 19" racks. Mounting brackets for 23" or 25" racks may be
ordered as options.
Ordering Information
Model #
Dimensions (W" x D" x H")
8 amp hour external battery pack
19 x 5 x 6.25
Technical Specifications
Nominal Output Voltage: 48 Vdc
Maximum Output Current: 6.25 A max.
Recommended Charge Voltage: 54.0-55.2 Vdc
Rated Capacity: 8 Amp-hours
Temperature: -20° C to +40° C
Humidity: 95% non-condensing
LED Indicators
User Interface
Battery Charge Status:
Constant Green – Fully Charged
Flashing Green – Charging
Battery Test Status:
Constant Green – Battery Good
Fast Flash Red – Wait, Then Test
Slow Flash Red – Replace Battery
Manual Battery Test Switch – Push to Test
NOTE: The Manual Battery Test switch is disabled when the
battery is charging. Also, to prevent unnecessary battery
discharge, the Manual Battery Test is disabled for 5 minutes
following a Battery Test. In both cases, the Wait, Then Test
indication is displayed.
Optimum battery life will be achieved if the unit is operated at a
temperature of 25° C.
To Order Contact ISDN Sales at 1-800-765-4734
Visit us on the web at www.seipower.com
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