USING YOUR PDT 300 Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer

USING YOUR PDT 300 Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer
USING YOUR PDT 300 Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer
Response time better than 6 seconds
Meets FDA guidelines to test thin foods with a 1.6 mm tip
°F/°C switchable
Slim profile fits flat in pocket
Data hold to freeze a reading
Withstands constant use in wet or humid conditions
BioCote® antimicrobial protection
Field calibratable
Range: -58 to +300ºF; -50 to +150ºC
Accuracy: ±2ºF, ±1ºC
Battery type: LR44, 1.5V button cell
Your rugged, lightweight, easy-to-use-and-store thermometer
will allow you to cook food to pasteurization temperatures
without overcooking. Your meats, poultry, fish, and seafood
entrees will be juicy and tender, yet safe to eat. You can
measure the temperature of your casseroles and vegetable
dishes with accuracy to determine if they have been
pasteurized and are at a safe eating temperature.
Your thermometer is powered by a 1.5-volt replaceable photoelectronic battery and Its operating life is approximately one
year. It can measure temperatures from -58 to 300ºF. It is
accurate to within 2ºF, and it gives readings to the first decimal
How to measure temperature
In order to measure the temperature of your food item, push the
ON/OFF button to activate the digital reading window. Insert
the tip of the thermistor about 1/2 inch so that the food
surrounds the tip's sensing area. Aim for what you think would
be the coldest part of the food being cooked (or if you are
checking your cooling, the warmest part of the food). This is
typically the center inside the thickest part
of the food. Slowly push through the food.
You will see the temperature decrease as
you pass through the surface to the center,
where you will see the lowest reading. As
you continue through the center, the
temperature will increase. Read the lowest
center temperature when cooking to
pasteurize a food.
If your food is thin, such as a chicken
breast, you can insert the tip at a 45º
angle to make sure that the sensing part is
surrounded by food and that the tip does
not touch the pan, if the food is cooked in
a pan.
If you want to HOLD the temperature that you have measured,
push the D-H button, and the thermometer will hold the
temperature reading. The temperature on the dial will flash for
this function. By holding the reading, you can remove the
thermometer from the food and still read the food temperature.
Push it again, and the thermometer is ready to take another
temperature measurement. Push the ON/OFF button again
when you wish to turn it off.
Cleaning your thermometer
When you are finished measuring the temperature of a food,
and before measuring the temperature of another food, wash
the tip with soap and hot water, removing any food particles.
Do not immerse. This could damage the reading window. Rinse
and air dry before putting it back into its plastic sleeve. Wipe
the casing and sleeve with a clean, damp cloth to remove any
If you intend to measure the temperature of a food more than
once or the temperature of several food items, wash and rinse
the probe in between uses to avoid possible cross-contamination
of microorganisms from one food to another food.
It is now possible to calibrate the PDT300 thermometer in the field using 32ºF slush ice. Note, because of the linear
characteristics of the PDT300, if it is calibrated to 32ºF, it will be within 2ºF of all temperatures from –58° to +300ºF.
1. Make slush ice. Get at least an 8-oz. container.
2. Crush / grind enough ice to fill the container. Do not use uncrushed ice such as ice cubes.
3. Add tap water to about 1 inch of the top. Do not have water above the level of the ice.
4. Immerse the tip of the thermometer at least 1 inch below the level of the water in the slush ice.
5. Wait for the reading to become stable, normally ±2ºF of 32ºF.
6. Press and hold the D-H key for 8 seconds to begin calibration.
7. CAL will be displayed for 2 seconds, and calibration at 32ºF is completed.
8. Remove the thermometer from the ice water and continue to take measurements.
NOTE: CAL will be displayed any time the D-H key is pressed for 8 seconds. The thermometer will not be recalibrated to the slush ice value
of 32ºF unless the tip is inserted in the ice slush, the D-H key is pressed, and the CAL is displayed. If the CAL is not carried out correctly, the
thermometer simply assumes the factory calibration of 32ºF, ±2ºF.
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