FPB-201 Fiber Demarcation Box
FPB-201 Fiber Demarcation Box
AFL has designed a cost effective solution for a protecting the passive demarcation of
premise fibers. The FPB-201 is injection molded with an integral fiber retention system
allowing for quick installation and a positive lock strain relief for most premise fiber cable.
This device allows for the indoor and protected outdoors interconnect of up to 2 standard
SC adapters in a protected white plastic enclosure to blend in most premise environments.
Features and Benefits
• Compact size takes up less wall space for installation
• Thin profile prevents accidental damage in congested installations
• Molded inner slack storage area insures minimum bend radius preventing micro bends
and unnecessary loss or fiber damage
• No additional tie wraps or clamps needed due to integral positive lock strain relief
• Inner tray retains up to two fusion or mechanical splice sleeves
• Accepts standard SC connectors SCA or SCU
• Protects fiber connection from accidental contamination or movement allowing long term
preservation of connection in hostile environments
• Cost effective passive solution protects each connection without driving project over budget
• Key-hole, three screw mounting allows two of three screws to be leveled and pre installed
• Two locations available for splice and connector to reside allows flexible installation and up
to two splices if needed
• Removable sliding cover for easy access to complete box in congested locations
Dimensions (mm)
7.9” x 4.5”W x 1.2”D (200 × 115 × 30)
Weight (g)
7 oz (200)
Cable count
2 max.
Cable Types
Most premise (floor) cables
Connection Type
Fusion splice, mechanical splice or SC connector
Ordering Information
Injection molded fiber demarcation box for up to 2 fibers.
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