Technické údaje

Technické údaje
Five-point safety belts to secure 1 or 2 children;
Central safety belt setting in case 1 child is carried (child must be seated in the middle)
Steel roll bar, tested up to 150 kg (330 lbs.) in case of overturn – Passed car crash tests
Low center of gravity preventing overturns in case the cyclist falls
Honeycomb sturdy plastic frame (an exclusive Bellelli patent)
Perforated footrest compartment for water drainage
Double security device anchoring system with two strapped-down mechanisms (for bike
and trailer), can be easily and quickly switched to a second family bike
Front bumper wheels protection
Waterproof and easy-to-wash nylon canopy, front anti-bug mesh plus waterproof
transparent screen (both roll-up and Velcro secured)
Velcro secured sunroof with anti-bug mesh
Wide and deep back pocket: max weight 5 kg – 11 lbs.
Safety signalling: white front reflectors, 2 yellow side reflectors on each wheel and red
back reflector. E1 and STVZO approved reflectors
Battery operated, E1 and STVZO approved, red backlight,
Triangular orange safety flag – Fiberglass rod
Foldable canopy and chassis with side security latches
Push-button, swiftly-on/swiftly-off wheels
Connecting tow arm folds under the frame
Maximum number of passengers
Maximum weight
Weight at no load
Maximum allowed passengers’ weight
Dimensions when folded
59.5 kg - 131.9 lbs.
14.5 kg – 31.9 lbs.
45 kg – 100 lbs.
90 cm – 35.4” with tow arm folded under the frame
98 cm – 38.5” without safety flag
79 cm – 31”
30x80x90 cm – 11.8”x31.5”x35.4”
 Frame: Polypropylene
 Shaft: Steel
 Roll bar: Steel
 Canopy tubular frame: Aluminum
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