Manual 13293739

Manual 13293739
Live Streaming with Wirecast: Worship Edition
Training Your Volunteers to
Stream Your Services Live
Stephen Heywood
Wirecast Support Services
§  Stephen has been broadcasting for more
than 8 years, using some of today’s most
widely used gear.
§  He is also an Assistant Pastor and Media
Director for his church
§  Has been using Wirecast for nearly 7
What You’ll Learn in this Webinar
This webinar assumes that you have created a Wirecast document (or “show” document), and
you want to train volunteers to use that document to switch a live show.
§  What is Wirecast?
§  How to give your volunteers an overview of the Wirecast user interface
§  Train your volunteers to:
§  Switch between live shots
§  Add titles
§  Start and stop recording
§  Send your stream to your CDN
§  Troubleshoot
What is Wirecast?
§  All-in-one live streaming production software
§  Lower thirds, Chroma Key, transitions…
§  Hymns, Psalms, worship slides…
§  Works with existing worship software
(EasyWorship, Pro Presenter, etc.)
§  Mac and PC
§  Extensive camera support
§  Stream your computer desktop
§  Stream to multiple destinations & record
Video demo:
How to train your volunteers
Review: Steps to train your volunteers
§  Open a prepared Wirecast document
§  Review the Wirecast User Interface
§  Show layers and explain how to switch
between shots
§  Show how to add layered shots (with lower
thirds or logos + cameras)
§  Show how to start streaming and recording
§  Tips on troubleshooting
Launching Wirecast
§  Locate the document or
Application icon and click on it.
The Wirecast User Interface
Preview Window
Live Window
Master Layers
Blank Shots
shortcut buttons
Go button
Main Audio Output
(Master mute)
Headphone button
(Line out mute)
Stream button
Record button
What are “Master Layers”?
§  5 Master Layers: Like a
stack of papers, Layer 1
displays on top of Layer
2, etc.
§  Shots on different layers
can be seen at the same
time or obscured by
upper layers
§  Red LED indicates shot is
§  An excellent way to add
and remove objects or
elements in your
Switching shots
§  1. Select your shot
§  2. Choose your transition §  3. Click the arrow to make it
Adding titles to shots
§  1. Choose your camera
§  2. Choose your title or
lower third (on a different
§  3. Choose your transition
§  4. Press Go/Live button
How to start and stop recording
§  Click the “Record” button
Sending your stream to your Content Delivery Network
§  Click the “Stream” button
1. Frames per Second
2. CPU usage
3. Bandwidth
§  If your video looks choppy make
sure to take a look at these three
§  If you’re getting buffering on the
stream (a stuttering effect) Check
these three things
§  I try and keep my CPU around
65-70% for best results
§  Make sure your FPS (frames per
second) are holding steady.
About Wirecast
§  Launched in 2004
§  The market leading streaming software!
• Product of choice for popular CDN’s. World’s
largest CDN’s rely on Wirecast for their live
streaming production
§  Award Winning: Streaming Media Readers’
Choice award winner for 3 years running
§  Easy to use: Church volunteers can be trained to
operate in just a few minutes.
§  Flexible: Doesn’t restrict you to stream to one
proprietary CDN.
• Over 200+ presets for major streaming
servers, CDN’s and streaming services.
• Stream and record at the same time
Resources to Support Houses of Worship
§  E-book:
• Church Broadcasting on a Budget
§  Case studies
• Shiloh Ministries
• Phillips Street Church of Christ
• Van Buren First Assembly of God
§  Webinars
• Church Broadcasting Setups for any Budget
• Streaming Solutions to Reach your Online Congregation
Go to:!
§  This webinar was designed with your volunteers in mind. Taking into account that your
media director/media pastor has utilized our tools on learning Wirecast, read the
manual, and has setup Wirecast. §  We’ve reviewed how to give the volunteer enough training to run and operate Wirecast
until they feel comfortable enough with the program to learn more in depth changes
and editing, which will be covered in a later webinar. More Information
§  Get started with Wirecast! Download a free trial:
• 10% non-profit discount:
§  Register for more webinars in the Live Streaming with Wirecast: Worship Edition Series:
• Aug 20: Beyond the Basics – Produce High Quality Broadcasts of Your Services
• Sept 10: Beyond the Service – Broadcast Your Special Events
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