Technical Specifications
Input voltage
 rated voltage: AC 100.240 V, 50...60Hz
Power Supply Unit
PS00C01KNX (160mA)
Product and Applications Description
The power supply unit PS00C01KNX provides the system
power necessary for the instabus EIB. The connection to the
bus line is established by clicking the device onto the DIN-rail
(with a data rail installed) and/or via the bus connection block
located on the front side.
The integrated choke prevents the data telegrams from
shortcircuiting on the bus line. When the built-in reset switch is
operated (operation > 20s), the bus devices are returned to
their initial state.
For each bus line, at least one power supply unit
PS00C01KNX is needed. Up to two power supply units may be
attached to a single bus line.
A second unit is not required unless the supply voltage at a
bus device is less than 21 V. The cable length between the two
power supply units must be at least 200 m.
When more than 30 bus devices are installed in short bus cable distance (e.g. 10 m), e.g. in distribution boards, the power
supply unit PS00C01KNX should be arranged near these bus
devices. The distance between power supply unit
PS00C01KNX and any of its bus devices must not exceed 350
The power supply unit PS00C01KNX has a voltage and current
regulation and is therefore short-circuit proof. Short power failures can be bridged with a backup interval of approximately
200 ms.
To ensure an uninterrupted power supply a separate circuit
with safety separation should be used for the power supply unit
PS00C01KNX’s power supply line.
Rated power intake
approx. 24 VA
Output voltage
 rated voltage: DC 30 V
 safety extra low voltage (SELV)
 permissible range: DC 28 ... 31 V
Output current
- rated current :
160 mA PS00C01KNX
 The device may be built into distribution boards
(230/400V) together only with appropriate VDE-devices.
 The device must be mounted and commissioned by an
authorized electrician.
 Free DIN rail areas with sticked-in data rails must be
covered with covers.
 A safety disconnection of the device must be possible.
 The prevailing safety rules must be heeded.
 The device must not be opened.
 For planning and construction of electric installations, the
relevant guidelines, regulations and standards of the respective country are to be considered.
Backup interval
on input voltage failure: approx. 200 ms at rated current
 mains connection:
max 2,5 mm² cross sections:
 bus line:
pressure contacts on data rail,
screwless extra low voltage terminal (
0,6 ... 0,8 mm
 output voltage (no choke) :
screwless extra low voltage terminal (yellow-white)
0,6 ... 0,8 mm
Physical specifications
 dimensions: DIN-rail mounted device,
width: 4 SU (1 SU = 18 mm)
 weight: approx. 240 g
Electrical safety
The power supply unit PS00C01KNX can supply DC 30 V
power from an additional pair of terminals (yellow-white).
 protection (according to EN 60529): IP 20
Application Programs
Environmental specifications
Requires no application programs.
Installation Instructions
 The device may be used for permanent interior installations in dry locations within distribution boards or small casings with DIN rail EN 60715-TH35-7,5.
 ambient temperature operating: - 5 ... + 45 C
 storage temperature: - 25 ... + 70 C
 relative humidity (non-condensing): 5 % to 93 %
Location and Function of the Display and
Operator Elements
Mounting and Wiring
General description
The device can be installed to system distribution boards,
surface or flush mounted, or to any DIN-rail.
General Notes
 Any faulty devices should be returned to the local
Eelectron office.
 If you have further questions about the product, please
contact our Technical Support.
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