Fosroc Nitobond HAR TDS

Fosroc Nitobond HAR TDS
Fosroc® Nitobond HAR
Polymer emulsion bonding agent
Wash all equipment with clean water immediately after use.
Nitobond HAR is the recommended primer for the Renderoc
cementitous repair system.
Do not use Nitobond HAR when the temperature is below
5°C and falling.
„„ Single component - no site mixing
„„ Easy to use - ready to use straight from container
„„ High bond strength - excellent bond strength between
Renderoc systems and concrete
Nitobond HAR:
1 litre tin
5 litre tin
20 litre drums
„„ Cost effective - economical in use
Nitobond HAR is a single component polymer emulsion
system designed as a bonding agent for Renderoc repair
As primer
Nitobond HAR:
4 - 6 m²/litre
Technical Support
Shelf life
Parchem offers a technical support package to specifiers,
end-users and contractors, as well as on-site technical
Store in dry conditions at 5°C-25°C. Shelf life is 12 months if
stored in dry conditions. Protect from frost.
Application Instructions
All surfaces should be clean and free from dust and
The substrate should be thoroughly soaked with clean water
and any excess removed prior to applying one coat of
Nitobond HAR primer and scrubbing it well into the surface.
The Renderoc mortar can be applied as soon as the primer
becomes tacky. If the Nitobond HAR is too wet, overhead
and vertical build-up of the Renderoc mortar may be difficult.
If the Nitobond HAR primer dries before the application of the
Renderoc mortar, the area must be re-primed before
proceeding. In exceptional circumstances, e.g. where a
substrate/repair barrier is required or where the substrate is
wet or likely to remain permanently damp, Nitobond EP
bonding aid should be used. Contact your local Parchem
sales office for further information.
Note: Nitobond HAR primer is generally not used when
spraying Renderoc mortars.
May 2013
PC: 322070
PC: 322080
PC: 322065
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Fosroc® Nitobond HAR
Important notice
A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Technical Data Sheet (TDS) are available from the Parchem website or upon request from the nearest Parchem sales office. Read the SDS and TDS carefully
prior to use as application or performance data may change from time to time. In emergency, contact any Poisons Information Centre (phone 13 11 26 within Australia) or a doctor for advice.
Product disclaimer
This Technical Data Sheet (TDS) summarises our best knowledge of the product, including how to use and apply the product based on the information available at the time. You should read
this TDS carefully and consider the information in the context of how the product will be used, including in conjunction with any other product and the type of surfaces to, and the manner in
which, the product will be applied. Our responsibility for products sold is subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale. Parchem does not accept any liability either directly or indirectly for
any losses suffered in connection with the use or application of the product whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification, recommendation or information given by it.
*Manufactured and sold under license from Fosroc International
Limited. Fosroc and the Fosroc logo are trade marks of Fosroc
International Limited, used under license. *Denotes a trade mark of
Fosroc International Limited.
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