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Thank you for purchasing an
Please read these instructions for information
about using the product correctly and safely.
Keep the instructions handy for future reference.
To ensure successful recordings, we recommend that you test the
record function and volume before use.
• The contents of this document may be changed in the future without advanced notice.
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Safety precautions
• Do not disassemble, repair or modify the unit yourself.
• Keep young children and infants away from the Directrec. Winding the cable
around the neck could cause accidental strangulation.
• Disconnecting the cable while the Directrec is recording/deleting could
damage the unit making it unusable.
• Do not leave the Directrec in places where it could be exposed to high
humidity, high temperature or direct sunlight, like inside a vehicle.
• Do not store the Directrec in humid or dusty environments.
• If the Directrec is wet, wipe it immediately with a dry cloth. Salt water can
be particularly dangerous.
• Do not use alcohol or lacquer thinner to clean the unit.
Safety precautions
• Do not cover the Directrec with sand or mud, since the unit could receive an
irreparable damage.
• Do not subject the Directrec to severe shocks or vibrations.
• Leaving magnetic cards near the Directrec’s speaker may lead to unusual
behaviors of the data stored in the card.
Main features
This product is equipped with the following features.
s New design and location of buttons enable single-handed control without ever
having to visually check the placement of buttons. Directrec fits easily into your
hand providing effortless control coupled with superb dictation experience.
s Rated with DNS Score 6 (highest rate), Directrec is the perfect device for speech
s Equips a directional microphone that avoids undesired background noise and allows clear
and precise recordings.
s You can choose your own button placement since all the buttons are fully customizable.
s USB Audio Device Directrec, can be used as a USB microphone or USB speaker
when connected to a PC. In addition a powerful built-in speaker provides hifidelity acoustic playback.
s Directrec can save a recording as a file on a PC in PCM format.
Operating environment
Make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements listed below.
Please check with your system administrator or your Olympus Professional Dealer.
Operating System:
Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (32bit/64bit)
Microsoft® Windows Vista® Ultimate/Enterprise/Business Service Pack 1 (32bit/64bit)
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Ultimate Professional (32bit/64bit)
At least meeting the minimum requirements for the operating system in use
USB port:
One or more free ports
Operating System:
Mac OS X 10.4.11 - 10.6
At least meeting the minimum requirements for the operating system in use
USB port:
One or more free ports
Identification of parts
1Built-in microphone
2Recording three color LED (red,
green and blue)
3Volume down button
4NEW button
5REW (Rewind) button
6LEFT button
7F1 (Function 1) button
8F2 (Function 2) button
9Slide REC (Record)/STOP/PLAY/
REV (Review) switch
0Insert Recording LED (green)
!Volume up button
@Insert / Overwrite button
#FF (Fast Forward) button
%RIGHT button
^F4 (Function 4) button
&F3 (Function 3) button
*Built-in speaker
(USB cable
)BACK button
-REC button
=PLAY/PAUSE button
qBarcode slot
Connecting to your PC
The Directrec can be used as a USB speaker or microphone when connected
to a PC. If you use the Directrec as a USB speaker, you can output voice through the
Directrec instead of using the PC speaker.
When used as a microphone, you can record voice on your PC using your favorite
Connecting to your PC using the USB
Disconnecting from your PC
1 Disconnect the Directrec USB
cable from your PC USB port or
USB hub.
• Go to the Windows [start] menu,
→[Control Panel]→[Sounds and
Multimedia] and then select [��������
Open the [Audio] window������������
and select
USB Audio Device as the setting
for “Sound Playback” and “Sound
1 Connect the Directrec USB cable
directly into the USB port or USB
hub of your PC.
• Go to the Macintosh [Apple menu],
→[System Preferences] and then
select [Sound].�����������
the [Sound]
window ����������������������������
and select USB Audio Device
as the setting for “������������
” and
• Some PCs and USB hubs may not supply
sufficient power and the Directrec fails to
connect. Refer to your PC User’s Manual
regarding the USB port or USB hub on
your PC.
• When using a USB hub to connect the
Directrec, always use a self-powered (AC
adapter) USB hub.
• Never disconnect the USB code while the
record/play indicator light is flashing. If
you do, the data will be destroyed.
4 Recording format:
PCM 16bit 44.1kHz mono
4 Input level:
— 70 dBv
4 External dimensions:
155 mm × 44.5 mm × 32.5 mm (without
4 Weight:
XX g (DR-1200), XX g (DR-2100), XX g (DR2200), XX g (DR-2300)
4 Microphone frequency response:
4 Speaker acoustic frequency
4 Cable length:
4 Plug shape:
4 Output power:
USB connector A type
300 mW (8Ω speaker)
Technical assistance and support
The following is contact information for technical support for Olympus Directrec only.
s Technical Hotline Number in the U.S. and Canada
s User Support E-mail address in the U.S. and Canada
[email protected]
s Technical Hotline Number in Europe
Toll free number: 00800 67 10 83 00
available for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg,
Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Charged numbers for the Rest of Europe
+ 49 180 567 1083
+ 49 40 23773 4899
s User Support E-mail address in Europe
[email protected]
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