D.T.Systems H20 1850 PLUS Owner's manual

D.T.Systems H20 1850 PLUS Owner's manual
H2O Series
Electronic Dog Trainer
Owner’s Manual
H2O 1810 Series
H2O 1820 Series
H2O 1830 Series
H2O 1850 Series
Table of Contents .................................. 3
Introduction............................................ 4
Package Contents ................................. 5
Model Features ..................................... 6
Adjusting and Positioning
Your Collar for Proper Fit ...................... 7
Parts and Functions .............................. 8
Batteries ................................................ 13
Setting Intensity Levels ......................... 14
Programming/Testing ............................ 16
Important Safety Notes.......................... 18
Maintenance.......................................... 19
Warranty................................................ 20
FCC Compliance ................................... 22
Contact Information ............................... 24
Congratulations and thank you for purchasing our
H2O Series TM Training Collar. The H2O series
represents the absolute latest technological
advancement in the Electronic Dog Training World.
It offers Maxx-Range™, the industry’s only
internally woven antenna in the collar. With up to a
one mile range, they are perfect for hunting, basic
obedience and professional training. H2O series
collars feature Sixteen levels of stimulation
intensity, with an easy ‘no-look’ clicking intensity
selection dial. Easy one hand operation allows for
maximum control and safety. Each model includes
both Constant and Momentary “Nick” stimulation.
Additional features include Positive Vibration, Jump
stimulation, Rise stimulation, and a beeper with
Locate, Run/Point and Point only modes. The
transmitter and collars are both 100% waterproof,
and the collar can be worn even when the dog is
submerged. The H2O Series Dog Training Collar is
durable, safe and very humane when used
correctly. The automatic safety shut-off feature
stops the stimulus on both the transmitter and the
receiver to prevent accidental or prolonged
Thanks again for choosing D.T. Systems for your
dog training needs.
Please read this owner’s manual in its entirety
before operating this unit. Should you have any
questions about our collars or their operation
please contact our Customer Service department
(see back page for address and phone number
• Transmitter
• Collar Receiver (two for each 2 dog model, three
for each 3 dog model)
4” Antenna for the Transmitter
Rechargeable Batteries for both the Collar and
Battery Charger
Splitter Cable for simultaneous charging
Test Light
Owner’s Manual
Carrying Case
Digital Technology
One mile range trainer
Lightweight, waterproof collar and transmitter
16 adjustable intensity levels of Momentary
(‘Nick’) Stimulation, and Constant Stimulation
Rechargeable Ni-MH battery system
Gentle Touch System™ Extra Mild Stimulation
MAXX-Range™ Invisible, Embedded Collar
Built in safety shut-off system
All models available in two and three dog
Positive Vibration (H2O 1820,1822, & 1823 only)
NEW Jump feature allows you to instantly “jump”
to a predetermined intensity level (H2O 1830,
1832 & 1833 only)
NEW Rise feature gradually increases
stimulation level the longer you hold down the
“Rise” button (H2O 1830, 1832 & 1833 only)
Three beeper functions - Locate, Run/Point,
Point only (H2O 1850, 1852 & 1853 only)
Baritone beeper easier to hear and easier on the
dog (H2O 1850, 1852 & 1853 only)
Proper collar tightness and position
are very important to insure safety
and correct functioning every time
you use the collar.
• All electronic collars need to be
very snug to work properly.
They must be just tight enough
to allow the “prongs” or
electrodes to make good skin
If your collar is too loose, the stimulation may not
work properly because good skin contact is not
being achieved. This can directly affect the
stimulation performance and whether or not the dog
will receive the stimulation. Always check for good
“prong” contact if it appears that your dog is not
responding to the stimulation.
A loose collar can promote skin irritation from
moving or rubbing too much on a dog’s neck while
they are running or training. The proper snug fit will
help prevent this from occurring.
Proper fit of the collar is important. It should be tight
enough on the dog’s neck to make good skin
contact and allow the dog to breath normally. The
collar should never be so tight on the dog’s neck
that it restricts the dog’s normal breathing pattern.
For proper positioning of your collar receiver box, it
should be placed on the center of the dog’s neck.
Indicator Light
Intensity Dial
Momentary ‘Nick’
#1 (Function
varies according
to model)
#2 (Function varies
according to model)
(Multiple dog transmitter shown)
Collar Receiver
Turning the Unit On:
Press and hold the On/Off button on the Collar Receiver.
The Red LED Indicator will light solidly for two seconds.
Continue holding the Button until the Red light goes off.
The unit is now On. The LED Indicator will now flash
approximately every two seconds. (Note: The
Transmitter is always in a permanent sleep state. It is
only On when a button is being pressed, and does not
need to be turned off by the user).
Turning the Unit Off:
When you are ready to shut the unit off, simply press and
hold the On/Off button for three seconds. The Red LED
indicator will again light solidly for two seconds. Hold the
Button until the light goes off. The Unit is now Off.
Intensity Selection Dial
The intensity selection dial allows
you to choose between sixteen
different levels of stimulation,
allowing for very precise control.
Transmitter Indicator Light
When one of the push button switches on the
transmitter is pushed, the RED light will turn on to
indicate that the transmitter is being operated. When
the battery needs charging the RED light will blink
once every 1/2 second while holding the continuous
stimulation button.
Transmitter Antenna
Be very careful when screwing the 4” antenna into the
transmitter. Hand tighten only. Over tightening could
cause damage to the antenna or the antenna mount.
Momentary and Continuous Stimulations
Pressing the upper button causes the collar to
administer a Momentary Stimulation or ‘Nick’.
Pressing the lower button gives the Continuous
Stimulation. These two buttons are the same on
every model of the H2O series.
Multiple Dog Model Selection Switch
(H2O 1812/1813/1822/1823/1832/1833/1852/1853)
Switching between units can be controlled by moving
the toggle selection switch to the desired unit.
Vibration Buttons
(H2O 1820/1822/1823)
Pressing the button on the left (#1) of the transmitter
causes the collar to vibrate. Pressing the button to the
right (#2) of the transmitter causes the collar to vibrate
for 1/2 second. After 1/2 second, continuous stimulation will be applied simultaneously with the Positive
Jump Button
(H2O 1830/1832/1833)
Pressing the button on the left (#1) of the transmitter
causes the collar to administer a ‘Jump’ Stimulation.
This feature allows you to instantly “jump” to a predetermined intensity level (see p.15).
Rise Button
(H2O 1830/1832/1833)
Pressing the button on the right (#2) of the transmitter
causes the collar to administer a stimulation that
gradually increases in intensity level the longer you
hold down the ‘Rise’ button.
Locate and Run/Point Buttons
(H2O 1850/1852/1853 only)
Pressing the ‘Locate’ button on the left side (#1) of the
Transmitter will make the Collar Receiver beep.
Pressing the ‘Run/Point’ button on the right side (#2)
of the Transmitter will activate the Run/Point mode on
the Collar Receiver. Press it again and it will go into
the Point only mode. Press the ‘Locate’ button to cancel the Run/Point modes.
Battery Charging Receptacles
The battery charging receptacle is located on the side
of the Transmitter, and on the side of the Collar
Receiver facing the dog’s neck. After charging,
always close the jack with the rubber plug to prevent
foreign particles from getting inside the unit.
Collar Indicator Light
When the Collar Receiver is turned on, the RED light
will flash steadily once every two seconds to indicate
that the unit is active. The RED light changes to a
rapid flash (twice per second) when the battery is low
and in need of charging.
Electrodes should fit snugly on the dog’s neck to
ensure good contact with the skin. For more
information on the proper fit of the collar, see page 7.
Beeper Horn
(H2O 1850/1852/1853)
The Beeper horn is attached to the collar belt. It will
emit a loud tone audible from up to 450 yards away.
Collar Belt with Embedded Receiver Antenna
The embedded collar antenna is woven into the collar
belt, and runs the along the entire length of the belt.
Do not cut the collar belt.
Doing so will damage the antenna and may result in
severely decreased receiver range.
All H2O Series TM collars are equipped with
rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries.
NiMH batteries are not memory sensitive and do not
require depletion before recharging.
The batteries come partially charged from the factory.
However, it is recommended that you give the battery
a full charge (about 12 hours) before the first use.
Remember - Always keep batteries away from
flammable substances (especially when charging).
When storing the unit for long periods remember to
regularly give the batteries a full charge (12 hours)
once every 4 to 6 weeks.
Battery Charging Procedure
1. Turn the unit off.
2. Plug the charger into a
standard electrical outlet.
3. Charge the batteries for up to
12 hours. This can be done
either separately or
4. After charging, disconnect the battery charging
cables from the receptacles and securely replace
the rubber battery receptacle covers.
5. Test the system to make sure that everything is
working properly.
The first and most important step in training your dog
with your H2O Training System is determining the
correct Intensity Level to provide the proper training
stimulation without over-shocking your dog.
To do this place the Collar on the dog’s neck and turn
it on. Place the Intensity Selection dial so that the
System is set on Level One. Press either the ‘NICK’
or the ‘CONT’ Button. Increase the Intensity Level in
increments of one until the dog is feeling the
stimulation. You should be able to tell when the dog is
feeling the shock by the outward signs of discomfort or
confusion on it’s face. At this point, increase the
Intensity Level by one or two. This should be your
dog’s ideal training level. (Note: Some dog’s may
require more or less stimulation depending upon their
individual nature or size.)
Using the Rise Stimulation:
(H2O 1830/1832/1833 only)
The Rise function will gradually increase from your
current intensity level to the maximum intensity level
(level 16) while the rise button is being pressed. The
intensity level will return to its original setting when the
button is released.
Setting the Jump Stimulation Level:
(H2O 1830/1832/1833 only)
1. Set the intensity level to the level that you would
like it to “jump” to
2. On the transmitter, press and hold buttons #1 and
#2 (‘Jump’ and ‘Rise’ buttons) at the same time.
3. When you see the LED flashing, release both buttons. The number of times the LED light flashes
shows you the intensity level for the Jump Stimulation.
4. Like the Rise stimulation, the intensity level will
return to its original setting after the Jump feature
has been used.
To avoid accidentally shocking your dog, please make sure that
the collar is NOT on the dog while setting the jump level. If the
two buttons are not pushed at the EXACT same time, you will
run the risk of emitting a shock.
Press and hold the power button on the Collar Receiver. You will see the LED light on the collar blink 7
times before staying solid. You must hold down the
power button until the LED light becomes solid. Simultaneously, press and release the nick and continuous buttons. In a few seconds, you will see the LED
light blink 3 times. The collar ID is now programmed,
and the collar receiver is now ON.
Before testing, make sure that both units are fully
charged and the power to the Collar Receiver is “ON”.
To Test the Electronic Stimulation:
A) Place the tester firmly on the electrodes of the
Collar Receiver.
B) Set the intensity (note - an intensity
level setting of 4 or less might not be
enough to light the tester).
C) Push either the ‘NICK’ or ‘STIMU’
D) The tester light will quickly flash for
the Nick function and light steadily when the
Constant Stimulation is pushed (the higher the
intensity, the brighter the test light).
To Test the Vibration:
(H2O 1820/1822/1823 only)
A) Follow the directions for testing the Electronic
Stimulation, and press the button on the left side
of the transmitter.
B) If you press the button on the right side of the
transmitter, the unit should vibrate for 1/2 second
and then the tester should light while vibrating at
the same time.
To Test the Beeper:
(H2O 1850/1852/1853 only)
A) Press the button located on the left side of the
transmitter (Locate button). The collar should
beep any time this button is pressed.
B) Press the button on the right side of the transmitter
(Run/Point button) to activate the Run/Point Mode.
Press the button again to change to Point only
mode. In the Run/Point mode, the collar should
beep every 4-5 seconds while your dog is on the
run, and every 1-2 seconds when your dog is on
point. In the Point only mode, the collar will beep
only when your dog is on point. You can shake
the collar to simulate your dog on the run. Press
the ’Locate’ button to cancel these modes.
• Before beginning training, your dog should be
examined by a veterinarian to assure that your dog
is in good health.
• Never leave your dog unattended with the unit
on. Since no electronic device is perfect, there is a
very slight possibility that your dog may receive an
unintentional electric stimulation.
• Your H2O Series
training collar is a very valuable
tool if used correctly. It is extremely important that
you completely understand all the functions of the
collar and how to properly train with it before placing
it on your dog.
• The electrodes on this collar are made with high
grade stainless steel to help prevent any chemical
or allergic reactions with your dog’s skin.
• To prevent neck irritation, the collar should
never be worn for more than 12 hours a day.
Changing the collar location on the dog’s neck
daily will also help prevent irritations. It is
important to keep the collar clean. Clean the
electrodes regularly with a mild anti-bacterial soap.
• If an irritation is found, carefully wash the dog’s neck
with soap and water and then wipe the area with
Hydrogen peroxide. Dry thoroughly and apply an
antibiotic ointment.
• It is very important to periodically clean your H2O
Series TM systems for maximum performance.
Regular cleaning will also lengthen the life of your
• Clean the H2O Series
collar box with lukewarm
water and a mild anti-bacterial soap.
• Take care to thoroughly clean the space between
the electrodes and the belt.
• The belt and buckle should be cleaned with water
and a mild soap then allowed to dry completely.
• Always allow the entire unit to completely dry before
D.T. Systems Premium Lifetime Warranty is the best
warranty offered in the industry. This warranty is free to
participating U.S. customers. (The warranty
registration card must be returned within 30 days of
original purchase). This changes our normal one year
parts and labor warranty to a limited lifetime warranty
against manufacturing defects on parts and a one year
warranty on labor.
What is covered:
D.T. Systems Premium Lifetime Warranty covers all
parts to be free from manufacturing defects for as long
as the unit is held by the original owner.
What is not covered:
• Batteries are not part of our lifetime warranty.
Rechargeable batteries are warranted against
defects for one year from the original purchase date.
• Our warranty does not cover parts that malfunction
due to abuse, misuse, improper maintenance, or
incorrect handling.
• Damage from dogs chewing or wear and tear from
excessive field use is not covered.
• Our warranty does not cover the cost of shipping the
unit to our repair center. Return ground shipping
(inside the continental United States) to the
customer is covered. However, next day or second
day air shipping is not covered, but available by
request for an extra shipping fee.
How the Limited Lifetime Warranty works:
• To qualify for the Warranty you must fill out the
warranty registration card which came with your
system and mail it (with your original sales receipt)
to D.T. Systems within 30 days of purchase.
• There is no charge for parts or labor for the first
year on any of our lifetime warranty products.
• When the product’s labor warranty expires after the
first year, there will be a normal labor charge for
any repair under the lifetime warranty program
should your system be in need of service. Labor
charges will range from $35 to $110 depending on:
1) the system model, and 2) the severity of the
repair needed.
• Any defective manufactured part or parts that need
replacement will be free during the lifetime warranty
Your H2O Series TM has been manufactured under
complete compliance with the Federal Communication
Commission (FCC). The complex internal structure of each
product has been designed to operate within specific
regulations of FCC specifications. Any unauthorized
modifications to your product is a violation of these
The H2O Series TM has been made with State of the Art
equipment. Any fine adjustment should be performed only
by D.T. Systems’ technicians.
2872 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, Texas 75229
Tel: (214) 350-9446, (888) LUV-U-DOG
Fax: (214) 350-7847
Website: http://www.dtsystems.com
E-mail: [email protected]
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