Drawing Index
These sheets are a document set and should not be separated.
Electrical information and references are contained on all sheets.
GE Healthcare
Customer Site Readiness
Any deviation from these drawings must be communicated in writing to
and reviewed by your local GE Healthcare Installation Project Manager
prior to making changes.
Make arrangements for any rigging, special handling, or facility
modifications that must be made to deliver the equipment to the
installation site. If desired, your local GE Healthcare Installation Project
Manager can supply a reference list of rigging contractors.
New construction requires the following; 1. Secure area for equipment,
2. Power for drills and other test equipment, 3. Capability for image
analysis, 4. Restrooms.
Provide for refuse removal and disposal (e.g. crates, cartons, packing)
Contact a radiation physicist or consultant to specify radiation
containment requirements.
GE Equipment Delivery
The items on the GE Healthcare Site Readiness Checklist are REQUIRED to facilitate equipment
delivery to the IS site. Equipment will not be delivered if these requirements are not satisfied.
These equipment IS drawings indicate the placement and
interconnection of the listed equipment components. These drawings are
not construction or site preparation drawings. Customer remains ultimately
responsible for preparing the site to accommodate the IS and
operation of such equipment in compliance with GE Healthcare's written
specifications and all applicable federal, state, and/or local requirements.
Pre Installation Manual
A mandatory component of this drawing set is the GE Healthcare
Pre Installation manual. Failure to reference the preIS
manual will result in incomplete documentation required for
site design and preparation.
Pre Installation documents for GE Healthcare products can be
accessed on the web at:
CT Site Planning
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