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Home Solar Kit
KISAE) Plug & Play Series
HS 1800-60
Green Power for the rest of us Built-in AC charger solar panel
a =) —
The first complete home solar power kit on the market
Generates 1800 watts of power
Easily installs anywhere
lll Inverter — ATT
Simple modular design - upgradable to meet all your needs
KISAE Home Solar Kit benefits include: Product Features:
confidence of never running out of power e 1800 watts of power available from AC e Designed with the future in mind
. indefinite battery recharge capability outlets to operate TV's, computers, lights, - allows you to add solar panels and batteries
» no fuel requirements fans, radios, microwave ovens, vacuums, to upgrade your system.
e completely safe far indoor use coffee makers and other home appliances e Dimensions: (LxWxH)
e completely silent operation with no fumes and tools. 14 3/8" x 10 3/5" x 14" (36.5 x 26.9 x 35.6)
о Add a back-up for grid-tie systems e 80 watts solar folding solar panel complete * Weight:
e year-round, all-weather peace-of-mind with mounting stand install your solar panel 76 Ib (34.5 KG)
e simple plug 8% play system anywhere! * 1 Year Warranty
e Battery box that contains a 60Ah battery
e Additional battery boxes can be bought
separately and added to your system provides
for longer run times for your appliances.
KISAE is a trademark of Kisae Technology Inc. Copyright © 2010 Kisae Technology Inc.
Kisae Home Solar Kit
Inverter Specifications
AC Charger Specifications
1800 W
Maximum power 1800 W Output current 5A
Continuous power 1440 W Regulated output voltage
Surge rating 2880 W Charge 14.8 Vdc
Output current - continuous 12 A Float 13.5 Vdc
Output voltage 120 Vac Recharge 12.5 Vdc
Output wavform Modified sine wave AC input voltage 120 Vac 50/60 Hz
Peak efficiency 90% Charger efficiency 80% approximate
No-load battery draw (unit off) <3W Charging type three-stage (bulk, absorption, float)
Input operating voltage range 10.5 to 15.0 Vdc
Fuse (user replaceable): Battery box 10x 20 A Solar Panel Charger Specification
Transfer time <40 milliseconds Input current 8A maximum
Operating temperature range 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C) Regulated output voltage
Storage temperature range -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) Charge 14.8 Vdc
AC receptacles 4 Float 13.5 Vdc
AC input 15 A, NEMA S-16 type Recharge 12.6 Vdc
AC input protection 15 A supplementary breaker DC input voltage (Maximum) 26 Vdc
Charge efficiency >95%
Charging type three-stage (bulk, absorption, float)
Specifications subject to change without notice Solar Panel
Peak power (Pmax) 2x40W
Home Solar Kit Runtimes (single battery box with 60 Ah battery) Open circuit voltage (Voc) 21.0 Vdc
Voltage (Vmp) 17.5 Vdc
Office Applications Watts Runtime Current (Imp) 2% 229A
Laptop 65 © frs. Short circuit Current (Isc) 2 x 2.47 A
Inkjet printer 50 hrs. Battery
Cell phone о 90 hrs. Type Deep cycle, sealed lead acid
Table lamp 25 17 hrs. Capacity 12V 60 Ah
17" LCD monitor 55 12 hrs.
Table light 40 W 40 10 hrs. a
Table light 60 W 60 6 hrs. Options (not included in kit)
External Battery Box (60A) HS BX-60-00
Emergency Power Applications Watts Runtime Heavy Duty DC Cable(For connection to user's battery bank)
Cordless phone 5 90 hrs. H5 CB-175-03
Sled mle 8 50 hrs. 50" Solar Panel extension Cable HS CB-45-50
137 CRT TV 0 / hrs. Regulatory Approval
20" LCD TV 370 45 min. Conforms to UL STD. 1778
Certified to CSA STD. C22.2 No. 107.3-05
Home Backup Power Applications Watts Runtime
18 cu. ft. fridge 120 3.5 hrs.
8.8 cu. ft. freezer 80 4.5 hrs. al
Sump pump (1/2 hp) 300 55 min. NDS ( €
Home alarm system 5 90 hrs. Intertek
Microwave 1000 20 min. 4002759
Coffee maker 1200 10 min.
Kisae Technology Inc.
62, Pan Hoi Street, 3rd floor,
How long will it provide power? Runtime North Point, Hong Kong
Laptop, inkjet printer, modem, cordless phone Up to 10 hrs. email: [email protected]
Cordless phone, 13: TV, radio and table lamp Up to 3.5 hrs.
18.8 cu. ft. fridge and alarm system Up to 3 hours
KISAE is a trademark of Kisae Technology Inc. Copyright © 2010 Kisae Technology Inc.
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