Action Replay DSi User s Guide
Action Replay DSi™
User Guide
1. Getting Started
1.1. Pack Contents
1.2. Connect Action Replay to your DS/DS Lite/DSi
1.3. Getting around Action Replay’s Menus
2. Action Replay Cheat Codes
2.1. Choose Codes and Play!
2.2. Updating Action Replay
2.3. Manually Add a New Game to your Codelist
2.3.1. Action Replay Codes on Websites
2.3.2. Finding the Game ID of a Game Cartridge
2.3.3. Add New Game
2.3.4. Add New Code
2.4. Manually Edit the Codelist
3. Options Screen
4. Action Replay Code Manager PC Software
4.1. Getting Started
4.2. Software Upgrades
4.3. Overview
4.4. Adding New Codes to your Action Replay
4.5. Advanced Features
5. Technical Support
1. Getting Started
Congratulations on your purchase of Action Replay DSi™. This ingenious device is your key to the
exciting world of unauthorised cheat codes on your favourite DS games and is fully compatible with
the DS™, DS Lite™ and DSi™ consoles.
1.1. Pack Contents
Action Replay DSi should include the following parts:
Action Replay DSi cartridge
High-speed USB lead
Action Replay DSi Code Manager PC software disc
This user guide
If anything is missing please take the product back to your place of purchase.
1.2. Connect Action Replay to your DS/DS Lite/DSi
Action Replay DSi works on all versions of the Nintendo DS console and the instructions for use are
the same no matter which version of the DS you have (however the position of your power switch
may vary from the illustration below).
All keys on the virtual keyboard can be tapped
Console Buttons:
Move highlight on menus, codelists and keyboard.
Select a menu option, press a keyboard key, toggle codes and folders.
Go back, cancel.
Bring up Edit/Delete menu on game/codelists.
Start game (on codelist screen).
Turn off your DS console and remove any games you may have inserted
Insert the game that you would like to play into the slot in the Action Replay cartridge
Insert the Action Replay cartridge into the DS game cartridge slot on your DS
Turn on your DS console
Hold for fast scroll on game/codelists.
2. Action Replay Cheat Codes
Cheat codes like infinite health, ammo and lives along with game altering codes like moon gravity
and walk-thru-walls make Action Replay the must-have gaming accessory that it is!
Important Information
When you insert Action Replay on a DSi console then a Game Icon may appear on the DSi home
screen. This is a consequence of the DSi security system. Simply tap the game icon to run Action
Once you have booted Action Replay you should not remove the cartridge or game. If you do so
you may find that Action Replay does not work correctly or that the game cartridge cannot be
recognised, especially on a DSi console.
1.3. Getting around Action Replay’s Menus
You can navigate around Action Replay’s menus using either your console’s buttons or, on most
screens, the touch-screen. In general, the touch-screen and buttons have the following behaviour:
Touch Screen:
In common with all DS software, only the bottom screen is touch-sensitive.
Main menu items:
Double tap to select
Soft keys:
Double tap to select
Dialogue boxes:
Double tap options to select
Drag to scroll
To use Action Replay with a game follow the steps for connecting Action Replay (section 1.2),
ensuring that you insert the game into Action Replay and then Action Replay into your DS before
switching on your DS. This sequence is particularly important for DSi owners who will find that game
cartridges cannot be detected if they are inserted or swapped after Action Replay has loaded.
2.1. Choose Codes and Play!
Home Screen:
Set t ings
Wait for Action Replay to load. On a DSi if Action Replay doesn’t
load correctly you may occasionally need to turn your DS off and
turn it back on again.
Select ‘Codes’ from the main menu. You can do this using either
the arrow keys and ‘A’ or by double tapping ‘Codes’ on the touch
[bottom screen]
When you do this, Action Replay will check to see if it has codes for the inserted game. If it doesn’t
you will get the message ‘Unknown Game Inserted’ in which case you may need to update Action
Replay. See the next section for more information.
If Action Replay does have codes for your game, it will take you to a screen showing all the available
cheat codes for that game.
Codelist Screen:
2.3.1. Action Replay Codes on Websites
Use UP and DOWN on the pad to scroll through the codelist.
To turn a code on or off, press the ‘A’ button. Any code with a
tick or mark next to it will be active when you start the game.
Press ‘A’ to open and close any folders.
Official Action Replay codes are published on as soon as they are created. In
addition, unofficial codes are available from several other sites on the internet. When you manually
enter a new game into Action Replay, you will need to enter the Game Name, its Game ID and at
least one Code Name and Code. All this information should be present on the website you are
getting the codes from:
Some codes cannot be enabled at the same time as others. If
this is the case, they will have been put in special folder known
as a ‘radio group’ where turning one on will turn another off.
This is to prevent any undesired effects in-game.
Once you have made your selection and are ready to start the
game, press either the ‘START’ button on your DS or doubletap the on-screen ‘Start Game’ button then confirm.
2.3.2. Finding the Game ID of a Game Cartridge
2.2. Updating Action Replay
If you have a game cartridge inserted and get the message ‘Unknown Game Inserted’ when you go
into the ‘Codes’ section of Action Replay, this means that there are no codes known to work with
this game on the Action Replay cartridge.
It might be that there simply aren’t any codes for this game yet, or there might be codes but they
just need adding to the Action Replay cartridge. Check the codes section on
to see if codes are available for the game.
If codes are available, there are two ways you can add them to your Action Replay cartridge.
Via USB, using the Code Manager PC software. See section 4.4.
Manual entry, by typing them in. See section 2.3.
Please read the appropriate section of the manual for information on how to update Action Replay
using any of these methods.
2.3. Manually Add a New Game to your Codelist
The quickest way to update Action Replay with new codes is using the Code Manager PC software
(section 4) however there may be occasions when you want to either enter new codes or edit the
existing codelist manually.
game inserted
t ings
Find the Game ID of a game cartridge by inserting it into Action
Replay, booting Action Replay and choosing ‘Codes’. If the cartridge
is not recognised a box will appear showing the Game ID of the
[bottom screen]
If the cartridge is recognised then you don’t need to add a new
game, simply add codes to the existing game in your codelist
(section 2.3.4.).
Check that the Game ID of the game shown on the source website matches the Game ID of your
game cartridge. If the ID is different there is a good chance that the codes won’t work. If it does
match, follow the instructions in the next two sections to add the game and some codes to your
2.3.3. Add New Game
After seeing the ‘Unknown Game Inserted’ dialogue box (see previous section) choose ‘OK’ to
dismiss the dialogue.
Add New Game
On the game list screen scroll to the top and select **Add New Game**.
Enter New Game Name
Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the name of the game. Press START or double-tap ‘Continue’
and then YES to proceed.
A sub-menu will appear next to the highlighted game or code
providing the option to Edit, Delete or Cancel:
To edit the selected game or code highlight ‘Edit’ on the submenu (using LEFT and RIGHT on the pad) and press ‘A’ to
select. You will then have the opportunity to change the name
or ID of a game or the name or actual codes of a cheat code.
Enter New Game ID
If you booted Action Replay with the game cartridge for this game already inserted the Game ID will
have already been completed for you. It should look something like: “C6QP-CE941933”. If the Game
ID is not already present then you will need to enter it exactly as it appears on the website you are
getting the codes from. Press START or double-tap ‘Continue’ then YES to proceed.
To delete the selected game or code highlight ‘Delete’ on the
sub-menu and press ‘A’. If you delete a game, all its codes will
automatically be deleted as well.
2.3.4. Add New Code
Add New Code
Once you have successfully added a new game to your codelist or if you wish to add codes to an
existing game in the codelist, add a new code by selecting **Add New Code** from the top of the
game’s codelist.
Enter New Code Name
Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the name of your first code. Press START or double-tap
‘Continue’ and then YES to proceed.
Enter New Code
When entering codes you will find that the keyboard has been reduced to a limited set of characters.
Use this keyboard to enter codes exactly as they appear on the site you are copying them from.
Codes will always fill complete lines, if they don’t, you’ve missed some characters out and they
won’t work. If you need to make a change to a character you can use the touch-screen to select a
character you’ve entered and then use the keyboard to correct it.
Once you have entered all the lines (there can be any number of lines for each code) press START or
double-tap ‘Continue’ then YES to proceed.
You can now enable the new code and press START to play the current game with this new code
2.4. Manually Edit the Codelist
If you need to edit or delete a game or code in the codelist, this can be done by highlighting the
game or code in the codelist and pressing the ‘X’ button on your console.
3. Options Screen
Action Replay’s options screen is accessed by choosing ‘Options’ from the main menu.
Use the options screen to confirm the version number of the Action Replay software you have, as
well as the number of codes in the codelist and free space in the codelist.
Save Code Settings
This setting determines whether Action Replay saves your position in the codelist and the toggle
state of codes. Un-checking this option will slightly speed up Action Replay’s codelist access but will
mean that this information is not saved.
Delete All Games
Select this option to delete all games from your Action Replay codelist. After doing this you will need
to add some codes to your codelist before you can use it with any of your games.
4. Action Replay Code Manager PC Software
Unlike previous versions of Action Replay DS, the Action Replay cartridge should not be
connected to your DS when you connect it to your PC.
Action Replay Code Manager is a PC software application that is included with Action Replay DSi.
Use this software to instantly download new codes from the Codejunkies server and copy them to
your Action Replay cartridge via USB lead.
Installing the drivers
When you connect Action Replay to your PC Windows will prompt you to install the USB drivers for
the new hardware. Direct Windows to the root of the installation CD.
If for any reason after installation the Action Replay DS cartridge is shown as an ‘Unknown Device’ in
Windows’ Device Manager; choose to ‘Reinstall Drivers’ and direct Windows to the installation CD.
4.1. Getting Started
System Requirements
In order to use Action Replay Code Manager, please ensure you have a PC that meets the following
minimum system requirements:
4.2. Software Upgrades
From time to time, upgrades to both the Action Replay Code Manager PC application and the Action
Replay cartridge firmware may be released.
1GHz+ processor recommended
Internet connection (broadband highly recommended)
USB Port (USB 2.0 highly recommended)
Operating System
Windows® XP(32/64bit), Vista(32/64bit)
256Mb RAM
Install size:
10MB of free hard-disk space for program installation plus additional
hard drive space for storing codes.
800X600 SVGA or higher, True Colour
CD-ROM drive (for installation)
In order to ensure maximum compatibility with the latest games, be sure to check regularly for
updates and download them as they become available.
Click the ‘Update Software’ button on Action Replay Code Manager to check for updates. To apply a
firmware update to Action Replay the cartridge will need to be connected.
4.3. Overview
Installing the Software
Insert the software CD titled “Action Replay Code Manager” into your PC. If you have auto-run
enabled on your PC then wait for the installer to automatically load, otherwise, browse to the CD
and double click the setup.exe program.
Follow the on-screen prompts to install the software to a location of your choice. Once complete,
leave the installation CD in your drive ready to install the USB drivers when prompted. Locate the
program in your Start Menu to run it.
Connecting Action Replay to your PC
In order to communicate with your Action Replay cartridge, your PC needs to be connected to it
using the supplied USB to mini USB lead. Unlike previous versions of Action Replay DS, the cartridge
should never be connected to your DS when you connect it to your PC.
Connect the larger end of the USB lead to a free USB port on your PC and the smaller end to the mini
USB connector on the Action Replay cartridge. When Action Replay is connected for the first time,
Windows will prompt you to install the drivers.
When the Action Replay Code Manager software loads you will see an interface similar to the one
shown above. The screen is split into three separate windows, the purpose of which is explained
Action Replay Cartridge Window
This window displays the codelist stored on your Action Replay cartridge. You will only see anything
listed here when the Action Replay cartridge is connected to your PC using the USB lead provided
(see section 4.1).
Use this window to make any changes you want to the actual codelist you see when you use your
Action Replay. After making any changes press the ‘Commit Changes’ button to have them written
back to the Action Replay cartridge.
You might find it useful to remove all games from your cartridge (click on the ‘Delete All’ button at
the top of the Action Replay Cartridge window) before choosing which codes to add to your
Subscriptions Window
This window shows any sources of Action Replay codes that you are subscribed to. By default, the
software will be subscribed to the official US and European Action Replay codelists on the
Codejunkies server. As soon as new codes are made you will be able to get them through these
Find the Codes You Want
Start by using the appropriate codelist from the Subscriptions window, for example, if you are
playing USA region DS games then you must use codes from the ‘Codejunkies US Games’
subscription. If you are playing European region games, you must use codes from the ‘Codejunkies
EU Games’ subscription. Click the [+] symbol to expand the appropriate codelist.
My Codelists Window
This window is where you can store and build your own codelists for use with Action Replay. Click
the ‘New’ button to create a new codelist and drag-and-drop games from one of your online
subscriptions to build a codelist of all the games you want on your Action Replay Cartridge. You can
even drag-and-drop codelist files from other sources into this window providing lots of flexibility for
creating codelists.
Drag them onto Action Replay
Commit Button
All changes made in the Action Replay Cartridge window are made in ‘offline’ mode which means
they are not written back to the cartridge until the ‘Commit Changes’ button is pressed. This allows
you to make multiple changes to the codelist and then write them all at once for improved speed
and reliability.
Software Update
Press this button to check for new versions of the Action Replay Code Manager software or updated
Action Replay DSi firmware. Follow the on screen prompts to perform an upgrade.
About Button
Right click the program icon to access the ‘About’ screen which provides version number
information and includes the ability to reset your Action Replay cartridge completely.
4.4. Adding New Codes to your Action Replay
For speed and convenience, it is recommended that you use Action Replay Code Manager to add
new codes to Action Replay. Follow these steps for trouble free updating of your Action Replay
Which Codes to Add
There are so many different games supported by Action Replay that not all codes for all games can
fit on the Action Replay cartridge at one time. For this reason it is recommended that you only have
codes on your Action Replay cartridge for games that you actually play. This also makes loading and
navigating the codelist much faster. When you use Action Replay Code Manager, do not attempt to
add codes for every single game or you will soon find that your cartridge is full.
Scroll through the list to find any codes that
you would like to add to your Action Replay
Use your mouse to drag-and-drop games
from the Subscriptions window to the
Action Replay Cartridge window.
Commit Changes
Once you’ve added (or removed) any codes from the Action Replay cartridge in this way, click the
‘Commit Changes’ button to write the changes to the cartridge. Do NOT disconnect Action Replay
from your PC whilst it is writing changes. Doing so could corrupt your codelist (if this happens see
‘Resetting Action Replay’ in the next section).
When prompted, you can disconnect the Action Replay cartridge from your PC and insert it into your
4.5. Advanced Features
Resetting Action Replay
On very rare occasions it is possible for the Action Replay cartridge to become corrupted. This can
happen if the cartridge is disconnected whilst Code Manager is writing changes to the cartridge.
Normally this will only result in corruption to the codelist, in which case delete all codes from the
codelist and add them to your cartridge again (see section 4.4.).
In exceptional circumstances, corruption can occur to the Action Replay software itself which
prevents Action Replay from loading or functioning correctly. If this occurs, the Code Manager
software has a built-in recovery function for completely resetting Action Replay. On performing
these steps if Action Replay will not load correctly and deleting and restoring the codelist does not
fix the problem:
Connect the damaged Action Replay to your PC.
Load the Code Manager PC software.
Right click on the program icon in the very top left of the application.
Choose ‘About Action Replay’ from the popup menu.
Click on the ‘Reset Action Replay’ button.
Please wait whilst Action Replay is reset. Once complete you should click ‘Update Software’ to
ensure that Action Replay is running the latest software.
Finally, you will need to add some codes to the Action Replay codelist (see section 4.4.).
Other Advanced Features
The aim of this manual is to introduce you to the most commonly used aspects of Action Replay.
Technically minded users should take a look at the support section of for more indepth articles covering other features of Action Replay ownership, such as:
Creating and sharing your own codelists
Adding codelist subscriptions from other sources
Creating your own Action Replay codes
5. Technical Support
Before contacting Datel’s customer service department, please ensure that you have read through
and understood the information in this user guide.
Please ensure that you have information on when and where you purchased this product to hand.
Datel Customer Services Europe
Customers Services, Datel Design & Development Ltd
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Datel Customer Services USA
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Email: [email protected]
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