Wallboard Gold TDS V8

Wallboard Gold TDS V8
Technical Data Sheet
A special purpose high viscosity non slump polychloroprene rubber based construction adhesive for
bonding wallboards directly to studs, concrete, plaster, metal etc. Bostik Wallboard Gold exhibits
excellent weather resistance and flexibility on ageing, and therefore may be used for exterior applications.
Wallboard Gold adhesive can be used with confidence on LOSP and CCA treated timber, exhibiting very
good initial tack and excellent stability in the presence of the preservative chemicals in the timber.
Bostik Wallboard Gold has been appraised by BRANZ (Durability Opinion 96/22) for a 40 year durability.
Flash Point:
Polychloroprene Rubber/Resin
Gold - creamy
Petroleum Spirit, Aromatic Hydrocarbon
Soft - non slump on overhead ceilings up to 40mm blobs.
Bostik No.2
Drying Time:
Cure Time:
Resistance to:
Exterior or Interior
Location time - 3-5 minutes
Contact time - 10-25 minutes
Pressure time - 0-60 minutes
(Note: all times are concurrent)
24 - 36 hours (when used to bond fibrous plaster to framing)
18-20 metres @ 5mm bead per 375ml cartridge, 30-32 metres per 600ml
Water – Excellent
LOSP & CCA timber treatment - Excellent
Oil - Good
Ultra Violet & Sunlight – Excellent (but discolours)
Humidity - Excellent
Staining - Excellent
Ageing - Excellent
In service - 40° C to 100° C
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This datasheet is for the general help of users. It is provided in good faith. The data is current and accurate to the best of our
knowledge. Differing materials, substrates, environments, site conditions, and product storage, handling and application may affect
results. Users should carry out tests to decide the product’s suitability for purpose. This data sheet and the properties of the product
may change without notice. Users, suppliers and retailers should check that the data sheets they have are the latest. To the
maximum extent permitted by law, Bostik disclaims all warranties in relation to manufacture and use of the product. Bostik is not
liable for representations made by users, suppliers or retailers about the product. Bostik is not liable for any loss or damage
resulting from incorrect, careless, or negligent use or storage of the product, including use of out of date product. Any liability arising
from use of the product is limited to the replacement or purchase price of the product. Bostik does not exclude rights and remedies
that cannot be excluded by legislation, for example under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. Sale of the product by Bostik is
subject to the Bostik New Zealand Limited Conditions and Terms of Sale. For more information on Bostik, products, and conditions
of use and sale visit www.bostik.co.nz
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Cardboard cartridges (375ml), plastic foil sausages (600ml), 2 & 4 litre containers.
All adhesive must be dried for at least 2 weeks before wallpapering or painting is carried out over
boards bonded with Bostik Wallboard Gold.
Some wall panels are solvent sensitive. Please be aware that certain combinations are not
suitable for use with solvent based adhesives, e.g vinyl laminated boards, Gib Vinyl®, ABS and
polystyrene. A water based adhesive like Bostik Gold Ultra is recommended where vinyl is to be
Do not use Bostik Wallboard Gold original where plasticiser migration may occur e.g. vinyl
flooring, vinyl wallpaper. A water based adhesive such as Bostik Gold Ultra is recommended.
When bonding wall panels the manufacturer’s recommendations must be followed in all cases.
Ensure plaster panel and stud or any other surface to which the adhesive is applied be clean and
dry, free from all loose paint, release agents etc. All traces of plaster dust must be removed from
the back of fibrous plaster sheets. Timber for framing should comply with N.Z3604 (Framing
Grades). However, if in doubt, the adhesive should be test applied, if there is any tendency for it
to "roll up" or not wet out the surface it must not be used until the timber has dried out.
Apply a 5 - 6 mm. diameter ribbon of adhesive, to all studs, plates and other contact surfaces.
Adhesive ribbon should be continuous for full length of bearing surfaces, particularly at the point
corresponding to the perimeter of the panel or sheet. The adhesive ribbons should be spaced
not more than 600 mm (18") apart on flat surfaces and at stud width on framing. Do not apply
adhesive in cold humid conditions at less than 10° C or hot weather and warm air draughts above
40° C.
Alternatively, the adhesive can be spot applied by gunning a heavy blob on to the fixing surface
every 450-600 mm (18"-24") for walls or 200 -300 mm (8"-12") for ceilings. This translates to at
least 4 blobs per full sheet on each stud for walls and at least 8 blobs per joist per full sheet on
each joist for ceilings.
Fixers must ensure that the back face of fibrous plasterboard is compatible with the adhesive,
particularly ensuring that excess additives such as siliconates have not been concentrated on the
surface, or that the surface of fibrous plasterboard has not been weakened by excess water
floating out on the back face of the sheet during manufacture.
Locate panel on wall within 10 minutes while adhesive is wet, press firmly over area to ensure
adhesive transfer to panel.
The panel can then alternatively be braced in position for 24 hours or taken from the wall and left
to dry for 20 minutes after which the panel can be relocated carefully to make an instant and
permanent bond.
When fixing fibrous plaster to ceilings the sheets must be nailed or shored for at least 24 hours
until the adhesive is dried. Fixers must ensure that the back face of the board is pressed into
close contact with the joists/battens over the entire bonded surface and remain in close contact
for the full drying time of the adhesive. Cold and/or humid conditions will extend the drying time.
Similarly less porous surfaces than fibrous plaster and dry framing timber will extend the drying
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times. Where cold conditions below 10° C are expect ed after fixing, the temporary fixing must be
left for at least an additional 12 - 24 hours.
Maximum working time of Wallboard Gold adhesive between contact and pressure application is
60 minutes.
Store in cool, dry conditions out of direct sunlight below 25° C and away from naked flame or sources of
12 months if stored in cool, dry conditions in original, unopened containers.
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