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LiftMaster Garage Door Openers Feature Outstanding Security+™
Safety and Convenience Features
In today's world, security, safety and convenience become more important than ever. As the
industry's largest manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, LiftMaster knows what you
want in a garage door opener.
That's why our feature package goes beyond the "usual" and expands into important expected
AND unexpected features. We believe that you will find that every garage door opener we
manufacture will exceed your expectations! We offer EXCLUSIVE features that you won't
find in other manufacturer's garage door opener models. As a matter of fact, LiftMaster
Garage Door Openers have created a whole new standard for the industry with the following
Security, Safety and Convenience packages.
Security+ features included as standard
Patented Security+ Rolling Code technology you'll call peace of mind! LiftMaster
Security+ generates a brand new security code with every push of the remote control.
LiftMaster's Security+ anti-burglary technology rolls the code over to any one of over 100
billion new codes, never to be repeated. Stolen codes are useless to unwanted intruders and
your home is safe and secure.
Premium lighting features include an automatic security light "on" feature. After darkness
falls and if someone breaks The Protector System® beam, the garage door opener lights will
turn on and stay lit for 4-1/2 minutes -- no need to ever enter a dark garage again. Other
premium lighting features allow you to turn opener lights on and off from your MultiFunction Remote Control.
Posi-Lock™ In addition to the mechanical locking features built into each LiftMaster Garage
Door Opener, this PosiLock feature electronically secures a closed door and monitors against
a forced opening. When the garage door is down, it is securely locked. If an intruder tries to
open your door, PosiLock automatically reactivates your opener to the closed position.
Temporary Password Option for the Keyless Entry System allows you the ability to
provide a temporary password to friends, family and service people, without having to reveal
your private password. This temporary password (security code) can be programmed for a
limited number of activations or for a predetermined number of hours of operation.
Safety features included as standard
The Protector System® An infrared safety reversing system protects people, pets and
automobiles from the path of a closing door by projecting an invisible beam across the inside
of the garage door opening.* If anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down,
The Protector System automatically reverses the door without making contact. If the beam is
obstructed, the door will not close. Meets federal and state laws and UL safety regulations.
Automatic safety reverse/automatic door stop provides a second and third form of
protection from a moving garage door. Reverses the door automatically if an obstruction is
Courtesy of Garage Door Corp, Skokie, IL N/NW Chicago & suburban IL Liftmaster dealer
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Sales, service, parts & installation
encountered as the door is being closed; and stops the door if an obstruction is encountered as
the door is being opened. The garage door can also be stopped or locked at any height for
Convenience features included as standard
Patented Smart Garage Door Opener® technology allows you to program remote controls
with pushbutton ease. Electronically learns additional Security+™ remote controls from the
Multi-Function Control Panel or the powerhead, easier and faster than ever.
Program additional remotes from the Multi-Function Control Panel. Allows you to
program additional remote controls and Keyless Entry from the control panel -- without ever
having to climb a ladder. Also, when activated, the lock switch blocks all outside radio
signals while you're away. You can open and close the garage door from inside the garage
and turn opener lights on and off.
HomeLink® compatible. This year hundreds of thousands of automobiles sold in the United
States will be equipped with HomeLink, the in-vehicle universal remote control system.
Now, at the touch of a button on the car's built-in control console, you can open and close
your garage door or turn inside lights on and off from the comfort of your car.** As a
complement to this system, all LiftMaster Security+ Garage Door Openers are HomeLink
compatible. Contact your local automotive dealer for more details.
*WARNING: Garage door openers can be dangerous if not properly installed, operated,
tested and maintained. Children should be supervised by an adult whenever in or around the
garage area.
**Optional model 742LM plug-in light control required.
Courtesy of Garage Door Corp, Skokie, IL N/NW Chicago & suburban IL Liftmaster dealer
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