Quick Reference & Setup Guide

Quick Reference & Setup Guide
Quick Reference & Setup Guide
The shortest path to getting a show running
in Ovation takes just three steps:
Load a PowerPoint ® presentation into Ovation.
Choose a look for the show.
Deliver the presentation.
Of course, Ovation has a host of features and options for improving both the look of your
presentations and your delivery, but everything beyond these three basic steps is entirely optional.
Loading a PowerPoint ® Show in Ovation
Selecting a PowerLook™
Drag and drop a PowerPoint file (.ppt)
onto the Ovation icon on your desktop.
On the Choose Look panel,
select a category in the
pane on the left, then
click a PowerLook in the
PowerLooks Library on
the right. (If the selected
category shows a set of
folders instead of PowerLooks, click one of the
folders to open it.) You can
immediately preview the
PowerLook on the right.
Or double-click the Ovation
icon and select from the
recent show list, or browse
to the ppt show you want
to open.
Delivering a Show
To begin presenting, click the Start
button. If your computer is running
with only one screen, then your slides
will be shown full screen, hiding the
Ovation interface. To switch back to
the Ovation window, press the Escape
key. To learn about operating in dualscreen mode, please consult Setting
Your Computer for Dual Display and
Display Options in the on-line help.
You can navigate from bullet to bullet
and slide to slide using the same
basic navigation keys as in PowerPoint: SPACEBAR to advance to the
next item, BACKSPACE to move back a
slide, etc. The Next and Back buttons
on the Present panel step forward and
backward through bullets and slides.
Making it as easy as
That’s right. You can reduce the three fundamental steps outlined here to just one by
enabling the Start Presenting upon Loading Show option in the Application Settings Dialog
(open with ALT+S). Then when you drag and drop a PowerPoint file onto the Ovation icon,
all of the following steps will be carried out automatically without so much as a click:
• Ovation will launch.
• The show will load.
• If a PowerLook is not yet assigned, then the default Look will be applied.
• The first slide will be shown full-screen.
• If you are set up for dual display, the Present control panel will open.
• The TimeKeeper will start running.
(if a Target Show Duration was previously set, and if the Walk-In slide is not enabled)
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