Power Xpert Gateway Series 1000 Card
PowerChain Management solutions
Power Xpert Gateway Series
1000 Card
Delivers real-time, Web-enabled monitoring of Eaton®
Power Distribution Units, Rack Power Modules and
Remote Power Panels
Data, interval and event
logging with time stamp Accurate logging for power
quality analysis
Modbus TCP/IP and SNMP
Support - Open communication protocol facilitates integration with standard building
management systems and
network management
Product snapshot
Real-time power monitoring presented how you need
it – via standard on-board Web pages, Power Xpert
Software or 3rd party network or building management systems
Independent, redundant Ethernet ports support high
reliability systems
Supports the Eaton Energy Management System
(EMS) via remote configuration and the save/restore
Features and benefits
Monitor energy usage - reveal opportunities and
verify results of efficiency improvements
Remote Monitoring - via the Web monitor real-time
data and profile energy usage on your power distribution system
Web-enabled monitoring of power quality data
down to the branch circuit level - Data can be
viewed from any location with a web browser
Configure and edit the EMS remotely via the
Web interface - supports remote configuration
including naming, alarm and warning set points,
and percentages
Customized email messaging for events notification,
including data, interval and
event logs and periodic
“heartbeat” emails - Direct
alarm and event notification
to the appropriate person(s) in
the organization
Easy integration into
existing Ethernet
infrastructure - Minimize
installation cost
Monitoring energy in a
networked world
The PXGX 1000 is the primary
data acquisition solution for
Eaton power distribution units
(PDUs) remote power panels
(RPPs), rack power modules
(RPMs), power distribution
racks (PDRs), and energy
management system upgrade
kits (EMSs). Data from the
downstream devices are time
stamped and stored in nonvolatile memory. This interval
data can be stored or uploaded
to a destination of the user’s
choice through CSV files. Data
can also be accessed through
any Web browser directly on
the PXGX 1000 down to the
individual breaker level. Users
can move data into Power Xpert
Software, BMS, NMS, building
dash boards, custom software
applications, or virtually any Web
interface. An integral part of the
Power Xpert Architecture, which
provides end-to-end power chain
management, the PXGX 1000
provides a central point to connect distribution products to an
Ethernet network.
Network managers can view
critical downstream device information, such as status, energy
and power quality data with an
easy-to-use interface.
Securely view critical
power data how and when
you choose
Eaton provides the information
needed to make critical power
management decisions to keep
the organization running effectively and efficiently.
You can rest assured that your
information is secure when
employing the PXGX 1000. It
provides password authentication to keep access to configuration separate from general use.
For those seeking additional
security, the PXGX 1000 supports secure, Web-based communication via SSL.
Remotely configure and edit
panel and breaker settings
from your desk
Improve productivity with
Eaton’s ability to remotely
configure or edit panel and
breaker settings in your PDU,
RPP or RPM with the on-board
configuration pages that guide
you through the process.
Additionally, the ‘Save and
Restore’ feature provides an
effective method to reproduce
the configuration if needed at a
later time.
Samples of on-board Web pages
PDU/RPP system and panel summaries
RPM panel summary screen
Intuitive, on-board Web pages provide system summary information
all the way down to breaker information for a given panel. Supports
up to 8 panels and one mouse click takes you to the next panel.
The breakers are graphically displayed in vertical columns. The
phases for each breaker are also displayed. Similar to the
PDU/RPPs, the breakers can be either single-pole, two-pole or
three-pole breakers. The configuration field will automatically adjust
for multi-pole breakers.
Alarm information displays
in red text: alarms are always
visible even when menus are
Active alarm summary page
One page summary that displays active alarms that have not been
closed. This pages allows you to close and acknowledge the alarms
and include a note on both actions. The note will then be captured
in the event log file.
The breakers are displayed in 2 columns, with the odd numbers
breakers on the left and even numbered on the right. The phases are
also displayed. You have the option of naming the breakers for easy
identification and displaying on the PXGX1000 card.
Save and restore settings
Configuring a PDU system can take valuable time – now the configuration can be saved for later use, if needed. This feature is useful for
systems that have multiple panels that will be configured the same.
EATON CORPORATION Power Xpert Gateway Series 1000 Card
Remote EMS configuration
Generate Modbus register maps
You now have an option to configure the settings remotely using
the Web interface of the PXGX1000. A panel map will be presented
for easy set up of panel names, rating, warning threshold and alarm
threshold percentages.
All of the data specific to your PDU/RPP/RPM/PDR/EMS system
configuration is immediately available via Modbus TCP/IP to support
building management systems or other analyzer programs. Generate
the register map on the fly with one click of the mouse.
PXGX1000 Easily Installs in the PDU/RPP/RPM/PDR/EMS
The PXGX1000 card is hot-swappable – therefore it can be installed
without turning off power to the unit or disconnecting the load. Just
slide the card into the slot in the unit and secure with 2 screws. The
card draws its power directly from the unit. Then you can begin configuring the network settings using the menus.
Marking area for
IP addresses
Configuration port
indicator lights
Ethernet Ports 1 & 2 –
fully redundant
EATON CORPORATION www.eaton.com/pxgx
View history
Email messages
Monitor the environment
Data history logs, interval logs
and event logs can be viewed
via Web browser, downloaded
for review in MS Excel, or
emailed to others for further
analysis. In addition, the data
can be viewed in Power Xpert
Software, Power Xpert Reporting
and third party ModbusTCP software systems.
You have the ability to customize and direct email notifications
to anyone in your organization.
Select from alarm notifications,
data logs and heartbeat emails.
This provides yet one more way
to effectively and proactively
manage your power system.
The Eaton Environmental
Monitoring Probe (EMP) option
is also supported via the PXGX
1000. The temperature, relative
humidity, and status of two
contact closures can be viewed
in addition to the PDU and
RPP data.
Technical specifications
The Power Xpert Gateway Series 1000 Card kit
includes the following:
Power Xpert Gateway Series 1000 Card
Ethernet cable
Local configuration cable
Quick start guide
Ordering information
Catalog number
Style number
PXGX 1000
Power Xpert Gateway Series 1000 Card for use
with Eaton PDUs/RPPs/RPMs/PDRs/EMS
Devices supported
Eaton Power Distribution Units with X-Slot® compatibility
Eaton Remote Power Panels with X-Slot compatibility
Eaton Rack Power Modules with X-Slot compatibility
Eaton Power Distribution Racks with X-Slot compatibility
Eaton Energy Management System with X-Slot compatibility
Communication ports
Ethernet ports
Serial ports
Two independent RJ45 ports: supports 10/100BaseT
for redundant network configurations
One RJ45 console port: supports local
configuration and optional connection to an
Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP)
Communication protocols supported
Web server
Supports data access from Web browsers
Modbus TCP/IP
Supports data access from Modbus TCP clients
Supports common network management tools
Supports email notification
Supports time synchronization via an NTP server
for card and PDU synchronization
Supports automatic IP address assignments,
if enabled
Supported MIBs
Eaton Alarms and Traps MIB
RFC 4133 Entity MIB
RFC 4268 Entity State MIB
RFC 4268 Entity State MIB Part II
Web browsers supported
Mozilla Firefox
Physical characteristics
12 cm x 11.4 cm x 3.9 cm (4.7” x 4.5” x 1.5”)
200 grams (7.0 oz)
Environmental specifications
Ambient operating
0 to +40 ° C (32 to 104° F)
Relative humidity
10 to 80%, non-condensing
10,000 ft
Enclosure rating
Indoor use only
Mounting configuration
X-Slot form factor fits directly into PDU/RPP/RPM/PDR/EMS chassis
Power supply
Nominal input voltage
Input voltage range
12 VDC, unregulated (provided by PDU/RPP)
8 – 25 VDC, unregulated
Power consumption
2.0 watts
Regulatory/standards compliance
FCC Part 15, Class A
CISPR 22, Class A
ROHS compliant
Telecom conducted EN 55022:1988+A1:2000+A2:2003,
via EU Standard
Class A/EN55022:1988+A1:2000+A2:2003
NNote: Features and specifications listed in this document are subject to change without notice
and represent the maximum capabilities of the software and products with all options installed.
This is not a complete feature list. Features and functionality may vary depending on selected
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